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Reader Upset At Cleanliness Of Home

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have always been messy, but things have gotten a lot worse recently. I have been working overtime to try to make up for the shortfall during COVID-19, but I have also been working from home. I look around, and I am horrified by the clutter that has built up in my place. I don't invite anybody to come over because I am ashamed ...Read more

Newbie At Work Feels Left Out

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: My dilemma stems from being new in a small office where tight bonds have already been formed, and new people are understandably on the fringe for a while. The problem relates to a small baby shower being thrown for a lovely young mother who is a delight to know.

The words "baby shower" had been tossed around quite a bit my ...Read more

Is It Time for a Marriage Ultimatum?

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Dear Annie: I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years, and we have one child together. We love each other, but we are not married.

I keep asking, "Why is he taking so long to propose marriage?" I've been waiting, but I don't want to wait forever.

We have had many conversations about marriage, and he always says we are married in his mind. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Broccoli works, until Mr. Oreo arrives

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Dear Amy: My husband and I watch our grandsons (ages 3 and 5) twice a week.

We do this so our daughter can save on daycare expenses.

We bring the kids two snacks each time we are with them.

I choose a snack that is always healthy, like fruit, and my husband’s choice is not healthy — usually cookies.

My daughter complains to me about her ...Read more

Teen Son Struggles After Family's Move To New State

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DEAR ABBY: Because of frustration with our state's substantial COVID restrictions and our teen son's struggles with remote learning, we moved to another state. At the time, our son was excited to move (we kept asking him to make sure). However, we are now nearly through the school year and he still hasn't made new friends. He's depressed and ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Desperate for Answers In Michigan

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Dear Annie: A year ago, I fell in love with "Bobby" over the internet. Two months later, he said he loved me. I was stunned. But a little later, he told me he was in a relationship and the girl was suicidal. He was afraid that if he broke it off, she'd kill herself. I've had suicidal thoughts myself and understood.

Bobby sent me wonderful ...Read more

Grieving Employee Feels Unsupported By Co-Workers

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I went through a very tough personal loss a few months ago and took bereavement leave from work for two weeks. My boss and supervisors were wonderful and understanding, but my co-workers didn't seem to understand at all. I came back, and most of my co-workers seemed to be upset with me for being gone. It's really like they resent...Read more

Dinner Is Served ... To My Followers

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: I understand and observe the rule that one should wait for everyone at the table to be served before one starts eating, unless the not-yet-served parties demur and urge others to eat.

Is it also considered necessary to wait until others have photographed their meal and posted it to social media?

This issue arises for me not ...Read more

Visibility for Foster Youth

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Dear Annie: Something not spoken about regarding oppression, disadvantages and privilege is the privilege people have when they have family.

I grew up in foster care, and I see nearly zero percent representation of former foster youth anywhere in the media or in stories or headlines, unless, of course, it is about someone who entered foster ...Read more

Ask Amy: For advice shopper, the answer is alienation

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Dear Amy: My psychiatrist suggested I write to you because none of the professionals we've consulted have an answer.

I had two children with a selfish, emotionally abusive man. I divorced him at my psychologist’s suggestion so my children would not see and experience his awful behavior.

I had custody of the children. His few opportunities ...Read more

Man Uses Wife's Infidelity To Forge An Online Persona

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DEAR ABBY: I ended my 24-year marriage after learning my wife, in addition to several one-night stands, had an affair with a married couple for nine years. She also gave me an STI. I was faithful, though I admit to being difficult to live with.

We were unable to agree on parenting, finances, health, fitness, diet, religion, politics and more. I...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Concerned Sister

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Dear Annie: My sister owns seven cats, three dogs, two turtles and a lizard. They are overrunning her house. There are random bits of garbage all over the floor, along with used dishes -- both human and pet. When the dogs do their business in the house, she lets it stay there for hours while she gets other work done. The last time I was there, I...Read more

In-Person Access Doesn't Necessarily Mean It's Accessible

I'm a strange person in some respects. I like Mondays. I enjoy spam, both the edible and the email if funneled into a folder to be read later with amusement. But the one that gets me into the most trouble is that I have no problem going to meetings when others do.

It feels like a cliche, but I started getting engaged with my community when I ...Read more

Blindsided and Brokenhearted

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I have a friend who is moving out of state in six weeks, and she has a family member who is giving her a hard time. The family member is giving her the, "What about me?" song and dance after my friend did everything in her power to make sure the family member is taken care of.

I know it's none of my business, but my friend is like...Read more

Ask Amy: Father feels undermined over FaceTime

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Dear Amy: I am a husband and father of an 18-month-old daughter.

I’m concerned about how my mother-in-law treats my wife and daughter.

She calls my wife multiple times a day to FaceTime with her granddaughter.

My wife answers as often as she can.

The problem I have is that my mother-in-law keeps saying things to our toddler like: "Don't ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Eagerly Awaiting in California

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: My husband and I own a small business. We both work at other full-time jobs, and we also have three children, so life is hectic and busy.

I am uncomfortable with the intensity of a relationship he is having with one of our employees. "Molly" is a single woman with children. She is a terrific employee, and a large part of our ...Read more

Roommate on the Rocks

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Dear Annie: I've been involved with the father of my child for 10 years. Leaving out at least nine years of insanity, I fast-forward to today. He has a drug problem and got clean seven months ago. He's doing well in recovery. We were separated for five years because of his behavior, but after rehab, he came to live with me and our son to try ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sister wants elder to make estate plans

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Dear Amy: My older sister is 75 and unmarried.

She has three grown children in their 50s. I am eight years younger than she.

My sister has always avoided aging and seems in denial about mortality.

When I visited the family a few months ago for her 75th birthday party, my niece expressed concern to me that my sister has made no provisions for ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Ready To Settle Down

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Dear Annie: I'm 60, divorced and currently seeing "Don." He's five years my junior and extremely attentive.

Don has a background of violence (one incident landed him in jail), but he now manages his anger. However, he still refuses to stand down to anyone who threatens him. He brags about being a Marine and that he has skills to make people ...Read more

Celebrating Earth Day

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Dear Readers: Today, Earth Day, is a time for reflection on and gratitude for our beautiful planet. If you are looking for some ways to show your appreciation with time or money, below is a list of organizations devoted to environmental sustainability.

-- Community Supported Agriculture. Buying a CSA box allows you to buy local, seasonal ...Read more