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Diabetes Quick Fix: Lemon-Braised Celery and Snapper

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Cooked celery has a nutty flavor. In this dish the celery is gently braised in a lemon-flavored broth with fresh linguine. The celery and pasta create a flavorful bed for fresh snapper in this 20-minute meal.

Helpful Hints:

— You can use walnuts, almonds or pecans instead of pistachio nuts.

— Use a casserole that can go from stovetop to ...Read more

Pick your proteins to protect yourself from high blood pressure

Hall of Famers Nat Holman and Barney Sedran played basketball in the 1910s, '20s and '30s. They're credited with developing the pick and roll -- a move in which a player sets a pick for a teammate handling the ball and then moves toward the basket (rolls) to receive a pass.

They knew the best way to get good game results was to make smart picks...Read more

The relationship between estrogen and uterine cancer risk

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DEAR. DR. ROACH: I saw a recent reply to a letter about estrogen and wanted to ask my own related questions. I'm a 93-year-old woman with many of the problems and issues of others my age. When I was going through menopause, my doctor put me on oral estrogen. He said it was to protect my heart and bones. About 20 years later, I developed uterine ...Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Diet

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Living in the Midwest with its range of seasons, I have the annual task of switching my closet from the current sweaters and turtlenecks (surprisingly, black and gray) to the lighter, brighter T-shirts and skirts.

It's also a great time to spring clean your diet by rethinking old eating habits, making healthy food swaps and rethinking food ...Read more

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On Nutrition: What readers say

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After a recent column on food relief organizations that serve victims of Ukraine, some readers urged me to add World Central Kitchen ( to the list. Here’s why:

“They go anywhere in the world when people are desperate for food to survive disasters (like Ukraine is facing now)!” writes JT from Salinas, California.

That is ...Read more

Desiccant acts as a pill protector in bottles of medication

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I take telmisartan for high blood pressure. Included in each bottle is one of those tiny moisture-absorbent packs. Once the package is opened and I begin taking the pills, is it necessary to keep the dehydrator "pill" in the bottle, or can I discard it? I have, more than once, almost popped the dehydrator in my mouth, as it is so...Read more

Update on cancer risk and food choices

"Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update skit has rarely missed an opportunity to inform viewers about the facts and follies of the past week. The Continuous Update Project, conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, is just as committed to reporting the facts and follies when it comes to knowing which foods are cancer risks and which are not.

...Read more

This week's round-up: fructose and your liver; COVID-19 vaccines

Fat has a lot of connotations in English, from fat cats and a fat bank account to a fat head and a fat lip, not to mention a phat beat. But it's fatty liver disease that's the focus today, because a study has found that fructose-containing beverages are an essential component -- along with a high-fat diet -- of developing fatty liver disease. ...Read more

The controversial role of eggs as a dietary component

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My friend thinks I eat too many eggs. I have eggs every day. I make an omelet of two egg whites and one whole egg about three or four times a week. Other days, I have omelets made with three egg whites. With my cholesterol in the 200-225 range, is that too many eggs? I am on a low-carb, high-protein, weight-loss plan. I have no ...Read more

Wanted: Disease Detectives

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The COVID-19 pandemic isn't necessarily the cause, but it has revealed a current shortage in epidemiologists -- scientists trained to search for the cause of disease, identify people who are at risk and determine how to control or stop the spread.

A new report surveying health departments in 30 U.S. cities found 177 open positions for ...Read more

Wrong-size blood pressure cuffs can cause distorted readings

The Roman poet Virgil mentions handcuffs as a device that was used by mortals to try to prevent the god Proteus from shape-shifting his way out of sticky situations. If your shape is shifting toward larger-size biceps (from muscle or from excess weight), you turn out to be difficult to cuff, too.

According to a study presented at a recent ...Read more

Pain from ganglion cyst should prompt a checkup

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I had a ganglion cyst removed in 2018. I had no pain before it was removed, nor since -- until now. I can see a very small lump forming, and it seems to be hitting a nerve. There is pain. Is it important to get it checked out now? -- S.B.

ANSWER: A ganglion cyst is a common benign tumor, most frequently found in the hand and ...Read more

Up in smoke

First recorded in a 1628 collection of Scottish proverbs, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" could use a modern update. All the wishing around vaping as a smart alternative to smoking tobacco has gone up in smoke and ... "If vaping were healthy, then smokers would thrive."

A recent study identified a whole new risk associated with ...Read more

Wife's breathing problems require a deeper diagnosis

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My wife had nasal polyps removed many years ago and within a year was diagnosed with adult asthma. She also contracted MAI several years ago, for which she was treated. In the past, she had one or two difficult periods of breathing, and her pulmonary doctor prescribed prednisone to get her through those severe times. When she ...Read more

Don't resist this tip for better sleep

Consider these facts: 60% of Americans don't do any muscle-strengthening activities on a regular basis. Thirty-five percent of U.S. adults are sleep-deprived, and as many as 22% of U.S. adults contend with chronic insomnia.

What's the relationship? Well, according to research out of Iowa State University, if you want to improve your sleep ...Read more

Could back or hip pain be the result of taking finasteride?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am an 82-year-old male. I have been taking finasteride and tamsulosin for two years now for enlarged prostate. Since December 2021, I started having lower back pain and hip pain when walking. Aside from both high blood pressure and cholesterol, for which I take medications, I am in good shape. I walk 3 to 4 miles per day and do...Read more

Grab Your Apron and Improve Your Mental Health

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Cooking at home not only helps you eat better, but it also helps your mental health, according to a new study at Edith Cowan University.

In a partnership between ECU, The Good Foundation and Jamie's Ministry of Food initiative, a mobile food kitchen provided cooking classes in the community and on college campuses from 2016 to 2018 to 657 ...Read more


On Nutrition: Signals to listen to for better health

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My husband beeps his tractor when he drives by the house these mornings on his way to feed cattle. It’s his way to say he’s thinking about me.

One of my patients, who is working very hard to plan more meals at home and visit Mickey D's less often, reports she feels lighter and less bloated these days — a sign that her body is happy with ...Read more

Allergist might be useful for relief from breathing difficulty

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I'm an 82-year-old man. I've had breathing difficulty due to nasal passage swelling for most of my adult life. It will clear up periodically, but then I'll have to endure several months of this problem. Nothing I've tried works, and there's always the rebound -- my symptoms become worse after a few treatments. An ear, nose and ...Read more

This week's roundup: three ways to stay safe and healthy

This week, it's National Common Courtesy Day on the 21st; National Puppy Day on the 23rd and National Spinach Day on the 26th. Of course, you'll benefit from being kind, petting a puppy and eating spinach. But the information in these three studies is going to do even more to improve your well-being.

Gun violence: Firearm-related deaths have ...Read more