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Parkland school shooter can keep publicly funded defense team

MIAMI -- Faced with a massive criminal case against him and the possibility of the death penalty, mass shooter Nikolas Cruz can keep his taxpayer-funded defense team, a judge ruled this week.

That means the Broward Public Defender's Office will ...Read More


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Energy Sec. Rick Perry's son owns an energy investment company. Is that ...

WASHINGTON -- A private investment firm led by Energy Secretary Rick Perry's son has notified the Securities and Exchange Commission that it's seeking investors for a new energy fund, raising concerns about the potential for private businesses run...Read More


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Cosby lawyers push back against #MeToo, paint Constand as 'pathological'

NORRISTOWN, Pa. -- Bill Cosby's lawyers likened the legal woes and sex scandals that have dogged their client for years to "witch hunts" and "lynchings" and urged jurors Tuesday to reject Andrea Constand's claims that she was one of the comedy ...Read More

Health & Spirit

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Mayo Clinic minute: Why cleaning too often could be bad for your health

For the obsessively clean, beware. Those cleaning chemicals you spray all over to get your house spick-and-span may be hurting your lungs.

Dr. Clayton Cowl, a Mayo Clinic lung specialist and toxicologist says cleaning chemicals are a risk, but ...Read More


Spiritual Life: Solve the 'church family' conflict with love

When our five children were growing up, we had the same territorial disagreements, wars over possessions and pecking-order conflicts common to most families. Routinely, I would step in to untangle the outer layer of "who did what to whom" or "she ...Read More

Senior Living

Unemployment: For the older professional who had everything

What retirement? Americans will have to work longer, we've been warned. Fewer companies guarantee pensions.

With more old people to maintain, Congress is weighing plans to limit Social Security and Medicare, raising qualifying ages, and curbing ...Read More

Home & Leisure

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Tesla gets an 'F' from the Better Business Bureau

Tesla may get an "A" grade for the look of its cars, and the experience of driving one of its vehicles. And when it comes to drumming up publicity, CEO Elon Musk's grades have to be at the top of the class:

But Tesla gets an "F" from the Better ...Read More



On Gardening: Milkweed feasting more than you realize

As we all strive to get our hands on every native milkweed for our states and to the ultimate benefit of the Monarch butterfly I thought I might plug its use for the other guys. Your first thought might be I'm talking about the Queen or Soldier ...Read More


More than 3,300 Android apps are improperly tracking kids, study finds

Thousands of family-friendly apps from the Google Play Store are potentially violating federal law, according to a new large-scale study from North American and European universities and organizations.

The research, recently published in the ...Read More