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Do It Yourself or Not: Install a delivery vault

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You can have your own dropbox and simplify home deliveries with a built-in or stand-alone locking parcel box. You don’t have to stay home for a package delivery, because orders are securely delivered. If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how annoying it is to reschedule missed deliveries.

You can have a stand-alone delivery vault installed on a cement pad on your property or a built-in locking parcel box in a sturdy fence or an exterior wall of your house.

A popular size unit is made of 16-gauge steel and measures 14 1/2 inches wide by 51 1/2 inches high and it is 21 inches deep.

You can buy a similar vault for $600 and install it yourself, or hire a carpenter who will charge an additional $140 for the installation. You'll need carpentry experience and tools including bolts, machine screws, 2-by-4 framing lumber, shims and flashing to save 19%.

The labor will be considerably more if the fence or house is made of stone or brick. If you're building a house, consider adding this option so it can be installed while the house is being constructed. Before making the installation, check with your local zoning board and post office to make sure you install it in the correct manner and place.


Pro Cost: $740 — DIY Cost: $600
Pro time: 4.2 — DIY Time: 6.5
DIY Savings: $140 — Percent Saved: 19%


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