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Ask Amy: A decade later, age becomes an issue

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Dear Amy: About 10 years ago, I very briefly dated someone who was 15 years younger than me — I was 38 and he was 23.

He pursued me. The age difference bothered me from the beginning, and I told him repeatedly that I didn’t want to date because of it. I was also dealing with suicidal depression, was unable to work, and didn’t want to date...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Northern Petunia

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Dear Annie: I'm in my early 20s and have been dating "Aidan" for a year. He attends college two hours away. He doesn't socialize much and stresses a lot about his grades. His only real friend is "Cara," a girl we went to high school with. Cara lives in a house with several other girls.

The first time I met her roommate "Lisa," I felt ...Read more

Single File: Men and Undependence

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There I was, sitting in the middle of a good-sized amphitheater, guest guru for a large Seattle group of singles assembled for a local television show. The young host had me on the hot seat. I was the central focus for questions from the audience. All was going smoothly, when from the back row came a plaintive cry: "My wife died last month, and ...Read more

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Barton Goldsmith: Neglect is never benign

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The expression “benign neglect” means that neglect, or lack of attention, was intentional and done supposedly to help someone or something. That may work well for a cactus, but not another human being, and what if that person is a child?

Neglect is hurtful and abusive in many circumstances, especially when concerning children. Neglect is ...Read more


Erika Ettin: Summertime and the livin' is easy -- online dating can be too!

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and the air conditioning is on — summer is almost here.

In the world of dating, summer is usually associated with more casual flings, while relationships go hand in hand with winter months. After all, the months of October through February have even earned the name of “...Read more

Suspicious of Husband's Friendship

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Dear Annie: For the past seven months, I've been having issues with my husband of 19 years. I found out seven months ago he's been talking to an old female friend. He claims that she's just a friend and that he's interacting with her only via text and calls and that nothing is going on. Every time I ask him about it, he gets upset and says ...Read more

Ask Amy: Man wants to report long-ago sexual exploitation

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Dear Amy: My sister-in-law recently died of Alzheimer’s, and her celebration of life is coming up.

I am an older man. When I was a youth, I had to reside with her and my brother for the summer. My mother was institutionalized due to mental illness; my father had abandoned the family.

At the time I was living with the two of them, I was 15.

...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Not a Prude, Just Prudent

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Dear Annie: I am becoming excessively annoyed by a new trend I'm seeing with my friends who have recently become parents -- the "naked mommy."

I'm 27 and have not yet had children. Several of my friends are having their second or third, but most are on their first. I work in a physician's office, so I see a lot of medical-related nudity, and it...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Waif Watchers

I'm a 33-year-old woman, and I've always been thin. I lost about 12 pounds after a tough breakup. I'm working on getting back to a healthier weight. However, people keep making cutting remarks about how thin I look. Yesterday a friend said, "You're so skinny it's gross!" I'd noticed that she'd gained quite a bit of weight, but I didn't say ...Read more

Looking for Love

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Dear Annie: What started out as a friendly gesture to help a neighbor's family and pets during an emergency has somehow turned into our obligation to be their "service people" in noncritical situations. Now there are frequent requests to pet-sit or dog walk, even coupled with checking in on their fully functioning live-in relative while they ...Read more

Ask Amy: Disappointing daughter expects support

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Dear Amy: My daughter just announced her engagement to her boyfriend, “Clay.”

They are both heavy pot users. Clay is also a convicted felon (for selling narcotics), a college dropout, and has psychiatric and physical health problems.

He picks up occasional work but cannot and does not support her. He can barely support himself. He has ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Confused and Exhausted

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Dear Annie: My father and I have never had the best relationship. He was domineering, controlling and verbally abusive to me as a teenager, and as a result, I rebelled and did things specifically to irritate him. Several times, he kicked me out of the house, saying I forced him to behave the way he did. I always apologized because it was easier ...Read more

Help for Hearing

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Dear Annie: I would like to reply to "An Aging Adult Facing Reality." I, too, have profound hearing loss and have been wearing hearing aids since the age of 10. Since receiving my first set of hearing aids, the advancements in technology have been staggering.

My main frustration with hearing aids these days is that medical insurance rarely ...Read more

Ask Amy: It’s tough to be young and sober at the clubs

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Dear Amy: I recently turned 21. I will be the first in my group of friends to graduate from college. This happens in a few weeks.

It feels like life is starting to return to a sense of normalcy as the pandemic recedes, and my friends and I are socializing more outside of our homes – going out dancing, and enjoying the nightlife.

My best ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Beyond Sad

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Dear Annie: After more than 40 years of devotion to my husband, I have finally realized what a stonehearted jerk he is. I have done everything in my power to love, respect and encourage him. But I've fallen into a pattern of picking up the pieces of my heart and overlooking my own hurt in order to give him another chance and keep peace in our ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Slow Graduation of Gratitude

The first two promised they wouldn't cry, but they did. One of those who spoke through tears explained that she started her doctorate degree when her son was 3; he was 8 now. That morning, she said, he had asked her if she would become a doctor that day. She told him yes, today was the day she'd become a doctor. The audience cooed their delight....Read more

Bringing Together a Blended Family

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Dear Annie: I am writing in response to "Survivor of Domestic Violence," who is not sure how much to reveal about her prior relationship on dates. I'm 63 and was in an abusive marriage for 28 years. I finally had the courage to leave and break this cycle. My mother and I were both beaten by my father. I didn't understand what respect was. My ...Read more

Ask Amy: Mom of trans teen is worried about church

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Dear Amy: I have a 17-year-old daughter who identifies as a male.

I am OK with this. I am a Christian and attend a traditional Methodist church.

I am involved in a lot of church events, but my child is not.

I am not sure how the church is going to react to my child’s transition. I also don’t know how my side of the family will react. I ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Frustrated in Ft. Worth

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Dear Annie: My brother and sister and I had an amazing childhood. Our parents stressed the importance of hard work and education. The three of us got advanced degrees, and my sister and I entered the workforce after graduation.

Our brother, "Dennis," however, seems content to live with my parents, working a seasonal minimum-wage job. He was ...Read more

Dad Can't Deal

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Dear Annie: I have been with my boyfriend "Scott" for almost 11 years. We have been together since high school. We had a baby when we were young, and I've worked since I was of legal age to do so, only taking a break for maternity leave. Scott didn't start working until our daughter was 2. He worked for a small company where he ran his own ...Read more