This Many Americans Now Think Cannabis Is Having A Positive Impact On Society

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The increase in quality jobs and societal and economic perks of the regulated marketplace are evidently echoing among Americans, according to a new survey.

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Ten years after Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize cannabis for adult use, much has changed. Many Americans now believe cannabis has had a generally positive impact on society, not just health-wise, but in the creation of quality jobs both at the national and local levels.

This is according to the findings made by the latest Pollfish survey. The survey also revealed that more than half of the respondents attempted legal cannabis for the first time last year.

To carry out the survey, a total of 1,100 Americans aged 21 and above were interviewed for their opinions on cannabis. Each respondent was asked to share their thoughts on marijuana, its legalization, and consumption habits.  At the end of the survey, about two-thirds of the informants strongly believe that cannabis has had a generally positive effect on society. More than half (61.5%) of the respondents also believe that cannabis plays a vital role in raising economic growth in the United States.

About 62% also felt the cannabis industry is very vital for the local economy. A total of 67.6% of the respondents also affirmed that restrictions placed on federal banking should be lifted to enable American cannabis firms to have access to funding and banking services.


It is also important to note that out of the 1,100 respondents, only 43% lived in states where cannabis is legalized for adult use. On the other hand, 22% resided in States where cannabis is completely banned, and 26% resided in states where cannabis is legalized only for medical use.

Among the respondents, more than half (67%) had acquired cannabis via legal means, and 31% claimed to use the herb for medical use. 16% admitted its use for recreational purposes, 22% for stress, 10% for wellness, and 13% for sleep. A total of 55% of the informants also claimed to have tried cannabis for the very first time since last year. Another 40% of respondents affirmed consuming cannabis once or twice every week.

Some respondents claimed never to have tried cannabis. About 21% affirmed not to be interested in consuming cannabis, while 33% had never used cannabis legally. However, 26.1% of these non-consumers claim to want to try cannabis purely for medical reasons, while 15% would try it out for recreational reasons, and 23.4% claim they’d try it to combat stress.

Ten-percent and 8% of the non-consumers also affirmed that they would be trying cannabis for wellness and sleep purposes. A larger percentage of non-consumers also claim they would love to try out edible products first.


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