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Treat Your Traveling Feet


By Nicola Bridges

Deciding what footwear to take on your travels can be a conundrum. Ideally, it's great to pack just a couple of pairs that work for different needs and don't take up too much space in your suitcase. A perfect pair of strappy sandals or heels appropriate for evenings at your destination and flip-flops for the beach or poolside are a must. But for daytime, you want durability with comfort suitable for different walks of travel life. We decided to put some miles on some styles to bring you eight favorites that treat your feet -- whether you are city sightseeing, taking an easy trail hike, cruising a cruise ship deck or just kicking back at a resort.

Tree Runner Go, Allbirds: The latest Allbirds style in its Tree franchise just launched, and we're delighted. The Tree Runner Go's simple good looks and lightweight durability won't weigh you or your luggage down, and they withstand any detours your day brings. Soft, flexible and cool material partially made from tree fiber provides a naturally breathable upper to beat feet heat when you are on the go. Underfoot, Allbirds' patented SweatFoam midsole gives extra cushioning by using sugar cane-derived material. Along with recycled polyester soles, this makes them kind to the environment as well as to your feet. $120.

Zelen in Cork, XeroShoes: As Zelen puts it, you can "feel the world" while your feet feel fab in these eco-friendly puppies made of recycled material. Their minimalist design is made for road running, but they also look and feel great paired with your favorite jeans, shorts or resort wear -- especially in the new Cork style. Added plus? Their silky-smooth sock liner gives a barely there feel while your feet rack up travel miles on the Zelen's tire-inspired soles. $129.99.

Z Soul, Taos: In our experience, canvas sneakers don't always provide enough support with typically only a thin, flat liner and not enough tread between your feet and the street, making for achy days of exploring. But the Taos Z-Soul has you covered. These cute, stylish and comfortable sneaks have a "Curves & Pods" premium removable footbed that your metatarsal tootsies and arch will appreciate. We also love the side zipper that makes them easy to slip off and on discretely under a cafe table during a break in your day. $115.

Go FlyEase, Nike: The name says it all when it comes to these easy-on-easy-off kicks perfect for those midair shoes-off moments. Nike's revolutionary FlyEase technology features a heel that pivots open for hands-free entry -- no reaching your arms down trying to untie and tie laces with your face squished up against the tray table on the seat in front of you. Just tap toes to heel and kick off or snap back on for a faster way to get going, no bending required. This also makes them great for ease of traveling if you have mobility issues. $125.

Cassidy, Lamo: These California-made moccasin-style shoes are oh-so-comfy, and they keep your feet cozy-chic as in-room slippers that transition to great street-beaters. They feel ultra-cushy, thanks to a cotton-candylike insole and 100% Australian sheepskin-lined footbed that snug your feet with warmth and comfort, no matter what terrain you're traipsing at your domestic destination or world travels. $64.99.

Cloudaway, On: This stylish and unique-looking, sustainably engineered sneaker is a durable all-arounder that makes a great travel essential for everyday wear, whether you're hiking trail switchbacks or trekking through the urban jungle. That's because the On Cloudaway is specifically designed as an adventure-ready hybrid for moderate hiking terrain, street beats or moseying around museums. $139.99.

Architek Slip-On, Good Feet: A great go-to shoe for surviving the trip to any destination, these fuzzy-lined slip-ons from The Good Feet Store are easy to slip off and slip back on at airport security and in flight. Only available in store, it's well worth the trek to have your feet precision-measured for a personalized pair of inserts engineered for pain relief and comfort to complement with a pair of Architek Slip-Ons or to use in any shoe -- particularly perfect when you have a high arch because no two feet are alike. $110 (arch supports sold separately).

Bobbi Ankle Rain Boot, Merry People: Born in Melbourne, Australia, out of practicality when the founder was frustrated at not being able to find a fashion rain boot for walking through wet commutes to her corporate office, Merry People is kicking it into high gear here in the United States with its stylish waterproof clogs and rain boots. Cool enough for warm climates, they're a must-pack if you're stepping out from a sun zone to damper destinations. They're stylish with dresses, shorts or wet-weather gear and provide the comfort of sneakers instead of thin-skinned sweaty gumboots.















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