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Treat Your Traveling Feet

By Nicola Bridges

Deciding what footwear to take on your travels can be a conundrum. Ideally, it's great to pack just a couple of pairs that work for different needs and don't take up too much space in your suitcase. A perfect pair of strappy sandals or heels appropriate for evenings at your destination and flip-flops for the beach or ...Read more

Volunteer Vacations Give New Meaning to Travel

By Victor Block

Sixteen-year-old David Trone is learning to use a specially designed ax and a two-sided rake to clear foliage in a dense woodland. Nearby, Mary Beers, age 79, is patting down soil that soon will be a path for hikers and backpackers. These two are among people who volunteered to help reroute a section of a trail in the ...Read more

Unusual Tours Teach Local Culture With Flair

By Victor Block

The day begins with a viewing of an airline that doesn't exist. Later, visitors arrive at a dry lake bed where unidentified flying object sightings are said to occur. These are among features of a Las Vegas Area 51 Tour, one of a number of unusual excursions that are available to curious sightseers throughout the United ...Read more

Surprises Await off Washington's Major Highways

by Jim Farber

Traveling Washington state's interstate highways provides a convenient way to connect big city centers such as Seattle, Tacoma and -- in this case -- Olympia. But it's the country roads and byways radiating out from Olympia that can often provide some very surprising and memorable discoveries.

From Olympia you can easily ...Read more

San Diego County Museums Worth a Trip

By Nicola Bridges

Beyond San Diego's world-class Balboa Park museums are a multitude more that each offer culturally immersive memories. Here are four San Diego County museum favorites just a little farther afield from downtown and off the beaten Balboa Park path.

The vibrant colors of Niraja Lorenz's wall-sized "Edge of Chaos" textile ...Read more



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