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Don't Overlook the Attractions of Dynamic Mexico City

By Robert Selwitz

Mexico City deserves much more attention than it gets. While most Mexico-bound travelers head for Cancun or other Gulf Coast resorts, there are many reasons to also explore the capital, the world's eighth-largest city.

Extraordinary history, exquisite food, great neighborhoods for walking and shopping, and many ...Read more

Enjoy Western Beauty on Amtrak's Coast Starlight

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

"All aboard!"

I'm always excited when I hear those words -- especially when it's for an overnight trip, which I have experienced several times abroad in Britain, Italy, Norway and Russia and twice on Amtrak. There's something so romantic about riding the rails.

This fall, my husband Carl and I took Amtrak's ...Read more

Stargazing in Chile's Atacama Desert

By Patricia Woeber

When next you wish upon a star, the place to be is in Chile's Atacama Desert. You'll easily see thousands of stars as well as an eye-popping selection of other heavenly bodies. During the daytime the area offers a variety of active sports and explorations.

The high Atacama Desert's lack of pollution allows ...Read more

Discover Wonderment at Santa Fe's Meow Wolf

By Fyllis Hockman

A writer's worst nightmare is being at a loss for words to describe a place or event. And so it is with the Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return, an immersive, interactive art installation and technological wonderland with unending surprises at every turn in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oh sure, it's magical, mind-boggling, ...Read more

Go Rat Pack Retro in Swinging Palm Springs

The room is the essence of swinging '60s cool. A tuxedo-clad singer croons "One More for the Road" in the best sultry Frank Sinatra tradition. High-stem, frosty two-olive martinis are being served from the softly lit, gently curving bar. The swish of snare drum brushes contrasts with the clink of silverware. You'd almost expect the Rat Pack ...Read more


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