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St. Augustine, Florida, Lays its Claim to 'Oldest' Fame

By Victor Block

In 1607 a small band of settlers founded the first permanent English outpost in the Americas, Jamestown in the Colony of Virginia. At that time another town already had existed since 1565 in a different part of the New World -- making it the oldest continuously occupied European community in the country.

Given its ...Read more

Learn About Green Bay by Visiting the Packers

By Lesley Frederikson and Glenda Winders

The best way to learn about the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, may very well be to go to Lambeau Field -- not for a Packers game this time, but to tour the stadium and learn about its beginnings. That's what we did, and our guide told us a gripping story of strong, resilient people determined to ...Read more

In Search of Autumn Color

Bill and Bonnie Neely

We live in South Carolina, but we have family in New Jersey. It being October, we decided to pack our RV and go northward. In one trip we could celebrate loved ones' birthdays and also do some leaf-peeping. But this time we were a bit too early. Fall temperatures were above normal, and the leaves were still hanging ...Read more

Take a Tour of Agatha Christie's Greenway Estate

By Carl Larsen

You might call Agatha Christie's Greenway Estate the scene of the crime -- well, many crimes, that is.

Acclaimed as the world's best-selling author, Christie spent a large part of her career writing those spellbinding mysteries at her Greenway retreat overlooking the River Dart, a few miles from Torquay, where she was ...Read more

Time Forgot Amelia Island -- Thank Goodness!

By Fyllis Hockman

It's a town time forgot -- or maybe it just refused to move forward. Serene and unpretentious, Amelia Island remains in the 1900s -- reveling in its long, colorful history, quite aware it no longer has to prove anything to the rest of the world.

Therein lies the charm of this tiny stretch of land, 13 miles long and 2 ...Read more



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