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Living Space: Clean out your house by hosting the best yard sale ever

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With a few simple strategies, you can turn your pile of unused, unwanted items into cash by planning a big garage sale. Clean up the items you’re selling, price them to go and throw in any items you don’t want to put back in your house or garage for free to be sure they’re gone by the end of the sale.

1. Pick the right date for your yard sale.

Consider having your sale near a common payday (the first or 15th of the month). Avoid scheduling your sale on a holiday weekend or during a widely attended community event.

2. Shop your house for items to sell.

Walk through every room with a laundry basket and grab what you no longer need.

3. Give yourself at least two weeks to gather and clean items.


Nobody wants to buy dirty things, even when the price is low. Give yourself sufficient time before the sale to prep items. Clean, tidy items will sell faster than ones where the buyer will have to do extra work.

4. Arrange like items together.

Pick a spot, such as a basement or spare bedroom, as a staging area. Organize according to function: kitchen, clothing, books and music, toys and tools.

5. Tag your yard sale items right.


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