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Your Guide to All Types of Stone Floor


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Do you want flooring that will stand out?

You can find stone flooring to suit every style. From elegant marble to quaint sandstone, stone offers it all. As durable as they are beautiful, stone floors make a valuable addition to your home. But if you’ve never had stone flooring before, you might not know what options are out there.

That’s where we come in. Keep reading for this guide on the types of stone floor you can choose from.


Limestone has a rustic charm that’s very versatile. Due to its durability, it works best in high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens. But, it’s a popular and versatile choice for all rooms.

Colors range from bright white down to rich ink-black shades making it suitable for all styles. It’ll fit in with a traditional white kitchen as well as it would in something more sleek and modern.


The simple, rustic beauty of slate adds instant character to a room. It works especially well when you tie it into a country kitchen or sitting room theme.
This stone needs minimal stone floor care and is easy to clean. It’s also very water-resistant and durable, making it another good choice for busy areas.


If you want something more lavish and luxurious, then marble fits the bill. There is a vast array of colors and patterns to choose from to suit most color schemes.

You can polish its translucent glow, so it shines like glass, or you can dull it down for a durable matt finish. But it can be costly, and when wet, it becomes quite slippery.

As it’s highly porous, you will need to seal it to protect it. Ultimate Stone can help protect your floor and keep it functioning like new.


Boot rooms, kitchens, and hallways all need flooring that’s durable. Granite is one of the strongest stone flooring types you can get. On top of this, it’s got high resistance to spills, staining, and scratching.

All the while, granite’s depth of color and varying textures provide elegant beauty. This floor has it all, with both form and function; it’s sure to make a statement in any room you use it in.


Flagstone tile flooring is a key focal point for most farmhouse kitchen ideas. It offers character and charm, with rustic warmth from its imperfect edges.

You don’t have to use them for a farmhouse look, though; they also complement modern styles. It’s a way of adding softer balance to a modern design without it dominating the space.


Formed completely by nature, each piece of sandstone is unique. Its color and patterning will vary from tile to tile, adding real personality to a space.

Because of this and its warm stone floor colors, it’s a popular option for farmhouse styles. Like marble, though, you need to seal it to protect it from water damage. This will also prevent scratches and staining too.

Types of Stone Floor for Every Room

When looking through types of stone floor options, you want to consider the room it’s for. What do you use it for, how much traffic does it get?

This will help guide your choice so you get a stone floor that can handle your daily routine. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for practicality with stone flooring, though; that’s what makes it such a great choice!

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