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Dog Person vs Cat Person: 6 Surprising Personality Differences


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One of the most common questions to ask someone is if they prefer dogs or cats. Yet, did you know there can be personality differences when comparing a dog person vs cat person.

That’s right!

People that prefer dogs can have different personality traits than people who prefer cats. While it sounds crazy, it is true, and you might even notice it in the people around you.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the six surprising personality differences in dog people vs cat people.

1. Dog People are Extroverted

The personality of a dog person is extroverted and ready to meet need people. That’s because you’ll find dogs are always friendly and ready to get out of the house to do something new.

Extroverted people love people in new environments and will talk to anyone and everyone that they meet. You’ll find that dogs are always happy to get patted by a stranger on the street.

2. Cat People are Introverted

When you think of cats, you might think of how they like to keep to themselves and often run and hide when company arrives. A cat person will typically be introverted and need their social batteries recharged every so often.

If you find yourself hiding in your room on the weekend instead of heading out, chances are you’re a cat person.

3. Dog People are Outgoing

A dog person would love to chat with someone new that they just met for hours. That’s because dogs tend to be outgoing animals.

4. Cat People Keep to Themselves

On the other hand, a cat person will tend to keep to themselves more often. Most of the time cats aren’t ready to become friends with a newcomer, and it takes a while for them to warm up to new people.

5. Dog People Like to Be Active

It is no surprise that dog people like to stay active and are always looking for their next adventure. That’s because dogs love doing physical activities. Did someone say dog park?

If you like going for a walk, hike, bike ride, run, you’re a dog person.

There are tons more facts about dogs to find out if you’re a dog person! Even cat people will be fascinated to learn some of these interesting facts.

6. Cat People Like Being Creative

When you think of the personality of a cat person, you know that they want to be inside somewhere doing a low-energy activity. That’s why cat people tend to be more creative and enjoy doing hobbies that show off their skills.

You’ll find cat people excel at art, gardening, baking, or even reading.

Battling Between Dog Person vs Cat Person

When you’re comparing a dog person vs cat person, there are loads of differences. As you can see, one of the main differences has to do with their personality. Be sure to take a look at all your friends and family that claim they’re a dog or cat person to see if it’s true.

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