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Dating Coach: Is this guy relationship worthy?

I'm sure you already know there are lots of men out there to date. Some are relationship worthy and some are not. The sad thing is you can't always see the good guys because some of the bad guys feel so exciting to you.

So I thought I'd share a couple of types of men with you so you know who to look for and who to stay away from if your dream ...Read more

This award-winning, super-efficient home near Olympia is designed for the health of the environment — and its owners

OLYMPIA, Wash. - It's hard to know whether that warm golden glow throughout Laura and Kelly Lewis' Olympia-area home radiates from the bright lemon-yellow paint atop its elevated light-diffusing shelves, or from the national first-place awards this aggressively Passive House has hauled in.

The Lewises (plus dogs Lexie, Burton and Zola, and ...Read more

55 Plus: When someone offers help, don't take it

"Here, let me help you with that," the man offered, as I walked out of the grocery store lugging three bags of groceries.

"Thank you, but I'm fine," I replied, walking towards my car. Transferring the bag in one hand to my other arm, I got the keys out, unlocked the car door, and put the bags in the back seat. It was no ...Read more

Picking up steps from ballroom dancers who know their cues

The skirts were the first clue that this was a night out.

Several women wore skirts with extra bounce and flounce; silver and red petticoats winked underneath. Sometimes, their partners wore matching colors.

I was at Juanita Community Club in Kirkland, Wash., on a Saturday night for round dancing with the Dancing Shadows club. Callers and ...Read more

Social Security and You: An Apology -- 25 Years Later

I just got an email that absolutely floored me. Honestly, it even brought a lump to my throat. It has to do with something that happened about 25 years ago, while I was working for the Social Security Administration in San Diego, California. Frankly, it was a rather routine occurrence for me back then, and still is today. Let me explain -- and ...Read more

Social Security: 5 more facts you might not know about Social Security

What kind of questions do you and your friends ask about Social Security? When do my benefits arrive? What are Social Security work credits, and do they have anything to do with the way my benefits are figured? Will I be automatically enrolled in Medicare? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

1. Social Security benefits are paid in ...Read more

New technologies help seniors age in place — and not feel alone

Nancy Delano, 80, of Denver has no plans to slow down anytime soon. She still drives to movies, plays and dinners out with friends. A retired elder care nurse who lives alone, she also knows that "when you reach a certain age, emergencies can happen fast." So, when her son, Tom Rogers, talked to her about installing a remote ...Read more

Social Security and You: The 'Three-Legged Stool' Is a Bit Wobbly

I'm sure most people reading this column have heard the term, "the three-legged stool." That refers to the platform upon which your retirement portfolio is to be built. One of those legs represents your Social Security benefit. The second leg is savings and investments. And the third leg propping you up in retirement is a company pension.

Well,...Read more

Social Security and You: Observant Reader Notices Fluke in COLA Payments

Q: The recent cost-of-living adjustment to our Social Security checks got me wondering about something. As you've always pointed out in your column, the checks come one month behind. So, for example, the check we got in January is actually the payment for December. But the 2018 COLA increase showed up in that January check. So did we get the ...Read more

Social Security: 'Rosie the Riveter,' spirit lives on

"Rosie the Riveter" is an American icon representing women working in factories during World War II. These women learned new jobs and filled in for the men who were away at war. They produced much of the armaments and ammunition to supply the war effort.

They also paid FICA on their wages, contributing to the Social Security program....Read more

Social Security and You: Inspector General's Report Causes Confusion for Widows

The inspector general for the Social Security Administration recently released a report that was well-intentioned, but that has sewn confusion among millions of women collecting Social Security widow's benefits. What the report said was that a small percentage of widows were not informed by SSA clerks of a provision that could have resulted in ...Read more

Social Security: How long do I expect my retirement to last?

Anticipate the length of your retirement, keeping in mind that many American workers will live much longer than the "average" retiree. Consider your health, family longevity, and lifestyle. Your Social Security retirement benefits will provide continuous income for as long as you live, protecting you even if your other sources of ...Read more

At 96, he's perpetually in motion

Aaron Miter wasn't sure what he was getting into the day he met Ray Bagley.

"The typical thing I have trouble with older clients is, they can't get on and off the floor," says Miter, a longtime personal trainer in San Diego. "So, I said to Ray, 'Can you get on and off the floor?' He's like, 'Yeah!' He jumps off his chair, rolls ...Read more

Former night nurse to England's King Edward VIII recalls his final days

TIMONIUM, Md. - When she was in her 20s, Juliana Chatard Alexander was the night nurse for the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, the man who abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson.

After long declining interviews with historians and biographers, the Mays Chapel woman spoke with royal biographer Andrew Morton - and with...Read more

Barber who cut VP Hubert Humphrey's hair, calls it quits after 50 years

MINNEAPOLIS - John Vreeman was just out of barber school, barely 20 years old, when Vice President Hubert Humphrey sat down in his swivel chair.

The young barber trembled as he cut the political VIP's hair at the Sheraton-Ritz hotel barber shop in downtown Minneapolis. As Humphrey got up to leave with an entourage of Secret Service and media, ...Read more

He's 93. He's under hospice care. So this SC veteran will jump out of an airplane

WALTERBORO, S.C. - Howard P. Jones Jr. is a 93-year-old hospice patient who plans to skydive into a celebration of a remarkable life this Saturday, Feb. 24, in Walterboro.

"I like it," is the three-word explanation of a man dying of congestive heart failure.

For the past 10 years, Jones has been doing a tandem jump on his birthday ...Read more

Mood music: Lifting spirits of dementia patients

While music is known for lifting moods, rising evidence shows profound responses when favorite tunes are played for dementia patients.

The 2012 award-winning documentary, "Alive Inside," covers social worker Dan Cohen's use of music and iPods with Alzheimer's patients, who quickly become more vocal and animated. He founded the Music ...Read more

At nearly 50, Jazzercise lives on in the age of Zumba

SPOKANE, Wash. - Moving to the beat of Top 40s, you hear an instructor's dance cues. You grapevine or cha-cha-cha.

Yes, it's Jazzercise.

In the age of Zumba and CrossFit, the dance fitness program that started nearly 50 years ago lives on, but it's not exactly your mother's aerobics. Strength training and body-core work get as much focus ...Read more

55 Plus: Declutter now so your loved ones won't have to later

When my mother had a heart attack, she was taken to the hospital. She did not make it back. It was left to my sister and me to clean out her apartment.

During our childhood, mom was a figure of rigid neatness and cleanliness. Saturdays were always clean up days; we spent hours thoroughly dusting, sweeping, and, cleaning the house.

As adults, ...Read more

A new milestone: 1 million senior drivers on Washington state roads

SEATTLE - There's been such heavy focus on the wave of millennials flooding into our area, it's easy to forget that it's seniors who are the fastest-growing segment of Washington's - and even Seattle's - population.

In 2015, the state hit a demographic milestone: The number of folks age 65-plus hit 1 million.

And the number of them who drive...Read more


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