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1 in 3 put off medical care because of COVID-19. It almost cost this man his life

DETROIT - Michael Devine had chest pain. He thought it was heartburn. He thought it would go away. He tried to will it away.

Because in the middle of a pandemic, Devine, 51, of Redford, Mich., didn't want to have to go to the hospital. He wanted to avoid the one place where he knew there would be people with COVID-19.

So Devine chose to wait ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Kentucky's Japanese-style strolling garden is a spa for the soul and the senses

As people look for scenic spaces to stroll outdoors and maintain safe social distancing in the midst of a global pandemic, Georgetown, Ky., invites fresh air seekers to visit a pocket of paradise designed specifically for this purpose: Yuko-en on the Elkhorn ( The Japanese-style strolling ...Read more

Diane Bell: Pandemic fosters little acts of kindness

SAN DIEGO - Little miracles are happening in unexpected places every day during this pandemic.

One involves JoAnne Burns' trip to the grocery store. The 88-year-old great grandmother, whose family has lived in El Cajon since the 1920s, ventured out to a nearby grocery store and found herself waiting for 40 minutes in the checkout line at ...Read more

Study: Focus falters after meal high in saturated fats

Many of us are turning to comfort food while staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. Burgers, fries, chips and candy are all helping us deal with uncertainty and self-isolation.

Unfortunately, a new study suggests, those foods might sabotage your ability to work well from home.

Researchers at Ohio State University found that eating just...Read more

Kevin Kirkland: Wild horses couldn't drag her away from the life of a farrier

PITTSBURGH - Debi Gurdock was surprised how still and silent the mustang was as she trimmed his front feet. She walked around to the back, placed a foot between her legs - and it happened.

"I flew like Superman. I was still hanging on and he shot me like a slingshot. I hit the barn door 20 feet away. My shoulder hurt for a week!"

...Read more

At this hospital, members of a tightknit group of veteran ICU nurses, age 58 and up, are signing on for COVID-19 duty. Meet the 'Old Dolls.'

CHICAGO - Intensive care unit nurse Raquel "Rocky" Collanto is 63 and cares for her 91-year-old mother, so when COVID-19 patients began to arrive at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, her supervisor offered her options. Collanto could transfer to another department or to a different ICU unit where there would be less risk of exposure to ...Read more

Coronavirus compelled first-time blood donor: 'I figured I needed to pitch in some way'

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Terry Mellons sat in one of the stackable chairs that someone had pulled from inside a conference room and strategically spread apart in various spots on the concrete entryway leading into Capital University's student union in Bexley, Ohio.

Thankfully, the day's pouring rain had subsided and the sun beat down as he waited ...Read more

At 92, beloved piano teacher has no plans to slow down, even in a pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - At 92 years old and with more than six decades of piano teaching experience behind her, you'd think Dzidra Reimanis has had every experience with students one could possibly have.

But recently, she surprised even herself by adding a new skill to her teaching arsenal - online instruction.

It all started in mid March, when a ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Kentucky thoroughbred retirement farm cares for 'Old Friends'

Last month the racing world lost a legend with the passing of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner War Emblem. Thanks to the work of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm ( in Georgetown, Ky., the beautiful black stallion that retired with 13 starts, seven wins and ...Read more

Sick and living in an RV, Seattle man finds coronavirus outbreak just makes it harder

SEATTLE - Sergio Patino cracks open the door to the silver truck parked under the Spokane Street Bridge, and in an instant, a fluffy mob is unleashed. They are Patino's seven very small, very jumpy dogs: Chata, Chuco, Chico, Julia, Mimi, Cujo and Chilaquil.

"They are my babies," the 70-year-old says.

Patino, born in Brownsville, ...Read more

Residents of assisted living home make mask kits for neighbors. 'It's been a wonderful response.'

Each day, 98-year-old Lorraine Kozak sits at a table in her nursing home and carefully cuts out swatches of fabric and places them into plastic bags with elastic and instructions on how to turn them into face masks.

Then these kits are placed outside The Birches Assisted Living in Clarendon Hills, Ill., near Chicago, for someone to pick up and...Read more

Sewn with love: Group makes thousands of masks to help hospitals combat coronavirus

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Allison Keller is a surgical technologist at Sutter Roseville Medical Center who feels the strain on health care workers serving on the front lines in the fight against a global pandemic.

"It's scary," she said.

People are dying, personal protective equipment for medical professionals is in short supply and the threat of ...Read more

In shutting out threat, seniors in continuing care communities feel shut in

With tight restrictions in place at their continuing care retirement community, Tom and Janice Showler are getting on each other's nerves.

Most days, Tom, 76, likes to drive out of their community -- Asbury Springhill in Erie, Pa. -- to the store to pick up a few items.

"If you follow the right protocols, the likelihood is quite low that we ...Read more

Social Security offices among the coronavirus closures

Social Security offices, which serve many senior citizens, have closed.

The agency said the decision during the coronavirus pandemic will help protect the population it serves: older Americans and people with underlying medical conditions.

The closures began Tuesday for in-person service. The agency gave the following tips for how to access ...Read more

Social Security offices among the coronavirus closures

Social Security offices, which serve many senior citizens, have closed.

The agency said the decision during the coronavirus pandemic will help protect the population it serves: older Americans and people with underlying medical conditions.

The closures began Tuesday for in-person service. The agency gave the following tips for how to access ...Read more

His mission? To help every elderly person in Charlotte who feels too anxious to shop.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Griffin Brody walks up the front steps of the little house off North Davidson Street, gently sets the three bags of groceries down on the doorstep, knocks twice, and retreats to his black Mercedes-Benz SUV.

"Someone reached out, said their elderly grandparent needed assistance. I was happy to offer that assistance,"...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: A room with a view

Sometimes the journey is the destination, especially if the view sweeps across cityscape or skyline, atrium or ocean, and is further enhanced by a book worthy of the stay.

The Curtain (, London, England

A sophisticated hotel in London's jaunty, dynamic East End neighborhood might be ...Read more

Coronavirus fears ignite a civil war as families, friends, neighbors clash over what's safe

PHILADELPHIA _Justis Freeman, 23, is taking the threat of the coronavirus, and calls for social distancing to stem its spread, seriously - working from home, staying indoors, trying to limit any in-person contacts.

There's just one problem. Freeman has roommates.

"I have asked them to stop inviting friends over as frequently, but that ...Read more

These food services for the homebound are losing volunteer drivers afraid of coronavirus

PHILADELPHIA - The MANNA food truck squeezed down tight and tiny Watkins Street in South Philadelphia Monday, where rowhouse neighbors share walls and worries about the coronavirus.

Usually, a volunteer for the agency, which provides meals for 1,400 home-bound individuals with life-threatening illnesses in the region, will drive the squat ...Read more

Pet-food delivery is a lifeline for homebound seniors and their animal companions

PHILADELPHIA - How much do elderly pet owners love their animals? So much so that some of them, when they're financially struggling, will set aside their own needs rather than allow their beloved pets to go without the basics.

"They won't buy medications, they feed their (own) food to their pets," said Marianne Iaquinto, founder of ...Read more


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