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She's no loaf: At 94, she works 6 days a week at a Giant bakery

Meet Wynnifred Franklin, 94, a great-grandmother who's worked in the bakery of the Giant supermarket in Audubon, Montgomery County, Pa., since 1996.

For three years, Wynnifred Franklin enjoyed retirement. But it got old, quick. And she didn't.

So at the age of 72 - armed with a resume that included a job at RCA during World War II - she went ...Read more

He's paid to help Hornets fans find their seats. So what's with all these dance moves?

There doesn't seem to be a good reason for Jim Kobos to be dancing at this particular moment, much less to be having so much fun doing it.

The team he works as an usher for - the NBA's Charlotte Hornets - is losing by two dozen points to the Dallas Mavericks. The 16,000 or so people in uptown's Spectrum Center are growing more listless with ...Read more

55 Plus: Have you lost too much muscle?

Have you lost so much muscle that it has become hard for you to move? Do you keep a step-stool handy because you can't reach up to a cabinet shelf with a jar in your hand, and no longer have the muscle to take the weight of an item down from a shelf? Do you have to push yourself up from a seated position because your legs no longer have the ...Read more

Need affordable senior housing? You may be waiting years as Philly, nation grapple with long wait lists.

By the time the line began moving on a hot Tuesday morning in June, nearly a dozen seniors had been waiting for almost a day.

They gathered in South Philadelphia - by the end, scores of them, most older than 62 - to try to secure one of the new, affordable senior housing units sprouting near Fourth and Snyder Streets. Many had begun lining up ...Read more

Birthday surprise for WWII pilot reunited with pieces of his past

When Capt. Alan Carlton's B-24 bomber was shot down over Germany during World War II, he felt lucky.

Not that lucky - wounded in the right foot, he left a bloody trail in the snow that made him easy to track. The American pilot was captured at gunpoint and spent more than a year in a POW camp.

But he was alive, which was more than could be ...Read more

UC San Diego opens new senior-focused emergency unit

There's no sign notifying patients that they are entering the new Gary and Mary West Senior Emergency Care Unit, but it's immediately obvious that something has changed.

Moving from the main emergency department at UC San Diego's Jacobs Medical Center into the corridor that leads to the new unit, there is a noticeable drop in noise level and ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: A Duchess, a baker, a plantation history maker: Cruising with American Queen Steamboat Company

A Duchess, a baker, a plantation history maker: Meet this coterie of capable ladies of the river, including a duchess defined by her all-suite staterooms; a nationally known chef who has cooked for the likes of Mick Jagger, Lily Tomlin, and Shirley MacLaine; and a Louisiana rebel who saved the history of the Creole plantation that bears her ...Read more

Social Security and You: SSA Shortchanged Some Widows

Last year, the Social Security Administration's Office of the Inspector General completed an audit and issued a report critical of how the agency handled claims from widows. It said that SSA clerks were doing a poor job of informing widows that they had the option of taking widow's benefits at 66 and delaying starting their own benefits until 70...Read more

Social Security: Safeguarding children all year long

During the holiday season, most of us, regardless of our beliefs, focus on the children we love. Children are our future - we share our knowledge and talent with them - we pass on our values to them knowing they will share those gifts. Social Security safeguards children all year long, but we'd like to take this opportunity to share information...Read more

Social Security and You: Social Security and Sophie's Choice

Today's column offers up a marital conundrum. Should a woman divorce the man she loves in order to collect rather substantial Social Security benefits from a past husband? Would you do it? Before you answer, let's review her story.

I got to talking to a nice lady I will call "Sophie" at a local coffee shop. She is 71 years old. She has been ...Read more

Social Security: Understanding disability payments

Disability is something most people don't like to think about, but the chances that you'll become disabled probably are greater than you realize. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 1-in-4 chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age.

Social Security pays disability benefits through two programs:

–– Social ...Read more

Social Security: Understanding Social Security disability benefits

Disability is something most people don't like to think about, but the chances you'll become disabled probably are greater than you realize. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 1-in-4 chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age.

Social Security pays disability benefits through two programs:

- The Social Security ...Read more

Why more seniors are focused on staying in shape

BALTIMORE - Holly Thomas is deceptively strong.

Standing 5 feet tall and not even close to 100 pounds, the Columbia, Md., resident won't share her exact age, but she's over 75 and able to keep up with her twenty-something grandsons on family vacations. That means she's biking with them on the roads of Japan or exploring Sri Lanka and Thailand ...Read more

To fight elder abuse, new team brings together doctors, nurses, police and social workers

It was the kind of mess many police officers don't like to tackle: an allegation of neglect by the caregiver of an elderly woman.

But after the caregiver's outburst in court and continued complaints brought the woman's condition to light, a Newport News officer started an investigation.

Before long, the case - complicated by concern that the ...Read more

Social Security: Our top 10 sites

At the end of the year, some of us like to take a tally of our top favorite things, such as movies and songs. At Social Security, we're no different. Because we care a lot about making our services convenient and easy to access, we care a lot about our online services - from signing up for retirement benefits to calculating future payments. ...Read more

Social Security and You: Turning 66 in 2019? Consider Filing for Benefits This Month

I write a column similar to this one every January. But I don't mind plagiarizing myself, as the column contains a very important message for people planning to retire in 2019.

January is a critical month for the hundreds of thousands of potential Social Security beneficiaries who are reaching 66, their so-called full retirement age, in 2019. ...Read more

When needs arise, these older women have one another's backs

NEW YORK - Like many women aging alone, Eileen Kobrin worried that an accident could compromise her independence.

Then, two years ago at age 71, the New Yorker fell while on vacation, breaking her left ankle, and her Caring Collaborative network sprang into action.

One member recommended an ankle surgeon at the nearby Hospital for Special ...Read more

Social Security and You: Social Security Update for 2019

It has been my custom for most of the past 21 years to write a year-end column that summarizes the Social Security changes and updates scheduled to take place the following year.

Almost all Social Security beneficiaries are familiar with the most popular and publicized upcoming change: the increase in monthly benefit checks for 2019 due to the ...Read more

Column: The best holiday gift for the senior in your life? Time and attention.

In this season of giving and gathering, it's a good time to remember that the best gift of all might be the one that can't be bought, wrapped or overnighted.


So often we struggle with what to give the people on our lists when maybe all they really need is our attention.

That's not always easy to part with, especially in this day and ...Read more

Social Security: Do you think your income-related Medicare premium is incorrect?

Medicare is our country's health insurance program for people age 65 or older. Certain people younger than age 65 can qualify for Medicare, too, including those with disabilities and those who have permanent kidney failure.

If you're a Medicare beneficiary who has been informed that you must pay more for your Medicare Part B or Medicare ...Read more


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