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Why so many older Americans rate their health as good or even excellent

A common myth about aging is that older adults are burdened by illness and feel lousy much of the time. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Most seniors report feeling distinctly positive about their health.

Consider data from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey (the most recent available), administered by the U.S. Centers for Disease...Read more

Social Security: Sign up for Medicare and estimate costs

Affordable medical coverage is something everyone wants, especially as people age. Luckily, our nation has safeguards for workers as they get older. Millions of people rely on Medicare, and it can be part of your health insurance plan when you retire.

Medicare is available for people age 65 or older, as well as younger people who have received...Read more

Adaptive Technologies

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I've reached the point where I'm no longer able to use my computer easily, but it's important for doing so much. Many daily necessities, such as online banking, paying bills and shopping, are easier online, and I don't want to be dependent or inconvenienced.

Unfortunately, my eyes and joints are in disagreement. I struggle to read the ...Read more

Social Security and You: The Social Security Earnings Penalty -- a Bad Law

The Social Security earnings penalty. I don't like this law. I've never liked this law. Before I explain why, let me clarify what I am talking about. The rules say that if you are a Social Security beneficiary who is under age 66 and still working, one dollar must be deducted from your Social Security checks for each two dollars you earn over $...Read more

Social Security: Spruce up your financial plan

Now is a good time to evaluate some financial "best practices." A good spring-cleaning can clear out the clutter to let you see a clear path for your future. Social Security is always here to help. Even if you just started working, now is the time to start preparing for retirement. Achieving the dream of a secure, comfortable ...Read more

Family Heirlooms

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I have many old, family heirlooms in my home and am excited to pass them along to a new generation. These old family pictures, china and silver all require special care and attention, and I've done my best to preserve them.

Although these objects are precious to me, I know all too well about how families lose things over time.

How can I ...Read more

Social Security and You: Happy Anniversary

My wife and I recently celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. We were married on June 1, 1974. I was a relatively new employee of the Social Security Administration, having been hired a year earlier. How that came to be makes for an interesting story.

After graduating from college, I floundered around for a year or two looking for work. ...Read more

Six security tips to follow before you move your loved one into a senior-living community

When making plans for Ventana by Buckner, a luxury retirement community slated to open this fall in North Dallas, security was top of mind for executive director Rick Pruett.

But after authorities indicted Billy Chemirmir on 11 capital murder charges in Dallas and Collin counties, Pruett said, his team went back to the drawing board to make ...Read more

Social Security: Connect with social media

We strive to keep you informed with accurate and helpful information. Over the last decade, Social Security's communications strategy has evolved to include electronic messages, through our social media channels. You can share Social Security information, including links to our online tools, with a click of a button.

Using Facebook, we can ...Read more

Family Histories

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: My eldest daughter has been getting into genealogy and got the whole family to do DNA tests. Although we were excited to see the genetic breakdown of our family, now I wish we'd never done it.

When we looked at the results, it became apparent that my wife isn't related to her siblings; she must have been adopted, but we haven't uncovered ...Read more

Swimming in a lane of her own: How Mo Kornfeld, 97, blossomed into a world champion and star late in life

MESA, Ariz. - She's a champion swimmer who didn't learn to put her face in the water until she reached retirement age. She's a world record holder, but has only the vaguest notion of her fastest times. She's a national champion in the backstroke who can tell you about the mechanics of the stroke, but would rather rhapsodize about the heavenly ...Read more

Social Security and You: The Social Security Benefit You've Never Heard Of

Q: I will admit I am a bit of a wonky nerd. I like researching arcane bits of historical minutiae. Recently, I got interested in Social Security BIC codes. I was able to figure out most of the benefits associated with each code. But one puzzled me: the "J" BIC, which my limited research said are "special age 72 benefits." I know about the ...Read more

Extra Plane Seat

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I'm a big guy and always have been. Because I'm over six feet, flying has never been comfortable for me, but it's even worse now that I'm on medications that have caused me to gain a lot of weight.

I haven't flown in several years, but I received an invitation for my granddaughter's wedding (my first grandchild to do so!). I'm happy to fly...Read more

Social Security: Educating students about Social Security

In May, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and honor all of the educators who are preparing students for the future. Social Security knows that a well-informed instructor is usually the best one suited to educate others. That's why we have online resources that are easy to access and share.

Social Security's Educator Toolkit is a rich ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Six reasons visitors love Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

Ten million visitors can't be wrong.

Sitting in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the lights of its parkway flashing like a beacon to fun seekers from miles away, Pigeon Forge, Tenn. reigns as a vacation destination. Not to overstate, there are the mountains - ancient forested ridges straddling the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

...Read more

Social Security and You: SSA Representatives Challenge Me

Frequently, I hear from readers who take one of my columns into their local Social Security office to help make their case during benefit inquiries. More often than not, the Social Security representative they are talking to is skeptical, sometimes even hostile, about my involvement in the situation. I can sort of understand that. They usually ...Read more

Verizon, T-Mobile offer 55 Plus plan for seniors

Seniors can save on expensive cellphone service with 55 Plus plans from Verizon and T-Mobile.

Those 55 and older can pocket up to $50 a month with Verizon's Go Unlimited plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. One line is $60; two are $80 per month with auto pay. This is a nice deal from the No. 1 carrier since one line of ...Read more

Social Security: Honoring and supporting military members

Every year, on Memorial Day, the nation honors service members who have given their lives for our freedom. Social Security acknowledges the sacrifice of our military's service members, and we honor these heroes and their families who may need help through the benefits we provide.

Widows, widowers, and their dependent children may be eligible ...Read more

How to find and use new federal ratings for rehab services at nursing homes

For the first time, the federal government is shining a spotlight on the quality of rehabilitation care at nursing homes - services used by nearly 2 million older adults each year.

Medicare's Nursing Home Compare website now includes a "star rating" (a composite measure of quality) for rehab services - skilled nursing care and ...Read more

Hard to Swallow

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I came down with a serious case of pneumonia two years ago and, thankfully, got better. Unfortunately, my doctor found out that one of the reasons behind my sickness was my problem with swallowing.

In the last few years, I've been struggling to get food down and have turned away from eating. Mealtimes take forever, and I often find myself ...Read more

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