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Social Security and You: A Divorced Woman's Guide to Social Security

A Divorced Woman's Guide to Social Security

Q: You always seem to write about married women. But there are a lot of us divorced women out here. We need to know about Social Security, too. So, what can you tell us?

A: I can tell you several things. One: I've answered many questions from divorced women in this column. Maybe you just didn't see ...Read more

Uno de cada 3 pospone el cuidado médico por COVID-19.

DETROIT — Michael Devine tenía dolor en el pecho.

Pensó que era acidez estomacal. Pensó que desaparecería. Trató de hacerle a la idea de que no lo tenía.

Porque en medio de una pandemia, Devine, de 51 años, de Redford, Michigan, no quería ir al hospital. Quería evitar el único lugar donde sabía que habría gente con COVID-19.

As...Read more

Social Security and You: Social Security Offsets Affect Some Public Employees

I am continually amazed by the number of emails I get with questions about Social Security from people who don't even pay into the system. Who are these folks? They are primarily teachers in some states and police officers and firefighters in other states. A lot of these employees are covered by other retirement plans and not by Social Security....Read more

1 in 3 put off medical care because of COVID-19. It almost cost this man his life

DETROIT - Michael Devine had chest pain. He thought it was heartburn. He thought it would go away. He tried to will it away.

Because in the middle of a pandemic, Devine, 51, of Redford, Mich., didn't want to have to go to the hospital. He wanted to avoid the one place where he knew there would be people with COVID-19.

So Devine chose to wait ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Kentucky's Japanese-style strolling garden is a spa for the soul and the senses

As people look for scenic spaces to stroll outdoors and maintain safe social distancing in the midst of a global pandemic, Georgetown, Ky., invites fresh air seekers to visit a pocket of paradise designed specifically for this purpose: Yuko-en on the Elkhorn ( The Japanese-style strolling ...Read more

Diane Bell: Pandemic fosters little acts of kindness

SAN DIEGO - Little miracles are happening in unexpected places every day during this pandemic.

One involves JoAnne Burns' trip to the grocery store. The 88-year-old great grandmother, whose family has lived in El Cajon since the 1920s, ventured out to a nearby grocery store and found herself waiting for 40 minutes in the checkout line at ...Read more

Study: Focus falters after meal high in saturated fats

Many of us are turning to comfort food while staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. Burgers, fries, chips and candy are all helping us deal with uncertainty and self-isolation.

Unfortunately, a new study suggests, those foods might sabotage your ability to work well from home.

Researchers at Ohio State University found that eating just...Read more

Kevin Kirkland: Wild horses couldn't drag her away from the life of a farrier

PITTSBURGH - Debi Gurdock was surprised how still and silent the mustang was as she trimmed his front feet. She walked around to the back, placed a foot between her legs - and it happened.

"I flew like Superman. I was still hanging on and he shot me like a slingshot. I hit the barn door 20 feet away. My shoulder hurt for a week!"

...Read more

At this hospital, members of a tightknit group of veteran ICU nurses, age 58 and up, are signing on for COVID-19 duty. Meet the 'Old Dolls.'

CHICAGO - Intensive care unit nurse Raquel "Rocky" Collanto is 63 and cares for her 91-year-old mother, so when COVID-19 patients began to arrive at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, her supervisor offered her options. Collanto could transfer to another department or to a different ICU unit where there would be less risk of exposure to ...Read more

Social Security and You: Let's Play 20 Questions

I'm going to assume you've all heard of the kids' game "20 Questions." Well, I'm going to do my own version of that today. I'm going to try to squeeze 20 questions into this column. To do that, my answers must be short and sweet.

Q: I just inherited some property that is worth $40,000. If I sell that property, will I lose my Social Security ...Read more

Social Security and You: Desperate Seniors

I get a lot of emails from confused and maybe lonely people who are writing to me mostly out of desperation. They are almost always from older senior citizens, folks in their 80s and beyond, who are looking for more money from Social Security. These emails are especially sad because there is usually nothing I can do for the questioners other ...Read more

Social Security and You: Virus Means More Work for Me!

Just ask me if I'm getting weary of the coronavirus! And I'm not coming at my dislike for the pandemic for any of the normal reasons: the social distancing, the masks, the confusing signals from Washington, etc. etc. What really makes me dislike the disease is that folks must be getting tired of watching "Tiger King" and "Ozark" and other ...Read more

Dear Doug: Take Your Time

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I'm a lonely widower who would like to find the same sense of companionship I had when I was married. I found a lovely woman six months ago who I think would be a wonderful partner.

While I'm thinking about our possibility to marry in the future, I'm not sure she's on the same page. She doesn't seem as interested in me as I am in her. We ...Read more

Social Security and You: A 2-Tier Social Security System

In last week's column, I provided a very brief overview of the Australian Social Security system. (I got interested in the topic after my wife and I visited the Land Down Under and got to talking to some retirees there.)

Their Social Security program, which first started in 1907 (compared with 1935 in the U.S.), is a two-tier system. They have ...Read more

Dear Doug: Truth Is Mandatory

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: A couple of years ago, I met a widowed lady. She has become a good friend, but no romantically speaking. I believe she is afraid to make another commitment, as she and her husband had their problems but chose not to divorce because of breaking up their family.

We enjoy each other's company on a regular basis and thus far have not had any ...Read more

Social Security and You: Social Security in Australia

A couple of months ago, my wife and I returned from a six-week trip to Australia that also included a roundtrip cruise from Sydney to New Zealand. I had been planning that trip for about a year. And little did I know during that entire planning process that the dates I chose would work out so well. We went there after the worst of the bushfires ...Read more

Coronavirus compelled first-time blood donor: 'I figured I needed to pitch in some way'

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Terry Mellons sat in one of the stackable chairs that someone had pulled from inside a conference room and strategically spread apart in various spots on the concrete entryway leading into Capital University's student union in Bexley, Ohio.

Thankfully, the day's pouring rain had subsided and the sun beat down as he waited ...Read more

At 92, beloved piano teacher has no plans to slow down, even in a pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - At 92 years old and with more than six decades of piano teaching experience behind her, you'd think Dzidra Reimanis has had every experience with students one could possibly have.

But recently, she surprised even herself by adding a new skill to her teaching arsenal - online instruction.

It all started in mid March, when a ...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Kentucky thoroughbred retirement farm cares for 'Old Friends'

Last month the racing world lost a legend with the passing of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner War Emblem. Thanks to the work of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm ( in Georgetown, Ky., the beautiful black stallion that retired with 13 starts, seven wins and ...Read more

Sick and living in an RV, Seattle man finds coronavirus outbreak just makes it harder

SEATTLE - Sergio Patino cracks open the door to the silver truck parked under the Spokane Street Bridge, and in an instant, a fluffy mob is unleashed. They are Patino's seven very small, very jumpy dogs: Chata, Chuco, Chico, Julia, Mimi, Cujo and Chilaquil.

"They are my babies," the 70-year-old says.

Patino, born in Brownsville, ...Read more


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