Cannabis To Calm An Upset Tummy

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It can throw you off and spoil a perfectly good day – can marijuana help calm an upset stomach? From nausea to a rumbling tummy, nothing can spoil the day more. And an upset stomach when you are out and about it the worst. There are are ton of things which can cause your stomach to be upset, so moving it to a better place can be a bit tricky. Over 40 million people in the US and Canada have tummy issues annually a cost of $120 billion. But you use cannabis to calm an upset tummy. The answer is yes, for a few things.

One of  the first things it helps with is nausea. Medical marijuana is known to help with it  for millennia. Science has shown its effectiveness for treating chemotherapy-induced nausea, it can also be used if it is caused by other issues. It has a high rate of effectiveness, but concerns around high-risk populations, such as pregnant women and children is still being researched. Concentrates and flower usually produces better results than vapes or edibles.

it is also starting being seen for reducing abdominal pain. It can be especially useful for individuals taking opioid medications for abdominal pain, as research shows cannabis helps patients cut down on or eliminate their need for opioids and provides a treatment with fewer side effects. In the right dosage, it can reduce chronic abdominal discomfort, bloating, gas, and constipation or diarrhea.

More research is being done about Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but currently it may help relieve some of symptoms. Medical marijuana has the potential to help reduce the pain coming from cramps, bloating, and other pressures associated with IBS

There is anecdotal evidence microdosing can help with motion sickness, a relief for those on head our for car trips.


Marijuana also tends to releases endorphins which make you feel happy, relaxed and high. They are hormones released when we feel pain or stress. This could help you manage the anxiety around an issue which might last a bit longer.  Allows talk to a health care professional is the issue lingers.

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