How CBD Might Help Reduce Holiday Stress

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The frantic pace of the holidays can be tough for the mind and body – maybe CBD can help

While the holiday season is filled with excitement and fun, it can be a hard on the mind and body.Holiday fare is typically very high in calories. While pleasing to the palate, these foods can slow down digestion, reflux, bloating and other tummy issues.  Everyone, at some points gets a bit stressed with the additional to-do list. Recover from Holiday Mania One’s mind can easily go into on overdrive from too much holiday frenzy. CBD can have a calming effect allowing one to turn one’s mind off and get adequate sleep. Along those lines, CBD can be a very effective tool in helping one stay focused while engaging in relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or exercise.  Survive the Rigors of Holiday Travel For those traveling over the holidays, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help combat the mood swings, headaches, and stiff muscles often accompany the stress of travel especially if one is traveling for more than a few hours at a stretch. 

RELATED: Great Fall Whiskeys Maintain The Holiday Glow A CBD-infused topical can help keep one’s skin and subtle thus making one appear to be relaxed. As CBD is an antioxidant, it can help combat the free radicals which can produce visible signs of aging. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce skin redness and irritation often caused during the winter months.  Stay Social and Sober When attending holiday events, CBD can be invaluable in helping one stay calm with attending stressful holiday parties. Also, adding CBD to an alcoholic drink or consuming a CBD-infused beverage in lieu of a cocktail can prevent one from consuming too much alcohol. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest consuming CBD with alcohol can reduce hangovers.  Help with Digestion CBD can help with the stressors from consuming too much holiday fatty foods. Along those lines, CBD works as a digestive aid by helping control IBS symptoms, as well as helping reduce holiday weight gain by regulating insulin levels and converting fat.  Reduce Headaches The anti-inflammatory properties present in CBD can help one deal with any headaches caused from too much stress. 

A CBD tincture taken sublingually or a CBD-infused drink will enter the bloodstream the quickest for those looking for more immediate relief. When consuming edibles, be mindful of the sugar content of a given CBD product so one does not get a sugar high which will only add to one’s stress. Topicals can also provide immediate relief, and are particularly helpful for introducing CBD into an anti-stress regime for those wary of trying any CBD product.


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