How Can You Tell If Your Cannabis Bud Is No Good?

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The main objective of recognizing cannabis bud impurities is to ensure we take in purer and smoother-hitting buds.

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It’s impossible to select only the best buds all the time. Even the best cannabis growers and bud tenders in the world make mistakes when picking buds. Once in a while, buds with odd physical appearance, flavor, or texture will be harvested alongside regular buds. You don’t have to judge yourself when this happens. There are even times when a bud seems perfect at harvest and develops issues later.

Cannabis bud impurities are pretty common. They are detected when the texture, taste, or aroma of the buds is off. Everyone wants a weed stash void of impurities. So, here is a comprehensive process to identify and avoid buds with impurities when you next harvest or process your crop. Cannabis Analysis This basically involves seeing, touching, and smelling your buds to check for contaminants.

Step One: Visual Inspection

This can be done using the naked eye or a microscope. If you notice that your cannabis flowers are covered with too much shiny, crystalline substance, something could be afoot. During the harvest process, shake out your buds and view the drop-off substances. Some impurities you might see include grains, crystals, or powders. If you cannot identify some of these substances, it would be best to run more analyses.


Step Two: Inspect by Feeling

Visual Inspection is not the end of the analysis, even if it doesn’t yield anything negative. Please pick up a bud to determine whether or not it crumbles or dries out quickly. Also, check to see if they are heavier than they ought to be and what happens when they get exposed to air. If the answer to the above questions is “yes,” then your buds could be contaminated.

Step Three: Smell and Taste Inspection

Before lighting up the buds, take a whiff to get a better read. Although this only works if you’re familiar with what a good nug smells and tastes like. If you catch a hint or taste of chemicals or other unnatural substances, then you may have contaminated buds.


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