How The Failure Of The MORE ACT Reveals Two Classes Of Society

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

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Don’t be fooled by the theater. You are the product — you always have been. The question is, now that you know, what can you do about it?

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We got really close to legalizing weed…again. But it failed because there are politicians who believe that cannabis is a gateway drug or that there isn’t enough social equity or too much social equity in the bills.

As a result, they bicker and moan and strike down any notion of legalizing cannabis…and who is benefitting from all of this? The same industries that has always benefitted from it and who conveniently fund all of these politicians that bicker and moan.

A recent article from The Hill titled, “Americans want to legalize marijuana – their senators don’t,” reported on how the Senate didn’t vote to pass on the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act.

One would think that since it’s primarily a Democratic bill that the Republicans were the ones stalling to make this law, but you’d be wrong. It was both Democrats and Republicans who opposed the bill and as a result, you’ll probably only see some action happen sometime in August again.


The same thing is happening in Mexico where the politicians have stalled on creating a legal framework for cannabis, which has been “technically” legal since 2018. However, for the past four years we have seen no real movement coming from them except empty promises.

In some ways, they are stalling just like their American counterparts and considering that Biden bailed out Mexico for violating some oil agreements – it’s probably safe to say that Mexico owes them a few favors. I mean, you can’t have legal weed being grown at mass scale on the Southern Border without having your own legal cannabis system set up now can you?

Never mind, that’s just speculation. Probably nothing to do with one another.

What we’re seeing is that there is something called “The will of the people” and then there’s something called “The will of the persons,” which is something entirely different. People, are you and me — the individual that participates within the social game, pays taxes, votes, etc.


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