Cannabis Industry Reacts To President Biden’s Clemency News

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“Now, all we are seeing is a bait and switch of promises geared towards federal legalization,” he said.

Ryan Lepore, a New York-based advocate and director of business operations for telemed service PrestoDoctor, said “progress is progress,” but thousands remain in state and federal prison.

“The harm we are focused on rectifying is partly a result of his own, and many others, harmful pre-presidential policies,” Lepore said, noting Biden’s involvement in pivotal legislation, including 1994’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

Jason Ortiz, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, wants to see more, a decision he feels would benefit the public and Biden’s presidency.

“Now, if only he would do more than the bare minimum and lead on this issue, he might be able to salvage his presidency,” Ortiz said.

Scheril Murray Powell, chair of the Broward County (FL) Medical Marijuana Advisory Board said that while Biden’s crime bill history is concerning, she believes in second chances just like we expect for prisoners.


Powell believes “that political candidates can evolve and change their views” but cautioned that voters “will hold you accountable for your campaign promises.”

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