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Living Space: 5 essential tips to know before painting a piece of furniture

Jamie Lott, BHG.com on

Adding paint to formerly stained furniture will highlight its features, including pretty architectural details and any blemishes or imperfections. Be sure to fill holes and sand out scratches prior to painting for the best results. Even a distressed finish will benefit from a little repair and prep work beforehand.

5. Have the right tools for renovating furniture on hand.

If you’re considering renovating furniture pieces often, some invaluable tools to have on hand include:

Electric sander: Whether you choose an orbital, belt or sheet sander, it will save you a ton of time on projects and is fairly inexpensive.

Drill: This handy tool is perfect for making repairs or adding to the existing piece, and many are available at affordable prices.

Brad nailer: Similar to a drill, a battery-operated nailer will help with repairs like reattaching the backing on a dresser. And while they’re slightly more costly than a drill, it can be a good investment, especially if you have plans to continue renovating.


Staple gun: Battery-powered or manual, these tools are great for repairs and attaching backing, and the fancier versions can also help with reupholstering.


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