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Living Space: How to choose the best kitchen window treatments

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In a room as functional as a kitchen, window treatments provide one of the few elements of softness and decoration amid utilitarian appliances and hard surfaces. Curtains and shades can deliver a pop of color, pattern or texture that the room otherwise lacks, while boosting privacy and controlling natural light. Because you use this hardworking space every day, it’s important to employ kitchen window treatment ideas that suit your style and needs for daily use. Here are a few things to consider.

Use window treatments as decoration.

Window treatments serve as pretty accents in the kitchen. In areas outside the work core, such as breakfast nooks, consider hanging floor-length curtain panels, which offer big doses of color and pattern when they flank a large bay window or set of sliding doors.

On a smaller scale, a colorful swag draped over a single window can also make a bright statement. Roman and roller shades reveal texture and pattern when they are lowered, and stationary valances and cornices help highlight windows you want to draw attention to.

For the most decorative effect, choose fabrics that have eye-catching colors and designs, and have fun with trims, tassels, fringe or bold banding to give your kitchen window treatments a finished look.

Add privacy to your kitchen.


Kitchen window treatments might not seem necessary until you realize the neighbors can see straight into your breakfast nook. For temporary privacy issues, such as when you’re reading the Sunday paper wearing your favorite fluffy robe, consider quick-draw curtains, blinds or shutters, which close at the tilt of a wand.

For consistent privacy needs, look for screening materials that let you see out and allow some daylight to pass through while blocking views in. Try cellular shades and roller shades made from translucent or woven materials, or hang sheer fabric curtain panels.

Be sure to perform a quick check before choosing kitchen window treatments: Turn on the lights in the kitchen at night, then head outside to see what’s visible through the windows with the blinds or curtains drawn.

Control how much light you get.


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