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7 Signs You Need a Window Repair or Replacement


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With national spending on home improvements up by 3%, you might be wondering what you need to do as a homeowner. While cosmetic upgrades probably are your preference, you can’t overlook other more pressing issues with your home. When it comes to your windows, you want to make sure they’re functioning at their best so you can save on utilities and maintain an attractive property.

Ready to learn more? Stick with us to learn the 7 signs you need a window repair or replacement!

1. High Utility Bills

When you get your monthly bill from the utility company, does it keep getting higher? Grab your utility bills from the past year and compare the costs. You may be cranking up the thermostat too much to stay warm in the winter, or notching down the temps in the summer to stay cool.

Higher utility bills mean that your windows aren’t keeping the cold air out in the winter. Similarly, they mean that you’re struggling to keep the cool air in during the summer.

There is a trick you can use to test your windows. If you light a match and place it close to the window’s edges on a cold winter day, you might notice the flame move or flicker. This is a clear sign that air is seeping into your home.

You can save money over time on your utility bills if you invest in new windows. When it comes to window materials, ask about energy-efficient windows, and try to avoid single-pain windows if you can. You’ll feel more comfortable in your home and won’t put a strain on your HVAC system.

2. Signs of Rotting Wood

Wooden frames are prone to rotting over time since they’ll be exposed to moisture. If you see splintered or rotted wood, it’s best to call the window replacement professionals. Not doing this could mean that you compromise the structural integrity of your windows.

You can try to prime and paint over compromised wood to seal it better. But if you see gaps or water entering your home, it could be time for new windows. And if you have vinyl or aluminum frames, you may need to seek new frames to avoid further problems.

You should check your gutters, too. They may be full and leaking water onto your window frames. This can accelerate the aging process for your window frames.

3. Leaks During Storms

During heavy rainfall, you want to be able to trust that your windows, roof, and foundation are secure. Leaking water can cause mold and mildew from pooling water. Typically, water leaks point to a problem with the seals or the frames.

Rainwater might not be the only thing gaining access to your home, either. When you start noticing more insects, it’s wise to check your windows. You may have warped or rotted frames, whether wood or aluminum, or you may have damaged screens.

4. Noise Enters Your Home

Can you hear what your neighbors are talking about all of the time? The ability to hear outside conversations or car traffic isn’t necessarily a sign that you have amazing hearing. It’s likely a sign that window replacement is in your future.

You may have gaps in the frame or seal that let in noise. If you’re tired of hearing the outside world when you’re indoors, check with Renewal by Andersen West Texas. They offer the window service options you need to assess the situation!

5. Your Windows Are Challenging to Open

When you want to open the windows to let in a cool evening breeze, is the experience a chore? Windows that are difficult to get open only limit your ability to use them effectively. You could be dealing with frames that have warped due to moisture.

Alternatively, a lot of dirt and dust can generate friction that makes opening them a challenge. You might be able to repair the windows with some lubricant. But in the case of warped wood, you may need new windows.

6. Moisture or Condensation

Do you notice that your windows look hazy or foggy? If they’re covered in moisture droplets, it’s time to consider new windows. The constant film of moisture is an indication that a seal in the windows is broken.

If you have double-pane windows, the broken seal could be between the two panes. Single-pane windows might lack this seal altogether, leading to fogging. Living in an area with high heat and humidity can cause the window seals to contract and expand and eventually lose their effectiveness.

Why should you take care of moisture issues? Left untreated, they can lead to the growth of mold and further deterioration, especially around the frame.

7. Cracks on the Glass

Another clear indication that it’s time for new windows is the presence of cracks. Not only do cracks in the glass look bad, but they also present reasons to be concerned. They could grow into larger cracks that make your windows structurally unstable during storms.

Cracks can let in water and insects, too. Your best bet is to pursue window repair right away and, if necessary, window replacement.

Get Window Repair or Replacement

When you invest in window repair or replacement, you can keep energy costs lower and upgrade the look of your home. Look for signs of wear or rotting around your window’s frame, as well as leaks. And if your windows are tough to open and contribute to higher energy bills, it’s time for an upgrade.

Find more tips to keep your home in good repair. Come back soon to read new articles!




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