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Not Your Average Lithium Battery: 5 Reasons Why You Need Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries


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Are you thinking about replacing your old AGM battery? Browsing through all the different types of batteries can prove daunting.

Are lead-acid batteries still popular? What about lithium-ion? And what’s the difference between a deep-cycle battery and a starter?

The answer is becoming more and more apparent as energy technology continues to advance: lithium batteries are starting to take over. With their ability to discharge to near empty, dense battery cells and long lifespan, you can feel safe that purchasing a lithium deep-cycle battery is a good decision.

Continue reading to learn more about what deep-cycle lithium batteries do and how you can use them.

What is a Deep-Cycle Battery?

Unlike your car’s starter battery, a deep-cycle battery is designed to provide a large amount of steady power over a long period of time. They are dense and recharge at a solid rate to provide the maximum amount of power.

Lithium batteries are perfect for deep-cycle applications for their ability to discharge to nearly 0% capacity without harming the battery cells.

Traditionally, lead-acid batteries have been used for their deep cycle applications. However, they have a limited discharge capacity of 50% and typically have a lifespan of two to three years. Today, Lithium batteries can last up to 10 years and require very little maintenance, making them the new ideal for deep-cycle applications.

Top 5 uses For Your Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery

Your Cellphone’s Battery

Lithium batteries hold a lot of energy and are capable of discharging to nearly empty. This makes them perfect for your cellphone, which constantly drains throughout the day.

Your Portable Laptop

Deep-cycle lithium batteries make it possible for you to take your computer off its charger when you are in places that have no available power supply. However, keep in mind that lithium batteries struggle under high heat. Remember to allow your laptop to cool down.

Remote Security Systems

Often when alarms need constant power, a deep-cycle battery is set up. This provides reliable energy for remote security systems, which can often pair nicely with solar panel units.

Electric Vehicles

With modern technology presenting a variety of electric vehicles, it is important to provide as much constant power as possible. Lithium batteries allow electric vehicles to travel for miles without needing to recharge.

Off-grid Energy Storage

If you’re interested in spending time out of the city, or are considering property off the grid, a lithium battery storage will provide you with reliable energy. Deep cycle lithium batteries can last up to 10 years, so you can rest easy so that your power supply will consistently work.

More Information About Deep Cycle Batteries

Technology will continue to improve our capability to store energy. This is increasingly important as populations continue to grow and traditional power sources deplete.

For more information on your deep-cycle battery, as well as other technology and science topics, check out the posts in our Knowledge section.



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