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Should You Get a Ceramic Grill? What to Know


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Grilling, as a cooking practice, began over 500,000 years ago. Barbecue in America specifically goes all the way back to the colonial Pilgrim days, especially colonies on the southeastern seaboard.

Today, the practice of grilling has transformed immensely since those simpler times. Families around the country gather together in warm weather to create memories full of hamburgers, hotdogs, and grilled chicken.

If you want to take your BBQ to the next level, a ceramic grill should be your next grilling investment.

Keep reading as we explore some of the key things to know about ceramic grills so that you can figure out which is the best grill for you.

What Is a Ceramic Grill?

The name “ceramic charcoal grill” tricks the brain into imagining a grill that only has one function – grilling. However, ceramic grills are much different than a traditional grill, and they actually have more functionality as well so that you can make a variety of foods in different ways.

Also called a kamado, ceramic grills allow you to grill, bake, slow cook, steam, or smoke your food. Due to the oval shape and the options given to you as the user for airflow regulation, you have a lot of control over the methodology as well. The ceramic material insulates and reflects heat as well, which gives your food a much more even cook.

They come in different sized models, so you can choose the best ceramic grill for your lifestyle and needs. You might even want to get a travel-sized option if you prefer to grill while you’re camping or spending time outdoors away from home.

How Does This Type of Grill Work?

The grill itself works like a traditional grill with charcoal, fire, and heat. As we said, the oval shape helps to regulate the airflow better so that you can decide how you want the food to cook, which is a key difference to note.

You’ll have to keep the lid closed while you cook so that the heat stays inside. As soon as the lid is closed, the oval shape will allow the hot air to circulate evenly around the food, creating an optimal environment for deliciously cooked meals.

If you’d rather bake something like a pizza that requires more of a crispy base, you can open up the air vents so that the air doesn’t circulate around inside, but instead hits the food at just the right angles for the best cook.

The ideal temperature range of a kamado is 158 to 662 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can generally cook anything that you’d like in these grills! They are also easy to use, especially once you have a little practice.

What Are the Benefits of a Ceramic Grill?

The biggest benefit is that you can do a lot more with this type of grill than with any other type of grill on the market (including traditional grills).

However, you’ll also find a different type of flavor in your foods that are cooked in this device rather than in your kitchen. When you’re making meats, they will likely be more tender and juicy than what you’re normally used to because they cook so evenly in regulated heat.

Since you can cook other things in here, like pies, pizzas, and vegetables, you can make a whole meal with just one tool. The ceramic is built for lump charcoal only (no chemicals), so you know that your food is going to have a nice, natural flavor that you won’t be able to recreate anywhere else.

No matter what your cooking style is, you should invest in a ceramic grill for your home!

How Can You Find the Perfect Brand?

If you’re concerned about choosing the right brand based on the durability of the ceramic or the price, you can rest assured that you have plenty of options to choose from. The best way to find the right brand for you is to look at online reviews and review the warranty terms.

When comparing brands, like a general Kamado grill vs Green Egg (which is a popular brand), you need to look at their key differences.

Are they priced similarly? If not, why is there a drastic difference? It may be that one has higher quality materials or has a better warranty than the other.

If you see that some people have left negative reviews regarding one of the brands you’re interested in, look at their reasoning. What is it specifically that they don’t like, and is that something that would be a problem to you as well?

Think about what it is you want to use your new grill for and what features you need it to excel with compared to other options to make the right choice.

Finding the Best Ceramic Grill

It’s time for you to buy a ceramic grill that will help you continue to make memories with family and friends. Your next cookout is going to be better than any others you’ve had before with this incredible tool at your disposal!

Make sure to do a little research into which ceramic grills for sale are the best match for your cooking (or baking) needs. After that, look at what you can budget for, and choose the grill that works for your lifestyle best.

Now that you know how beneficial it is to have a kamado at home, you need some recipes to try out as you learn how to use it! Check out our lifestyle section on the website to get some great meal ideas next.



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