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Do It Yourself or Not: Install a door closer

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It’s not easy to open a screen door if your hands are carrying a package or child. You may not notice the opening and closing mechanism of your storm door until you open the door with your hands full. You might manage to wedge the door open with a little hip action while struggling to maintain your balance. And if you want to move a large object through the doorway and try to prop the storm door open permanently you find it swings open but there’s no control to stop it.

The Touch ‘n Hold door closer, available at https://www.touchnholddoorclosers.com, has a button-operated device that operates with a tap and requires no fumbling. You can place the closer anywhere on the storm door. In the middle of the door, you can easily press the button with a hand and hold the door open; install it at the bottom of the door, and tap the button with your foot. To unlatch the door, just gently push or kick the door. You’ll also find this mechanism sold at home centers, hardware stores and online, with a nice selection of colors and styles appropriate for different size doors.

A handyman will charge $120, which includes labor and material, to remove an old closer and replace it with a new one. You can do the job for $35, the cost of a closer for a medium weight storm door, and save 71%. When you remove the old closer you may have installation holes that need to be filled before installing the new closer.

Pro Cost: $120 — DIY Cost: $35
Pro time: 1.0 — DIY Time: 1.3
DIY Savings: $85 — Percent Saved: 71%



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