This man used a mirror to turn his mom living with Alzheimer's into a TikTok star

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There are six days to go before Thanksgiving, so Josh Pettit’s Mooresville, North Carolina, home isn’t yet adorned with a single Christmas decoration. But it sure looks like Santa’s been here recently.

On the dining table, the 47-year-old web developer has neatly arranged a vast assortment of gifts — everything from T-shirts and ...Read more

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Illinois' Inclusive Athletic Attire Act was first of its kind in the US. But some athletes say there is still confusion on the courts

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CHICAGO -- Fatima Saiyada arrived at the gym on a mid-September Saturday during her freshman volleyball season, ready to compete. Every Saturday, her Northside College Prep team participated in volleyball tournaments at Von Steuben High School. Her coach was planning to have her start. She was excited.

Then she was benched.

A referee said ...Read more

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Heidi Stevens: A stranger gave her his Christmas tree when she lost her job. It's been her guiding light ever since.

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CHICAGO — It was the second week of December, and Amanda Ullah was counting the minutes to payday so she and her roommate could purchase a Christmas tree for their little apartment, perched above a bar on Chicago’s North Side.

Ullah was 22 at the time, and her younger sister, one of Ullah’s six siblings, had recently moved in with her ...Read more

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On Gardening: Valentine's Crush is the hibiscus of your dreams

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Although the first words have barely hit this column, I am getting a sense of glee. Just think, it took a garden writer, The Garden Guy, to beat the big boys to Valentine's. When you see Valentine’s stuff the day after Christmas, just remember where you saw it first.

In truth I’m not trying to sell you Valentine's stuff, but to alert you to...Read more

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Fla. land with lost graves of Black pioneers gets a historic marker

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CLEARWATER, Fla. — In 1954, the city of Clearwater was assured that more than 300 graves moved from the Black cemetery on the corner of Holt Avenue and Engman Street accounted for all the burials.

More than 60 years later, archaeologists discovered that at least 55 graves were left behind when that land was cleared to make way for a city pool...Read more

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He thought William Shatner was his dad for years. Now, he's met blood family.

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CLEARWATER, Fla. ― His license plate still says “Shatner.”

And his driver’s license still reads “Peter Shatner” because, well, that is his legal name.

He changed it from Peter Sloan in 2019 due to a long-standing belief that William Shatner was his biological father. But it’s been two years since the 65-year-old Clearwater man ...Read more


After being dumped, can a $4,000 breakup boot camp help you heal?

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LOS ANGELES — When filmmaker Tito Molina told his business partner and ex-girlfriend that he was attending a breakup retreat to help him heal from their recent split, she offered to help him pay for it.

Molina’s ex ended their relationship in early September, a couple of weeks before their nine-year anniversary. Molina said the breakup was ...Read more

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16 gardener-approved gifts for plant lovers

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It's intimidating to start something new, but having the right tools can be a big confidence booster for beginner gardeners or even fledgling plant parents, nurturing orchids or even cactus in their homes.

These suggestions are tried and true by experienced L.A. master gardener Yvonne Savio and yours truly, who has tried and discarded more ...Read more


Barton Goldsmith: Creating a fairy tale romance

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I know I married a fairy princess. I like it when she flounces down the stairs, singing a little song, and the birds chirp in harmony.

Having a partner who catches your eye is very pleasant, and it’s less about how they look than about how you approach your relationship. Here are some tips to help you live your life as happily ever after as ...Read more

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White elephant gifts under $20 that are actually steal-worthy

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White elephant gift exchanges are among the most popular holiday party activities. The gist of the game is simple: Each attendee brings a low-cost gift and draws a number to determine the order in which they get to pick a present out of the pile. However, a participant can opt to either pick a new gift or steal one that's already been opened by ...Read more

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15 fiction books that follow their own rules -- and make great gifts

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What books make the best gifts? That's not an easy question when it comes to fiction; each novel or story collection sets its own mood, follows its own rules, appeals to its own perfect reader.

Here's what you need to know about 15 delightful works of fiction, all published this year, and the ideal recipient who will thank you for making the ...Read more

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Erika Ettin: Less-awkward first dates start with the right questions

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First dates can be, well, uncomfortable sometimes. There’s no denying that. From the sweat coming out of pores you didn’t know existed, to the awkward silences when you actually contemplate talking about how unseasonably cold it is outside, to the question of who pays the bill (a never-ending conversation), first dates are often fairly ...Read more

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The most useful gifts for frequent fliers and travel obsessives

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Whether or not you are a travel obsessive, you know what one sounds like.

This is someone who'll eagerly tell you which mileage-reward program to choose, when renovations will be done at LAX, where to sleep in San Diego, what pillow is best for a 14-hour flight, and how resort fees are the devil's own invention.

Of course these friends would ...Read more


15 tiny but memorable stocking stuffers

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Growing up, my mom could curate a Christmas stocking like nobody's business. There always seemed to be something sweet (a piece of maple candy or bar of chocolate), a fist-sized navel orange and, tucked into the toe of the stocking as the last item to be revealed, a tiny, memorable gift. Sometimes it was a gold or silver coin. Sometimes it was a...Read more

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15 gifts for your friends -- and the environment

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The holidays can be hard for the eco-conscious. All that shiny wrapping paper and ribbon, for instance, wadded into non-recyclable mounds. Visitors who don't know (or care to learn) the routine about composting or separating trash and spend hours running water in the shower.

Soften the blow by including these water- and power-saving gifts as ...Read more

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20 self-care gifts to help your highly stressed friends (or you) relax

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Nothing says I care about you — and your mental health — more than a gift that's designed to help someone decompress and relax. Self-care looks different for everyone, but the items featured on this gift list, which range from experiences to physical products under $200, are meant to encourage you to prioritize your wellness during stressful...Read more

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14 gifts to make December birthdays feel special

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The folks who celebrate their birthdays during the month of December spend their entire lives having their own special day overshadowed by major gift-giving holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, not to mention the nonstop flotilla of secular celebrations that run from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. It's a list that includes office parties, family ...Read more


15 hygge-inspired gifts for that friend who wants to achieve peak coziness

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With IRL events taking over our holiday calendars, we've all gained a greater appreciation for our living room sofas.

For your loved ones looking to embrace "hygge" — a Danish term that basically means peak coziness — these items will help them achieve that mission.

KIN Apparel satin-lined beanie

Philomina Kane, a hair-care content ...Read more

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15 last-minute but cool gifts for your dad (who is impossible to shop for)

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Dads can be mysterious creatures. Though researchers have established their jokes to be certifiably corny, it can be hard to pinpoint their hobbies and tastes. Despite this problem coming up every holiday season (and birthday and Father's Day), it never seems to get easier.

If you're still scratching your head right before the holidays, here's...Read more


16 gorgeous gifts for cannabis fans who appreciate high design

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As the 2022 holiday season rolls around, cannabis — and the ever-expanding world of tools and accoutrement that key into it — is firmly out of the closet. Well-heeled weed heads are no longer willing to make an either-or choice between things that make them feel good and things that look good on the coffee table, kitchen counter, window sill...Read more