Ex-etiquette: When you can't stand your ex

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Q. Reading your column, it is obvious that you are an advocate of both parents spending time together with the children after a breakup. I have no desire to spend time with my ex. We bring out the worst in each other and I don’t want the kids to see that. So, if you can’t or don’t want to, what is good ex-etiquette?

A. I’m an advocate ...Read more

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Why these Philly parents chose to send their kid to private school

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PHILADELPHIA -- Lawmakers in Harrisburg all seem to have an opinion about what Philadelphia parents and students want.

And the debate over education is heightened this year, as legislators again fight over a potential school voucher program to send students to private schools using taxpayer dollars and attempt to design a new school funding ...Read more

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She may have a full ride to Harvard, but as an undocumented immigrant without a job permit, her future is uncertain

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CHICAGO — Simone Peña found out she had been accepted to Harvard with a full scholarship after school one day while she was getting ready to go clean houses with her parents, as she did most evenings and weekends. She recalled staring at the computer screen for a few minutes, unable to move or speak until her mother went to hug her.

“I ...Read more


Lori Borgman: No writer is purrfect all the thyme

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You may not remember William Safire, but I lived in fear of him. He was a nationally syndicated columnist who wrote about other writers' writing gaffes.

Every Sunday, I would rip open the paper, read his column and exhale to find I had lived to see another misplaced modifier -- as if Safire ever read family humor.

That was the effect the man ...Read more


The Kid Whisperer: How to prepare your teen to save money for college

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Dear Kid Whisperer,

My daughter is 16. She says that she wants to go to college, and we have told her that we will give her four dollars for every dollar she puts toward her education. This is what my parents did with me. The difference is that I saved my allowance and was excited to get a job to start saving more. My daughter still spends all ...Read more

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James Lawson's booming voice and loving spirit left a lasting mark on this UCLA professor

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LOS ANGELES — UCLA historian Vinay Lal remembers speaking alongside the Rev. James Lawson during a panel discussion in Pasadena in 2008 and feeling awestruck by the "majestic" manner in which the veteran civil rights leader spoke about the power of nonviolence and its ability to change the course of history.

"He had a booming voice, very ...Read more

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Jerry Zezima: Veggies to diet for

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Since my cardiologist put me on a Mediterranean diet, I have been looking forward to a daily meal of spaghetti and meatballs or a few slices of pepperoni pizza.

Instead, I get the uneasy feeling I will be eating prodigious quantities of another Italian-sounding food: zucchini.

To put it mildly, I am not a fan of zucchini. Or squash of any kind...Read more

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Heidi Stevens: A reminder to give our kids the space to dream big about their one precious life -- including who they'll love

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When I was 20 years old, the summer after my junior year of college, I interned in Washington, D.C., at The Student Press Law Center, a nonprofit that works to protect press freedom for high school and college journalists.

I learned a lot about First Amendment law. I learned a lot about public transportation. I learned that people who aren’t ...Read more

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Florida has a beach sand shortage. Could your beer bottles be part of the solution?

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MIAMI — Florida’s coastal counties spend millions trucking in sand to preserve the eroding beachfront. But what if a cheaper possible solution could be found in the garbage and recycling bins of Miami bars or even in that six-pack of Miller Light you brought home the other night?

Glass is made from sand so what about doing the reverse?

...Read more

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California beach is nation's most polluted, study says. People are 'getting sick left and right'

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California is home to one of the most polluted beaches in the country, according to a new study — a stretch of surf so toxic officials have made repeated calls for a state of emergency.

Last year, the Surfrider Foundation tested thousands of water samples across the nation, as well as in Puerto Rico, Vancouver and Costa Rica, and found that ...Read more

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On Gardening: Welcome the Mangave to your garden

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During The Garden Guy’s stint as executive director of the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, I was completely taken by a native plant named the Manfreda maculosa. The common names associated with this plant are false aloe, spice lily and Texas tuberose and it was comfortably residing in the Agavaceae or Agave family. I’ll chase ...Read more

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Weeks after Philly's Italian Market Festival, no one has taken down the cheese and meat from the greased pole

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PHILADELPHIA -- The melting cheese and rotting meat dangle like a dare from the greased pole high above the Italian Market.

It’s been nearly four weeks since the market’s storied festival, where people from all over the city compete in one of Philly’s most-treasured traditions: climbing a lard-covered pole to claim plump provolone balls ...Read more

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Dear USPS: This California town wants its post office back

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BOLINAS, Calif. — On the outskirts of this coastal village — just past the road sign telling visitors they are "Entering a Socially Acknowledged Nature-Loving Town" — a big wooden placard displays a set of hand-painted numbers. They are changed each morning.

"Days Without a Bolinas Post Office," the sign reads.

On June 1, that number ...Read more

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'She takes care of all of us': Chicago woman celebrates 50 years on the job at store

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CHICAGO -- Sandy Farrer’s first day on the job at Jewel-Osco started a bit, well, sticky.

She bagged groceries alongside a cashier who liked to move quickly. But when two liter glass bottles of pop bumped together, exploding all over her, Farrer said she spent her first shift soaked in the drink.

But Farrer overcame the bumpy start, ...Read more

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Erika Ettin: What you're doing wrong in dating... and how to fix it

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As we enter the summer and all of the fun date ideas that present themselves (picnics, ferry rides, outdoor breweries—oh my!), many people reflect on the fact that they are single and don't necessarily want to be. While we obviously can't control chemistry (or the longevity of relationships), we can certainly control our approach to finding ...Read more

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Steve Lopez: He was the oldest man in the US, and his loving caretaker was with him to the end

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The oldest male in the United States was a man of many appetites, even at 110, and his live-in caretaker did her best to feed them.

Rosario Reyes would make banana pancakes for Morrie Markoff, and he would plead for more syrup. She'd bring him a corned beef sandwich, followed by a piece of lemon meringue pie, and reluctantly give in when he ...Read more


Most Americans are significantly stressed about money -- here's how it varies by demographic

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One of the most prevalent and enduring types of stress is financial stress. Managing money has been especially difficult with the relentless financial constraints over the past couple of years: A global pandemic, a potential recession and persistently high prices. When keeping up with finances doesn’t go well, it seems like nothing else does ...Read more


Ask Anna: Caught my boyfriend on a dating app -- confront him or ghost?

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Dear Anna,

Six months ago, I ended my relationship with my boyfriend due to repeated boundary violations, including emotional abuse and dishonesty. Recently, he apologized and promised to change, so I hesitantly gave him another chance. Spoiler! This was a big mistake. Despite his sweet words, I felt something was off. Four days after we ...Read more

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Commentary: Queer people have shaped America. Why celebrating that fact protects kids

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When I was about 10 years old, I blurted out a sentence that would reshape my life.

"Marky Mark," I said, "is sexy."

I had only a partial understanding at the time of what that word meant, but I knew it applied to Mark Wahlberg, who in 1995 was a young rapper and muscled Calvin Klein model. I also knew, suddenly and irrevocably from that ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: We must remember the heroes of the AIDS epidemic, not just the trauma

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"I'm writing because I have a determination to live. You do, too — don't you?" — Bobbi Campbell, "AIDS Poster Boy"

At no point did Bobbi Campbell ask for permission.

In 1981, the registered nurse took pictures of his Kaposi sarcoma (KS) lesions and posted them in the heart of San Francisco's Castro District, along with a notice of his ...Read more