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The Kid Whisperer: How to guide students to restore a feeling of safety in the classroom

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Dear Kid Whisperer,

I teach at an alternative school, where most students have been unable to be successful at their assigned public school and most students have at least one behavior goal in their Individualized Education Plan. I have received your training and read your book. They both have helped tremendously. Things are going well in my ...Read more

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Andrea Felsted: How Mob Wife killed Coastal Grandma

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The Mob Wife has taken a hit out on Coastal Grandma.

So it goes with super-fast TikTok trends. Since the bohemian and beachy Coastal Grandma aesthetic surged two years ago, the internet has worshipped the glamorous Night Luxe, bright-pink Barbiecore, sizzling Tomato Girl, glowing Clean Girl and sultry Office Siren.

These fashion and beauty ...Read more


Lori Borgman: A furry good job of reading

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The doorbell rings, I open the door and nobody is there. As scripted, I exclaim in surprise that the doorbell rang but nobody is here.

On cue, a 5-year-old in a puffy pink coat barrels around from the side of the porch squealing with laughter. She runs into the house, throws her coat toward the hall tree (but not exactly on it) and races to the...Read more

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Scammers used AI to tell the world I was dead. Why? I had to find out why

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When I died the other day, no one really noticed. That is, aside from a few alarmed members of my family.

“The event,” as I now call it, unfolded one morning last month as I was racing out the door to a meeting. My phone rang.

“De-De-Debbie, hi,” my dad said, nearly out of breath.“Listen: please DO NOT BE ALARMED by what I am about ...Read more


Ex-etiquette: Advice on common complaints

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Over years of working with couples, both dating and no longer, there are some common complaints I hear every day. So I’m passing on a little good ex-etiquette in the hopes that this will help everyone someday will find their special someone.

“ I recently met someone online and we were having quite a good conversation but when talking about ...Read more

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Jerry Zezima: The oak's on me

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I know I am going out on a limb by saying this, but in our yard, everything happens in trees.

The stately sentinels — mostly oaks, although a modest maple stands out front — serve as headquarters for birds that poop on our cars and squirrels that ravage the garden. The trees also have a nasty habit of being hit by lightning, dropping on ...Read more

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We're addicted to PFAS. Can we adapt to live without?

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MINNEAPOLIS — Over the past two years, 3M sold nearly 25,000 different products that contain PFAS, the "forever chemicals" that will soon be largely illegal in Minnesota.

While the company has reformulated nearly one-third of those products — mostly sandpaper and tape that didn't use much to begin with — 3M expects to lose out on more ...Read more

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Steve Lopez: Older drivers reveal strategies for passing that 'ridiculous' California DMV renewal test

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LOS ANGELES -- I wouldn't call it an atmospheric river, because those come and go. DMV mail falls in a never-ending rain, without regard to seasons.

Not that it's all bad news from readers who, like good soldiers, dutifully report every development from the front lines of the battle to renew their driver's licenses.

Rosa Maria Juarez, 94, ...Read more


Heidi Stevens: 'Erica is the reason.' Student of late, beloved theater instructor is headed to Broadway

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This is a story of love and belief and wonder and enthusiasm and joy and what can happen when you invest them all in a kid.

Erica Heilmann ran a nationally renowned youth theater program in the southern suburbs of Chicago. I can call it nationally renowned because no less than the Tonys honored her in 2017 with the excellence in theatre ...Read more

Art about AIDS has often depicted grief. LA painter Joey Terrill made it about life

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LOS ANGELES — It was 1997. Joey Terrill was feeling grateful to be alive, but also conflicted about it. The artist had spent the '80s losing friends and lovers to the ravages of AIDS. In 1989, he had been diagnosed with HIV himself. For a time, he wore the diagnosis like a death sentence. But the development of more effective medications in ...Read more

There's a generation gap in American farming, but some millennials are trying to fill the void

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All across America, in the wheat fields, hog pens, and milking barns, aging farmers often repeat a sad lament.

Younger generations, they often say, don’t want to be farmers. The work is too hard, the margins too thin.

Thousands of generational farms have shuttered and sold in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in recent decades. Other farmers, or ...Read more

Actually, compartmentalizing can be good for you

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Lynn Bufka isn't sure how she's going to get through the next nine months.

The licensed psychologist, stress expert and spokesperson for the American Psychological Association usually watches the news on TV each morning. But with a contentious presidential election coming up, lately she's been reluctant to pick up the remote.

"I don't want to ...Read more

Heidi Stevens: 'Erica is the reason.' Student of late, beloved theater instructor is headed to Broadway

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This is a story of love and belief and wonder and enthusiasm and joy and what can happen when you invest them all in a kid.

Erica Heillman ran a nationally renowned youth theater program in the southern suburbs of Chicago. I can call it nationally renowned because no less than the Tonys honored her in 2017 with the excellence in theatre ...Read more

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On Gardening: Superbells Coral Sun offers award-winning options

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Superbells Coral Sun made its debut in 2020 and has been racking up awards from north to south. By that I mean Top Performer from Michigan State to Mississippi State and you can add Perfect Score at University of Tennessee and Director’s Select at Penn State. Now that I have grown it for a few years, The Garden Guy can give it a "Holy wow" too...Read more

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Town unearths forgotten graves on road to historic Central Florida Black cemetery

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OVIEDO, Fla. -- For longer than many can remember, grieving Black families have followed the caskets of their deceased loved ones along a bumpy dirt road into Boston Cemetery where scores of Oviedo’s early farmworkers and veterans of both World Wars are buried.

But the untold story of the century-old cemetery — tucked today between large ...Read more

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Black historians, Holocaust survivors: Miami schools seek parent consent for more events

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Two years ago, when historian Marvin Dunn wanted to talk to a Pinecrest classroom about Black history, his visit didn’t require much planning. But when he returned recently to give a lecture on his personal experience with segregation, only Palmetto Middle School students with signed permission slips were able to attend.

...Read more

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Do we simply not care about old people?

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The COVID-19 pandemic would be a wake-up call for America, advocates for the elderly predicted: incontrovertible proof that the nation wasn’t doing enough to care for vulnerable older adults.

The death toll was shocking, as were reports of chaos in nursing homes and seniors suffering from isolation, depression, untreated illness, and neglect....Read more

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The 'underbird' no longer: Chicago pigeon owners, enthusiasts say it's time to see the city dwellers as a 'symbol of beauty'

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CHICAGO — When Susan Jicha greets guests at her Uptown neighborhood home, her pets like to make introductions. Her dog, Rosie, shakes her tail at the door and her bird, Kahlo, wobbles from underneath the television stand to perch on her hand.

Kahlo is happy and independent, the 68-year-old retired teacher said. Her assertion that he’s the ...Read more


Erika Ettin: Dating red flags: Signs to watch out for in potential partners

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I’ll admit that the term “red flag” is overused today. People are classifying anything from someone’s taste in music (Broadway for me) to their obsession with their dog as a dreaded red flag. While those things might not align with what you’re looking for in a potential partner, are they truly red flags?

As a dating coach, I've seen ...Read more

Lori Borgman: Nothing personal, but just fix the tub

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We've had a lot of home repairs lately. Our house is a lot like we are, slowly aging and in need of occasional patchwork.

We are grateful that we are not aging alone, that we are accompanied on this journey by our unpredictable furnace, faltering air conditioner and 60-year-old pipes with lime and calcium buildup.

What's ironic is that the ...Read more