They came out of the 'cannabis closet' to help other Asian Americans to do the same

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Sysamone Phaphon and Eunice Kim grew up with very different approaches to cannabis.

For Phaphon, 37, the Bay Area founder and chief executive of KhuenPhu, a CBD wellness brand based on Asian healing traditions, it's been part of her life for as long as she can remember. Her father grew it in the family garden right alongside lemongrass and ...Read more

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These parents are helping each other find infant formula during the shortage

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PHILADELPHIA -- Karah Weiser was about to trudge on to yet another store in search of the specialty hypoallergenic baby formula her 4-month-old needs. But first she paused, took another look at the half-empty store display, and snapped a picture.

“Boothwyn Walmart,” the 32-year-old Drexel Hill mother wrote alongside the photo she uploaded ...Read more


Barton Goldsmith: Paying it forward helps to build a better brain

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We are all being made much more aware of how we have to exercise our brains to keep them in shape for the long term. Many people do puzzles like crosswords and sudoku, but I have a suggestion for another means of brain building that will make your life better as well as the lives of others.

As a therapist, I am constantly using my brain to ...Read more

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'We need to take care of ourselves': Ride-share, delivery drivers learn about wellness, self-care as stress of the job increases

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CHICAGO -- On a Friday afternoon in the summer of 2019, Chicago resident and ride-share driver Teddi Burgess picked up a couple of passengers from Portillo’s in River North.

As the ride got underway, one passenger in the front of Burgess’ car started yelling. When Burgess asked the other in the rear seat if they could help calm the front ...Read more


Erika Ettin: Do dating apps work?

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A question I get all the time, from clients and strangers alike, is “Do dating apps work?”

Here’s the thing: Any app can be efficient or successful, depending on what you put out there and how proactive you are in the process. If you put up six mediocre pictures and no writeup and expect to attract quality people, you’ll be sorely ...Read more

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Chance delivered some Ukrainians to Philly just before the Russian invasion. And trapped others in a war zone

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PHILADELPHIA — When Maryna Bondar and her husband knew they would be moving from Ukraine to the United States, the culmination of a years-long immigration process, they never expected that something they didn’t pack would prove to be the heaviest to carry: a sense of guilt.

By pure accident of timing, the couple were admitted into this ...Read more

Ask Anna: On people who don't compliment and how to get your single friends to play matchmaker

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Dear Anna,

I’m seeing this guy — nothing official yet but dates and sex regularly. It’s mostly good, but my big complaint is that he never compliments me on my appearance, my personality or any of the effort I put into planning our dates. Not even the sex, which does not make me feel special or desired. When I brought this up to him, he ...Read more

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Lori Borgman: Our screens unite and divide us

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Every day my inbox fills with emails from public relations firms, angling for a plug for an author's book or a new study on children. I delete most of them as quickly as they appear, but I nearly always read the ones on youth and mental health.

Suffice it to say the findings are not good. I often ponder over them, as we have a whole string of ...Read more

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Pandemic unleashes a tsunami of weddings

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MINNEAPOLIS — For the 16 years that she's owned Lasting Impressions Weddings, Sarah Trotter has counseled her clients to be flexible when picking a date for their nuptials. She's still offering that advice, although this year it has a taken on a whole new dimension.

Be flexible about the day of the week. Be flexible about the time of day. Be ...Read more


Ex-etiquette: Keeping the lines of communication open

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Q. My ex and I broke up three years ago. We have a daughter who is now 4. About a year and a half ago, my wife and I had another little girl. My ex is very jealous, and our daughter has told me that her mommy has told her my youngest daughter is not her sister. It’s very confusing for a 4-year-old and I’m appalled that she would do such a ...Read more

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As baby formula shortage worsens, families take desperate steps

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LOS ANGELES — Like most new moms, 26-year-old Veronica Gutierrez's life revolves around feeding her 3-month-old daughter, Alessandra.

For the first month, that meant mostly formula. But that formula was hard to find. She drove from store to store, so shaken by the empty shelves she began pumping her breast milk around the clock, in hopes she ...Read more


Debra-Lynn B. Hook: Due date is looming for grandmother's hand-stitched quilt for her first grandchild

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I am an over-the-moon, first-time grandmother-to-be who can’t seem to do what many have done before me. That is, make the baby a quilt.

The baby’s 89-year-old great-grandmother made one. By hand. She apparently sat in front of the TV for weeks and stitched together dozens of one-inch squares, which she presented at the couple’s baby ...Read more

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Wayward sea lion is back -- this time found in a San Diego storm drain

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SAN DIEGO — Meet Freeway. He's a teenage mischief maker, a land-loving sea lion fishing for freedom.

And now the pinniped, who earned notoriety in January when he shut down a busy San Diego freeway a couple miles from the ocean, is back.

Last month, someone spotted him wandering up a storm drain in Logan Heights, about a half-mile from where...Read more

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'Anyone from 8 to 80 can play:' Over 1,000 seniors compete in national pickleball tournament

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- About 1,500 pickleball players, all 50 years old and older, are competing this week in a national championship in Fort Lauderdale. An additional 1,000 people have attended to watch and cheer on their friends, family and favorite teams. The oldest player this year is 92 years old.

“I think everyone that picks up the ...Read more


Living with Children: How can I discourage daughter's friendship with a brat?

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Q: My best friend’s 6-year-old daughter is an only child and a spoiled brat. She screams at her parents when she doesn’t get her way, always wants to be first at everything and is extremely bossy with other children. For whatever strange reason, my children want to play with her. How can I discourage the friendship? Should I talk to my ...Read more

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In their search for love, South Asians swipe right on dating apps catered for them

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LOS ANGELES — Most swiping for love on a dating app know the drill.

Strategically pen an inviting self-description. Select filters — age, geographic proximity — for potential partners. Perhaps declare intentions: Looking for something serious? Something casual?

The dating app Mirchi presents another possibility: "Auntie made me sign up....Read more

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Fla. scientist probes flesh-eating bacteria for clues to next pandemic

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- A bout with flesh-eating bacteria can start out with a day at the beach, a hardly worrisome cut and then, in less than 24 hours, a raging infection fought with heavy antibiotics and gruesome scalpel work.

It would be reassuring to know where and when Florida’s coastal waters are ripe with “one of the fastest growing ...Read more

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Jerry Zezima: Music to my years

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When I think of the legendary concerts in music history — the Beatles at Shea Stadium in New York City; Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and other rock giants at Woodstock; me as the guest triangle player for the Stamford Symphony Orchestra — the one I remember as the greatest was my granddaughter Chloe’s third-grade recorder concert, which was ...Read more

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Heidi Stevens: An important win for reason and inclusivity in battle over 'love is love' photos in Florida yearbook

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Some cooler heads have prevailed in Florida, where Seminole County School Board members unanimously voted down a proposal to cover an entire high school yearbook page in stickers to hide photos of students carrying “love is love” signs.

The photos were taken at a March walkout, which students organized to protest Florida’s Parental Rights...Read more

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Stupefyingly difficult U. of C. Scavenger Hunt marks 35 years with Olympic condoms, aerial pancake flipping and Rube Goldberg machines

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CHICAGO — The 35th annual University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt — which is nominally a scavenger hunt but closer to a campus tradition wrapped inside a multigenerational class reunion bundled into an elaborate prank requiring the cooperation of hundreds of students, dozens of faculty, family, friends and government officials — concluded ...Read more