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'They don't give up on you:' Diversion program helps those seeking treatment

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LAS VEGAS -- Two years ago, Sherwood George was living in a tent in downtown Las Vegas when officers asked if he wanted to go to rehab.

George, who had struggled with drug addiction for nearly four decades, said he initially didn’t want to try another treatment program or attempt to get clean. But the officers still handed him a business card...Read more

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On Gardening: 2023 is the year of the Great Begonia Awakening

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This year has been like the Great Begonia Awakening for The Garden Guy. First it was this year’s debut of Surefire Cherry Cordial begonia. Holy wow, it has been almost like a shrub and has persevered planted in the ground even though it is in direct assault from Tootie the bichon's daily chase of the chipmunks.

Surefire Cherry Cordial ...Read more

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The haunting melodies of the Pacific Northwest infuse every aspect of 'Oxenfree II'

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SEATTLE — The evergreen forests and churning waters of the Pacific Northwest have a tendency to take on a more sinister aura in video games. The shadowed forests of Alan Wake’s fictional Bright Falls, Washinghton, are the definition of oppressive, terrifying both in what they hide and what they don’t. The waters of the fictional Arcadia ...Read more

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Former Ukraine President Yushchenko visits Chicago area to discuss war, Holodomor genocide

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Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and former First Lady Kateryna Yushchenko reflected on the 18 months since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 during a trip to Chicagoland to speak on the history of the years of Soviet-occupied Ukraine.

The pair spoke to a packed room at Evanston’s Rotary International for the 90th ...Read more

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We spend millions jailing people with mental illness. How that's changing in Miami-Dade

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MIAMI -- A new treatment center could be key to solving the mental health crisis plaguing Miami-Dade’s jail, which serves as the largest psychiatric institution in Florida.

About 3,100 people in Miami-Dade County jail, or 70%, are classified as undergoing treatment for a mental health condition — this is as many as all state, civil and ...Read more

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Floridians who were previously undocumented as children fear lawsuit challenging protections

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When Priscila Sánchez was a young student in Florida’s public school system, she excelled academically, fearing that if she didn’t her teachers might call her parents in — and the authorities would find out her family was undocumented.

“I never wanted my parents to come in and be called for something that I did wrong. So my thought ...Read more


Erika Ettin: How a decade of dating apps has changed our dating lexicon

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Believe it or not, Tinder was introduced to the world in 2012. Hinge followed shortly behind in 2013. And Bumble entered the scene in 2014. (Plenty of other dating apps entered the scene around that time too, but one only has so much time!)

With the introduction of these apps, who knew that our entire lexicon as it relates to dating would ...Read more

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A funeral every 11 minutes at this Chicago installation: 'Suicide shouldn't be a dirty little secret'

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CHICAGO — Beside the long blue hearse on the corner of East Grand and North Wabash avenues, the little yellow signs read “No Parking — Funeral.”

Dozens of funerals were underway at the offices of Havas Chicago — one every 11 minutes. The River North ad agency transformed its lobby into a funeral space last Thursday, the pop-up ...Read more

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Lori Borgman: On the count of three, everybody lift

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This is one of those situations for which you could never fully prepare.

We are waiting for a grocery pickup order. Our oldest daughter, who has been pulling carpet from stairs, is slumped in the driver's seat riddled with exhaustion. I'm in the front passenger seat, offering commentary on the happenings around us, and three granddaughters in ...Read more

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The Kid Whisperer: How to reject the 'well-rounded child' fallacy

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Dear Kid Whisperer,

I am a mother of three with two in college. My third child is going to be a junior in high school. My first two were very successful academically in high school and they now go to very good colleges. My youngest is very proficient in arts, music (he plays three instruments and composes songs), writing and literature. He ...Read more


Ex-etiquette: Enabling dependence, or simply helping take care of kids?

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Q. We pay child support and all med/dental bills, even though my husband’s ex is supposed to pay half. She says she can’t afford it. So she and my husband made a deal that she will just pay co-pays when she takes the kids to the doctor or dentist. I know she has a job. She works at Ross when the kids are at school. But, we are getting ...Read more

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Jerry Zezima: The early bird gets the lemonade

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It may be true that time waits for no man, unless his watch has stopped, but it sure isn’t true for any man — or woman — who attends a yard sale.

That’s what I found out when my daughter recently had a sale that was supposed to begin at 9 a.m. but which attracted a flock of time-ignorant early birds, the first of whom showed up at the ...Read more

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Heidi Stevens: Stop pretending book bans are all about sex. If we ban them, 'we will be banning knowledge, culture, empathy,' says Illinois secretary of state

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I suppose it was meant to be a gotcha moment — Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., reading sexually explicit passages aloud to a clearly hot-and-bothered Senate Judiciary Committee.

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias had the floor, testifying during the “Book Bans: Examining How Censorship Limits Liberty and Literature” hearing, and ...Read more

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On Gardening: Perfect Scores for Truffula Pink

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A Perfect Score award in a university plant trial is quite an honor and makes a real statement about performance. So consider when that same plant wins Perfect Score in a dozen states, spread across the country. Oklahoma State, University of Minnesota, Mississippi State, University of Tennessee and Iowa State to give you a sampling. Add on ...Read more

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Young workers finding their place in end-of-life care: 'I realized death can be positive'

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CHICAGO -- At age 19, Mary Phelps stood at her grandmother’s bedside. In mere minutes, she would watch the woman with whom she had shared a home and a life take her final breaths.

She held her grandmother’s legs, lightly massaging them as the seconds ticked by. “I just remembered her becoming so young in the face and relaxed,” Phelps ...Read more

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Forget pick-your-own apples. Colorado farm allows locals to harvest hemp this weekend

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In Colorado, local farms allow you to pick your own apples, peaches and pumpkins. And one on the Western Slope even permits you to pick your own hemp plant.

From Sept. 15 to 17, Typhoon Farma will open the gates at its 186-acre hemp farm in Montrose to the general public for its third annual pick-your-own weekend. The event, which serves as a ...Read more

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Year's worth of James Webb Space Telescope observations discussed at Baltimore conference: 'A beacon of human achievement'

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BALTIMORE — In many ways, the conference underway this week at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore is more like a celebration.

About one year into the science mission for the James Webb Space Telescope, the historic observatory is largely an awe-inspiring success.

Take, for instance, Marcia Rieke, the principal investigator in...Read more

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College pantry aims to help students struggling to buy food

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Valencia College students short of money and worried they cannot afford food can now shop for free at a new, on-campus food pantry designed to look like a small store and offer stigma-free shopping.

The VCentials store replaces a smaller, closet-style pantry on Valencia’s west Orange County campus. It aims to deal with a ...Read more


What's an LA Jew to do on Yom Kippur if they don't go to synagogue?

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LOS ANGELES — Yom Kippur is a complicated day for Miriam Bar-Zemer.

The Jewish holiday, which begins this year on the evening of Sept. 24, is considered the holiest day of the year — a time of deep introspection, fasting and repentance, which Jews have traditionally honored by spending the day in synagogue in a collective act of prayer, ...Read more

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Ask Anna: My fiance thinks my 'number' is too high

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Dear Anna,

My fiance (39M) is struggling with my (37F) past romantic experiences. There have been four people in my past, making him the fifth. We've been together for a decade and have a child together. He has never been with anyone but me, which could be why he feels this way. I've been feeling shamed by his words — he says things like I've...Read more