Erika Ettin: Exclusivity vs. official: What's the difference?

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I’ve received a lot of questions in the past six months—more than ever before—asking if there’s a difference between being exclusive with someone and the relationship being “official.” People are also asking, “How long should I wait after being exclusive before being ‘official’?”

The question usually comes from someone who ...Read more

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Steve Lopez: 'Very aggressive treatment' on the streets of Skid Row from a renegade M.D.

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LOS ANGELES -- The team gathered at 4th and Crocker streets and headed south, into the blue-tented netherworld of social collapse, armed with life-saving drug-overdose kits and injectable, long-acting anti-psychotic medication.

"We're trying very aggressive treatment on the streets," said Dr. Susan Partovi. "Housing definitely saves your life, ...Read more

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KY's Choctaw Academy is a marker of Native American history. Time's running out to save it

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In a rural Scott County, Kentucky, pasture, stands a monument to Native American history nearly lost to time.

The structure of stacked stone is unassuming, resembling a dilapidated country cottage. For more than a century it had been used as a barn, but in the early 1800s it was a dormitory for native boys and young men studying at a school ...Read more

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Elephant seals, once nearly extinct, are finding new places to call home

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Wildlife is vanishing around the world, plummeting at rates unprecedented in human history.

Then there are elephant seals.

Once on the brink of extinction, elephant seals are expanding north into new breeding grounds along the California coast, turning long-empty beaches into a ruckus of roars, grunts, chirps and moans.

�...Read more

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Notre Dame's tiny namesake shows plight of religious colleges

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Times are hard on the campus of Notre Dame.

Not the famous University of Notre Dame, home to Fighting Irish football and more than 13,000 students — little Notre Dame College, a less prestigious Roman Catholic school in the Midwest.

Over the past decade, the 102-year-old private college with about 1,400 students, located in South Euclid, ...Read more

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At one Philly school, 'Jenks Dads on Duty' change the dynamic at pickup and dropoff

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PHILADELPHIA — In frigid or sweltering weather, in sleet or snow or pouring rain, the dads are there — managing the morning car line, high-fiving students, and keeping an eye on the playground at J.S. Jenks Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Khayri McKinney, father of four Jenks students, wouldn’t be anywhere else than where he is every ...Read more

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Debra-Lynn B. Hook: Learning to ask for help

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It takes not just a village but apparently several overlapping villages to keep a human alive.

For my purposes, it takes my people.

My daughter’s people.

My sons’ people.

It takes my doctors, the bank lady, my haircutter, my therapist, my friend who makes me breakfast, my other friend who makes me dinner, the people who run the local ...Read more


Lori Borgman: The empty-nest coach will see you now

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It is a seismic jolt when kids fly the coop. I know from experience that it's sad. And may I say it is sadder when girls leave home than boys, because by age 18, boys have so much testosterone coursing through their bodies that it is simply time for them to go.

"We love you, but go. Just go. Take your truck and your drums with you. We'll call. ...Read more

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Electric school buses are gaining traction in Bay Area schools

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- It was seven years ago that Matthew Belasco started worrying about the health of students riding the bus at Pittsburg Unified in California. As he watched hundreds of youth pile onto the big yellow vehicles each day, his eyes focused on the black plume of diesel smoke belching from the tailpipe.

“I knew that couldn’t be ...Read more


Ex-etiquette: How to stop grandma from bashing his ex

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Q: My mother is out of control. She is very upset that my ex left and says horrible things about her when the kids are around. Her last rant called their mother “a lying, cheating ho.” And I didn’t know what to do. I try to reel her in, but she doesn’t listen. I don’t want to stop her from seeing her grandkids, but she doesn’t ...Read more


The Kid Whisperer: How to students can become experts at being safe

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Dear Kid Whisperer,

I teach at an alternative school, where most students have been unable to be successful at their assigned public school and most students have at least one behavior goal in their Individualized Education Plan. I have received your training and read your book. They both have helped tremendously. Things are going well in my ...Read more

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As Kentucky lawmakers go after college DEI, Black UK students share their own experiences

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LEXINGTON, Ky. -- For many Black students choosing where they want to go to college, a diverse and welcoming environment is top priority.

Attending a state university, like the University of Kentucky, can bring opportunities like scholarships and organizations for minority students. But choosing a predominantly white university also brings ...Read more

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This leap year baby is about to turn 92 -- or is it 23?

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PITTSBURGH — If Ethel Jean "E.J." Bergad Bonder hits the lottery, she plans to buy a Porsche for her granddaughter because they will both turn 23 years old this year.

Yep, Ethel was born on Feb. 29, 1932, and will technically turn 23 Thursday. She's a leap year baby.

The Gregorian calendar is based on 365.25 days — the amount of time it ...Read more

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Autism diagnoses are soaring. Here's how some colleges are responding

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The first time Hailey Hall went to college, it was 2008. She lived in Georgia and had been diagnosed with autism four years before.

In high school, the diagnosis meant she had access to smaller classes and a therapy group that helped with social skills. But when college started, that all stopped.

“I was responsible...Read more

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A total solar eclipse will be visible to millions of Americans in April. Here's how to view it

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Paul Maley has spent much of his life chasing solar eclipses.

He has witnessed 83 solar eclipses from 1960 to 2023. On April 8, he plans to see the 84th aboard a cruise ship in Mexico, located right in the path of totality — the swath where the moon fully blocks the sun.

"It's more eclipses than anyone living or dead," he said, proudly.

But...Read more

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Jerry Zezima: Not exactly fast food

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I am out to lunch. This is especially true when I make lunch.

That’s because, in my incapable hands, organizing the second meal of the day takes so long that I am surprised I haven’t starved to death by now.

My wife, Sue, who usually eats lunch with me and simplifies matters by having an apple and a cup of tea, marvels at how I can turn ...Read more

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Pa. could become the latest state to mandate 'evidence-based' reading instruction

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PHILADELPHIA -- As a reading specialist in the Cumberland Valley School District in Central Pennsylvania, Megan Gierka saw her roster of students who needed extra help swell to all but seven of her school’s second graders.

Gierka didn’t understand how so many children were struggling.

But as her school began to shift to a “structured ...Read more

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A battle over how to teach kids to read is playing out in Philly-area classrooms. Parents are losing trust

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PHILADELPHIA — As a first grader, Beth Taylor’s son had struggled to read. But in the years that followed, the Radnor Township School District suggested Taylor shouldn’t worry: Her son was close to reading at grade level, meeting the goals set by the district.

His main problem, teachers told her, was his behavior: “If he would just ...Read more


If this nation wanted to protect children we'd curb gun violence and poverty -- not criminalize IVF

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham health system is no longer performing in vitro fertilization procedures for fear of criminal prosecution following an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos have the same status as children in wrongful death lawsuits.

The decision, which will likely have wide-ranging implications for IVF clinics...Read more

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Frank Shyong: Lunar New Year traditions were abstract until my grandmother died

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Most years, I visit my family in Taiwan for Lunar New Year. And each trip, since I was very small, I have found myself before a family altar, with a stick of smoking incense in my hands, wondering exactly what I'm supposed to do, think or say.

None of my Taiwanese relatives ever offered any instructions that I can recall. In the convoluted ...Read more