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To hear the cicadas sing, enthusiasts travel from near and far

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During an afternoon stroll around Morton Arboretum, near Chicago, Maria Malayter’s Apple Watch buzzed twice with an unusual notification. The screen warned her of a “loud environment” with sound levels reaching 90 decibels as cicadas chorused on the treetops.

Exposure to such levels for over 30 minutes can cause permanent hearing damage, ...Read more

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Rainbow Family Gathering, 'legacy of the original hippies,' is returning to NorCal. Not everyone is feeling the love

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For attendees, the upcoming Rainbow Family Gathering in Plumas National Forest is a chance to celebrate community, peace, love and healing.

But authorities in this sparsely populated corner of California have other words for the affair: non-permitted, disruptive and potentially destructive.

That's why the thousands of people expected to camp ...Read more

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Alberto today, Beryl tomorrow. Will the next big storm have your name?

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Meteorologists dubbed it "Alberto," the first named storm of the 2024 Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico hurricane season.

Alberto made landfall as a tropical storm Thursday near the Mexican port of Tampico, causing floods and at least four deaths.

Why was it called "Alberto"?

That happened to be first on an alphabetical list of names for ...Read more

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Saving the woodrats: Zoo raises endangered species for wild release

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BALTIMORE -- Inside a hallway of the veterinary hospital at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, a popular new program plays 24/7 on a computer screen.

They call it “Woodrat TV,” said Erin Grimm, the zoo’s mammal curator.

On camera is a singularly important Allegheny woodrat, whose job it is to help repopulate her species, which is threatened ...Read more

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These women are getting paid to drive around and eat ice cream

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PHILADELPHIA — The results of the search for the American Dairy Association North East's first chief ice cream officer are in:

It's a twofer!

Maddie Smith and Mia Svirsky, two friends from Washington, D.C., have won the coveted job of traveling around Pennsylvania, eating lots of ice cream at 18 local creameries and sharing their experiences...Read more


Mary McNamara: I thought I'd be happy to finish motherhood's many chores. Then I choked up over laundry

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This column is the latest in a series on parenting children in the final years of high school, "Emptying the Nest."


As I did what felt like my 18th load of laundry last weekend, most of it belonging to my 17-year-old daughter, I felt a strange catch in my throat.

In a little over a year, my three-decade indenture as a full-time ...Read more

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On Gardening: Luscious Basket Tangeglow is a perfect container companion

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After seeing the flowers at the Young’s Plant Farm annual garden tour in Auburn, Alabama, I felt a sense of desperation to get my hands on the Luscious Basket Tangeglow lantana. I don’t always think about lantana being a component plant in mixed-container designs, but they had several that were simply dazzling.

Luscious Basket Tangeglow is ...Read more


Heidi Stevens: Barrier-breaking pageant wins are cause for celebration, not manufactured panic

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Bailey Anne Kennedy and Sara Milliken both have much to celebrate this month, having been crowned winners of the respective pageants they prepped and primed and yearned for.

But first they have to defend their victories against a nascent crowd of gatekeepers who are suddenly very invested in preserving the integrity of beauty pageants.

And by ...Read more

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Town's move to ban gas leaf blowers gets blowback -- and support

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PHILADELPHIA — Swarthmore was on track to become the first Pennsylvania municipality to ban two-stroke, gas-powered lawn equipment such as leaf blowers and string trimmers as part of a fight against climate change.

But an ordinance to do just that has been derailed for at least a month as the borough council faces pushback by both residents ...Read more


Erika Ettin: Going on a date isn't a waste of time

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As a dating coach, I browse hundreds (thousands?) of dating profiles every week on every app imaginable, and a few phrases tend to repeat themselves:

“I like to travel and go on adventures.” Great, but who doesn’t? Also, what does “adventure” mean to you?

“I look younger than my age.” You don’t. Sorry.

“I can’t believe I�...Read more

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This Philadelphia facility is one of the nation's lowest-barrier shelters for drug users. Some say it offers tough lessons for a city in crisis

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PHILADELPHIA -- It was a few days after Christmas last year when Tarence got news that changed his fortunes. After three years of battling opioid addiction, sleeping in train stations or under the El tracks in the Kensington neighborhood, a bed was ready for him at Beacon House.

“It put the smile back on my face,” he said, grabbing a ...Read more

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Ask Anna: Ready to come out? Tips for a smooth and empowering experience

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Dear Anna,

I’m a 20-year-old college student. I'm majoring in computer science and have a small but pretty great group of friends, and a campus job that keeps me busy. I’m also part of the university’s LGBTQ+ club, but hardly anyone in my life outside the club knows that I’m gay.

Here’s the thing: I’m ready to come out. I’ve ...Read more


Debra-Lynn B. Hook: The 'kinkeeper' is the person in the family who gets away with minding everybody's business

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I have recently discovered the title that most authentically describes my current role in the family.

“Mature matriarch” notwithstanding, the label that most directly applies to what I do these days is “kinkeeper.”

It is nomenclature I discovered in a recent New York Times parenting article, defining the person who keeps up with the ...Read more


Ex-etiquette: When you can't stand your ex

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Q. Reading your column, it is obvious that you are an advocate of both parents spending time together with the children after a breakup. I have no desire to spend time with my ex. We bring out the worst in each other and I don’t want the kids to see that. So, if you can’t or don’t want to, what is good ex-etiquette?

A. I’m an advocate ...Read more

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Why these Philly parents chose to send their kid to private school

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PHILADELPHIA -- Lawmakers in Harrisburg all seem to have an opinion about what Philadelphia parents and students want.

And the debate over education is heightened this year, as legislators again fight over a potential school voucher program to send students to private schools using taxpayer dollars and attempt to design a new school funding ...Read more

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She may have a full ride to Harvard, but as an undocumented immigrant without a job permit, her future is uncertain

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CHICAGO — Simone Peña found out she had been accepted to Harvard with a full scholarship after school one day while she was getting ready to go clean houses with her parents, as she did most evenings and weekends. She recalled staring at the computer screen for a few minutes, unable to move or speak until her mother went to hug her.

“I ...Read more


Lori Borgman: No writer is purrfect all the thyme

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You may not remember William Safire, but I lived in fear of him. He was a nationally syndicated columnist who wrote about other writers' writing gaffes.

Every Sunday, I would rip open the paper, read his column and exhale to find I had lived to see another misplaced modifier -- as if Safire ever read family humor.

That was the effect the man ...Read more


The Kid Whisperer: How to prepare your teen to save money for college

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Dear Kid Whisperer,

My daughter is 16. She says that she wants to go to college, and we have told her that we will give her four dollars for every dollar she puts toward her education. This is what my parents did with me. The difference is that I saved my allowance and was excited to get a job to start saving more. My daughter still spends all ...Read more

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James Lawson's booming voice and loving spirit left a lasting mark on this UCLA professor

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LOS ANGELES — UCLA historian Vinay Lal remembers speaking alongside the Rev. James Lawson during a panel discussion in Pasadena in 2008 and feeling awestruck by the "majestic" manner in which the veteran civil rights leader spoke about the power of nonviolence and its ability to change the course of history.

"He had a booming voice, very ...Read more

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Jerry Zezima: Veggies to diet for

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Since my cardiologist put me on a Mediterranean diet, I have been looking forward to a daily meal of spaghetti and meatballs or a few slices of pepperoni pizza.

Instead, I get the uneasy feeling I will be eating prodigious quantities of another Italian-sounding food: zucchini.

To put it mildly, I am not a fan of zucchini. Or squash of any kind...Read more