5 Common Mistakes with Addiction Recovery and How to Avoid Them


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Addiction is a powerful force of destruction. Over 70,000 Americans died from an overdose in 2019 alone.

So, before going any further, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You’re taking steps to recover and improve both your own life and the lives of those you love most.

That said, it’s important to be realistic. Recovery is almost never a simple walk from point A to point B. It’s a complicated journey with many twists, turns, and unexpected valleys.

Because of this, mistakes with addiction recovery are extremely common. But we’re here to help you avoid them. To learn what not to do when you’re on the road to recovery, just keep reading.

1. Going Through It Alone

No matter what type of types of addictions you’re suffering from, one of the worst things you can do is attempt to recover on your own. It’s tough to admit you have a problem, and often even tougher to admit it to others, but you must.

Having a rehab support system, attending 12-step meetings, or seeking professional help from a therapist can make all the difference.

2. Having Unrealistic Expectations

Take pride in the fact that you’re making positive changes in your life, but be careful with your expectations. Recovering from addictions doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how strong you are.

Even with a support system and help from the best rehab centers, your body and mind need time to adapt to existing without drugs or alcohol.

3. Not Changing Your Surroundings

To a certain extent, you are who you surround yourself with. Peer pressure is a real thing, even if it’s accidental.

It doesn’t matter if your friends or family directly pressure you into using drugs and drinking or not. If they’re doing it, you’re more likely to do it.

As hard as it might be, distance from environments and people who have a negative influence on you is essential.

4. Comparing Yourself to Others

In recovery, the only person you should be comparing yourself to is who you were yesterday. If you’re better than that person, you’re headed in the right direction.

Comparing yourself to others in recovery is dangerous and counterproductive. No two people are exactly alike, and everyone moves at their own pace. Celebrate your own wins, as well as those of the people around you, recovery isn’t a competition.

5. Thinking There’s a Finish Line

Will there be a day when your addiction doesn’t control your life? Yes. However, when you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, there’s no true finish line.

Recovery is a lifelong journey, you’re never cured. If you start cutting corners or neglecting your new habits once you start to improve, you’re going to backslide.

Instead, always use positive changes in your life as inspiration for more positive change.

Avoid These Mistakes With Addiction Recovery and Become Your Best Self

The truth is, recovery is a long and difficult road, and mistakes with addiction recovery are bound to happen. But if you know what to watch out for, you can avoid those most devastating to your journey.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself. Take it one day at a time and before you know it, you’ll be able to look back with pride at how far you’ve come.

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