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Steroids provide a means to enhance the body’s capabilities. While it does the job, anabolic steroids provided its host of problems and issues.

In light of this, bodybuilders and fitness buffs now seek other alternatives, all while steering away from steroids.

There is one that sparked a buzz among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. SARMs are becoming a popular option for bodybuilders to enhance their physical performance. However, there are a lot of unclear details about these items.

What are SARMs, and what are SARMs used for? Today, we will explore these details and attempt to answer the questions around them.

What are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators pertain to a new class of drugs. These can attach to the body’s androgen receptors.

In this case, they have anabolic properties which trigger the building of muscles. A distinct note about this function is that it can target specific types of tissues.

Each type of SARMs targets certain areas of the body due to its composition. With that in mind, its main function is to act as a muscle-builder, which bodybuilders go for.

There are studies about its other medical potentials due to how it functions. Scientists began considering using SARMs as treatments for Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and cancer.

For now, it serves its purpose among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Thus, it acts as an aid in developing muscles.

Other active ingredients in SARMs include Cardarine, Ostarine, Ligandrol, and Testolone. Supplements also contain vitamins and minerals to help bolster your health.

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs activate the receptors within your cells. This targets the androgen receptors, which would facilitate the growth.

One of the key components in SARMs is testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that facilitates muscle generation. While more common among men, testosterone is also present in women.

Once SARMs target the cells, it would trigger muscle and bone growth. Bodybuilders use this due to how it gives more gains when going to the gym. Combined with the proper diet and workout regimen at the gym, you would see these results take effect.

Difference Between SARMs and Steroids

While they seem similar, SARMs and anabolic steroids differ from each other. The factors to this are in how they function and the effects that they impose on the body.

The similarity that these two have is in how they trigger muscle and bone growth. The difference is in the scale of how muscle grows after use. You would notice this when you compare someone who took steroids with someone who used SARMs.

Someone who used steroids to bulk up would have immense muscle mass. This particular build would also have that notable presence of veins peering out on the skin.

For SARMs, the effects are not as noticeable. These are a step or so weaker than typical steroids. Thus, users would find themselves achieving the lean muscular build after use.

Even so, the stigma stands on people who used anabolic steroids, noting them as “cheaters.” Due to the stigma, the shift towards SARMs became significant. This meant more people would opt to use SARMs for their fitness regimen.

What Benefits do SARMs Provide?

We mentioned how SARMs work to build muscle mass as a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. However, there are also other potential advantages that you can take advantage of when you use them. You can find them in other SARMs that enable this benefit, such as the following.

Non-Toxic to the Liver

To start, SARMs target certain areas in the body. Noting this effect, one benefit is that it does not affect certain internal organs, such as the liver. When using these supplements and substances, the liver is one of the organs that take damage.

With this in mind, it makes the use of SARMs easier. It no longer needs any form of on-cycle support or preparation before taking SARMs in.

Regulates the Immune and Reproductive Systems

When taking SARMs, you would notice how they develop and bolster the immune system. This helps with ensuring the body stays healthy and capable of fighting off diseases. It also builds up on the body’s recovery capabilities.

You would notice this effect in LGD 4033. It is quite similar to Ostarine but with 12 times the potency. For bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, this would be the go-to SARM for bulking up the body. This SARM also develops the reproductive system.

Reduction of Body Fat

Reducing body fat is one of the effects that you would get when using SARMs. You would notice this effect come to play with a good number of SARMs.

In this case, it contributes to providing energy and building muscle. You would see this in action in SR9009-Stenabolic and GW501516-Cardarine. These two also carry the benefit of boosting your endurance.

MK677 Nutrobal-Ibutamoren also has this effect due to being a growth enhancer. This does wonder in increasing your appetite.

Another one that also has this effect is S-4-Andarine. It also has other benefits, such as an increase in strength and lean muscle mass.

Prevents Muscle Atrophy

Aside from triggering muscle growth, SARMs can also help with preventing muscle atrophy. When muscles do not have any form of physical activity, this will cause them to waste away. This is the case when you end up suffering from an injury that limits your physical capabilities.

LGD4033-Anabolicum-Ligandrol is among the SARMs that aims to address this. It aims to prevent muscle atrophy.

It also comes with other noteworthy benefits. For instance, reinforcing joints and bolstering soft tissue and bone health. MK2866-Ostarine-Ostabolic also prevents muscle atrophy. At the same time, it bolsters bone health and helps in healing joints.

Notable Side Effects of SARMs

We see what are SARMs used for and what they can do. We can see how they can help in muscle-building, whether for lean builds or bulky builds. It also has a lower potency when compared to anabolic steroids.

Even with these details, they also have side-effects. However, these are fewer and less serious when compared to anabolic steroids, which have far serious side effects. This time, we will look at each one to help you weigh your options.


Due to the introduction of hormones, you would notice acne as among the common side effects of SARMs use. Regardless of which SARM you used, you may experience breakouts while using them.

This side effect occurs on both men and women who use them. One of the less serious side effects, but it is one of the more likely side effects to appear.


Another side-effect that would surface comes in the form of headaches. While minor in scope, they can push up some alarms for its use. When erring towards the side of caution, this might be the sign to try a different SARM.


You might also encounter a sense of unease when using SARMs. It could come in the form of shaking and trembling, along with anxiety.

These particular side effects occur upon use. They may lean towards these sensations being temporary. It may raise concerns regarding mental health due to anxiety being its side effect.

Prostatic Enlargement

A notable side effect that one would experience in using SARMs? That would be the enlargement of the prostate for males.

This tends to come up when using anabolic steroids. This effect should be far lesser when using SARMs. However, the risk of it is still a present situation.

Body Hair Growth

For women, this comes up as a side effect due to the use of SARMs and steroids. This is a sign of virilization, which occurs among women when there is a hormonal imbalance.

The introduction of SARMs in the body would come at a lesser degree when compared to anabolic steroids. Still, the increase in body hair could raise concerns. If body hair isn’t an issue, then SARMs could be for you.

Adverse Effects on Genitalia

These side effects should come up when using anabolic steroids. Although SARMs have a lesser potency, such side effects may still occur to some degree.

For men, this comes in the form of shrinking testicles. This proves to be a concern for men and would be an alarming side effect.

For women, it comes through virilization. While this tends to happen more with anabolic steroids, it can come to a smaller degree when using a SARM. In some cases, it would end up with increased clitoral size.

Are SARMs Safe to Use?

This begs the question. Are they safe to use?

To put this in perspective, there are safe ways to use them. Do note that there are still risks involved when you look at the side effects and the other potential risks.

They do show promise in building muscles without the harmful side effects. This makes them a better option than anabolic steroids.

Despite this, it still needs approval from the FDA to have a clear sign. Despite this, you have other possible sources and markets where you can acquire them.

Are SARMs Legal?

While the part with the FDA stands out as a pending situation, you can purchase SARMs legally. One caveat to note about this is in how SARMs fall under the “experimental chemicals” category. In this case, they do not count as nutritional supplements.

One interesting note about this is that they do not count as a drug offense. Meanwhile, buying and selling anabolic steroids still counts as an illegal activity. In case you plan to buy SARMs for personal use, you are in the clear for that.

Top Recommended SARMs

Now that we looked at the benefits and the side effects, what are the best SARMs to take? Let us look at some of them and see which ones would stand out as the best option. Before we proceed, you can check out these SARMs for sale.

Ostarine MK-2866

This one mimics the effects of testosterone and allows you to shed unwanted fat. This also allows you to improve lean muscle mass.
It also boosts your energy as you go through the day. It stands out as an all-around SARM, making it one of the best options to go for.

What makes this stand out is how it provides the effects akin to testosterone. It does this without triggering any side effects, leaning towards minimal levels.

Though you might have other side effects like mild stomach pain and constipation. Other effects include nausea and diarrhea.

As a caveat, this would be best left alone by pregnant and breastfeeding women. It might cause some delicate problems.

Testolone RAD-140

If you need a SARM that can help you bulk up, this is the one you should go for. Its original use was for breast cancer and muscle atrophy. It is also one of the most potent SARMs, perfect for gaining mass and bulking up.

It can also boost brainpower and lean muscle development. One thing to watch out for with its side effects is nausea. First-time users often get these side-effects, while lethargy and insomnia would occur for other users.

Lingadrol LGD-4033

This works great for women due to how it helps combat bone and muscle loss. It is also one of the few SARMs that underwent human trials and came back with promising results. One of its effects includes muscle gain, increased bone mass, and strength.

Likely side effects from this may include nausea or abdominal pain. However, this would also involve other factors such as diet and the length of cycling the compound.

What are SARMs and What Do They Do? Now You Know

After knowing what are SARMs, you have an easier time deciding whether to try it for yourself or not. These should help you choose which one to use for your routine or hold off the thought for another time. Whichever you choose, you would benefit from the muscle gain.

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