Some Congressional Candidates Support Marijuana

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It used to be the thing to prevent marijuana use

Roughly 65% of Congress members are white men around 60 or older who grew up supporting the war on drugs.  One of the leaders of the Senate is Mitch McConnell, who prides himself for stopping any positive marijuana legislation and bragging about his nickname Darth Vader.  But time are changing, especial the last major election cycle. Since then, over 50% of the population have full access to legal marijuana and 24 states have been raking in extra tax revenue thanks to consumer sales.  And now some congressional candidates support marijuana, openly.

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Up until the 2000s, it was normal for candidates to be anti-drugs, down on marijuana and, sometimes, hiding their personal use. But with the wave of state legalizations, most modern and under 60 (with a couple of exceptions) have a more open and practical mind.  Especially since of Veteran Affairs has become more open. Their new policy is veterans participating in a state-sanctioned medical marijuana program will not be denied benefits.

One modern candidate is Lucas Kunce (D-M)) who is running for the Senate. With six million residents, it is the 18th most populated in the country. Yet, the state hit $1 billion in sales. Kunce recognizes it and is pushing for national legalization, including a sign up on his  campaign page.

Indiana Fifth Congressional District candidate Raju Chinthal is also promoting a national campaign.

Maine’s Jared Golden has been an advocate for cannabis-related matters.

Elise Slotkin in Michigan states on her campaign site. “I strongly believe that for this matter, voters should be able to decide…I support the use of medical marijuana…I also support the decriminalization of marijuana.”


No surprise in California in the tight 47th district race candidate Dave Min is pro marijuana.  He voted yes for the state to legalize marijuana.

In New York, Mondaire Jones has openly supported marijuana and doesn’t seem to have a hand in the NY State mess.

And in Pennsylvania, Matt Cartwright has been supportive.

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Legal cannabis is no longer a public no no, 85% of the country (and voters), believe it should be legal in some form. But like other issues, Congress doesn’t always listen to the public.

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