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Drug testing, while declining, is still a thing…how long does it stay in your system and in saliva? General drug testing for job which don’t require you be hyper focused (airline pilots as an example) are on the decline. But some companies still insist on them and some nanny states are not pushing for a more modern approach. Random tests can still upend an employee who might have had a medical gummy but leaves someone who had a beer on the way to work ok.  So what about them and how long does marijuana stay in saliva?

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An easy and cheap solution (for the employer) is the swab test. A mouth drug test is noninvasive and easy for all parties. The test individual simply having to avoid eating or drinking anything for just 10 minutes prior to the test. It involves the use of a sponge or absorbent pad on the end of a stick to swab the inside of a person’s cheek. An analysis of the sample, either on-site or in a lab, will reveal whether there are traces of specific substances present.

Cannabis does not easily leave the body easily as it is stored in fat cells. This means the effects of marijuana can reoccur hours after use because the chemicals are slowly released from fatty tissue. Other factors include the dosage, how often it is consumed, and level of hydration. For saliva, it can stay in the system for 12-24 hours.

An analysis of the sample, either on-site or in a lab, generally reveals whether there are traces of specific substances present. The sample collection time is relatively quick, taking about 1–3 minutes. If the analysis takes place on-site, the results are ready within minutes. If the sample goes to a lab for analysis, it takes about 24 hours to get the results.


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