Key Things To Know About Hemp And Marijuana Drinks

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They are becoming a thing in ALL states…what you should know about hemp and marijuana drinks

Hemp and marijuana beverages represent about $4 billion in sales and are only going to get bigger.  Tasty, intoxicating, and available in most states, here are some key things to know about hemp and marijuana drinks. You might enjoy either or both, but where, how and what happens varies between the two.

Hemp or CBD drinks are created by infusing hemp extract, derived from the cannabis plant, into a liquid base. The most popular hemp-infused drinks include water, juice, tea, and coffee. One of the big differences between marijuana and hemp drinks is the “high”. With  Delta-9 hemp, consumers tend to have a more intense experience and comes on faster than THC.  It is a euphoric high when altered sensory perception and a sense of relaxation.

THC or marijuana drinks require digestion (like an edible) for the THC to hit the bloodstream. It takes between 15-20 minutes to kick in, with the effects peaking after approximately 45 minutes. The high from marijuana beverage can be unpredictable, and potentially more intense.

Another big difference is 47 of the 50 U.S. states and DC have legalized the sale and use of hemp-derived CBD products. Bayou City in Texas is a huge brand which sales in mainstream retailers.  Cannabis drinks, a growing market but still way behind gummies, can only be purchased in the 24 legal recreational states.


Additional scientists determined liners inside aluminum cans cause the drinks to lose their potency. These liners are used for different reasons, among them extending the product’s shelf life, preventing the corrosion of the can and, most importantly, protecting the flavor of the drinks themselves. Without these liners, the natural metallic taste of aluminum would seep into the drinks.

“Our theory is the cannabis material, the droplets, will stick to the liner and cling on it. When you open the can to take a drink, it will lose its potency,” said Vertosa founder, Harold Han.

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