Quick Ways To Cope With Cannabis-Induced Anxiety

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Anxiety is a common consequence of cannabis, especially when consuming too much of it. Here are 5 simple solutions.

Bad highs are common but they express themselves differently depending on the person. For some, the symptoms might be physical, such as nausea or dry mouth. For others, the symptoms can express themselves through paranoia, stress and discomfort. All of them lead to anxiety, which can quickly grow overwhelming if you don’t spot it and take action.

A bummer high can be absolutely terrible, but their side effects are never dangerous, especially if you stay calm. Remember, no matter how bad it gets, it’s all temporary and your attitude can have a huge impact for better or worse.

Focus on your breathing

One exercise that always works when dealing with anxiety is breathing. If you find yourself overthinking after a smoke, take some deep breaths and count them in your head. Put a hand on your chest and one on your stomach and breathe deeply, focusing on the way your belly inflates and your chest stays still. This kind of belly breathing is effective in reeling your brain into the present moment.

Put on some relaxing music

Marijuana increases all sensations, which is one of the reasons why it’s so great. But when we’re talking about bad highs, it makes it particularly difficult to stay present and rational. One thing that can help is to put on relaxing and soothing music, while taking deep breaths. You can put on your favorite record or even something with no lyrics, that way it’s even easier to prevent overthinking.

Light stretching


If you’re feeling anxious and too high, a vigorous workout will likely stress you out even more. Some peaceful music or a background yoga video can assist with some light stretching to help you focus on the way in which your body feels. Stress and tension is held in the body too, so the stretching will make it easier for you to relax, no matter how anxious you’re feeling.

Take a shower or a bath

Showers are great things when high. If the water is warm, it can signal to your body that it’s time to wind down and relax. If the water is cold, it can wake you up and zap your brain into action. Try both and see what works, but either option will surely help you switch your mood.


The oldest trick in the book is also the most effective. While sleeping is not convenient during certain occasions, it’s the quickest way of getting rid of a bad high, especially if your feeling drowsy and woozy. If you’re having a bad high and are with friends you trust or at your house, set up an alarm and catch a half hour nap. You might not be completely recovered afterwards, but you’ll feel way better and prevent an anxiety spiral.

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