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While this Youtube channel doesn’t publish the usual how-to videos, it focuses on and publishes comprehensive content about the legal marijuana industry. These videos include tours ro varnish huge processing labs and cannabis farms. Periodically, Growers Network also uploads videos concentrating on distinctive topics such as equipment financing, cannabis lighting plans, extraction, and lots more.


Dubbed the MTV of cannabis, Growing Exposed is hosted by Amanda Mackay and produced by  Jeremy Deichen. The YouTube series usually involves visits to processing plants and professional cannabis farms to interview several experts in the industry. Growing Exposed also hosts a special series known as “Ask The Garden Sage” in collaboration with David Robinson.

The series covers several topics ranging from ideal humidity and temperature levels, dry vs wet trimming, time to flick cannabis plants, and lots more. If you’ve got some unanswered questions, you can visit the YouTube channel to get the answers you’ve always needed.


YouTube, run by Bud, is a YouTube channel that primarily focuses on cannabis reviews. The biggest strength for Bud is his strain reviews and this channel offers remarkable resources regarding which strain to add to your cannabis garden. Asides from strain-specific reviews, the YouTube channel also focuses on grow equipment, paraphernalia, and nutrients reviews.

Furthermore, youtube has several published tutorials on harvesting, outdoor growing, and trimming, including beginner videos explaining how to best enjoy and consume cannabis.


Created in 2018, Indica Institute is dedicated to educating both expert and novice cannabis growers in the industry. Since its establishment, the YouTube channel has been able to amass more than 100k subscribers. This is because the tutorials published on this channel are easy to understand, detailed, and cover every aspect of cultivation.


Indica Institute in its series of videos explains in detail how to grow robust mother plants, prepare yourself, take clones, and choose viable seeds. One thing we love about Indica Institute is its equipment videos which offer great insights into tools best for beginner growers.


Cannabis Lifestyle TV is operated by a cannabis enthusiast and professional grower for home cultivators. The channel regularly publishes videos on cannabis cultivation-related topics every week. It offers great videos that explain how to deal with pears such as this, powdery mildew, and more.

Cannabis Lifestyle TV product reviews are also exceptional. The host often discusses the best growing equipment, nutrients, and genetics available. So whether you’re a novice or expert cannabis grower, ensure you check out Cannabis Lifestyle TV on a regular basis. Conclusion If you’re truly in need of in-depth knowledge and information about how to grow and cultivate weed or general information about a specific strain of weed, you can always rely on these platforms to give you the answer. The free and quality information available on these YouTube platforms is second to none. So you should worry about DIY weed cultivation if you tricky follow the guides and steps explained on the channels.

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