Top YouTube Channels For Growing Your Own Weed

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The From Seed To Stoned YouTube channel kicked off in 2018 and since then has amassed a large following. At the time of this writing, the channel has more than 230,000 subscribers. The YouTube channel covers cannabis topics ranging from cultivation to harvesting tutorials and equipment reviews.

Apart from cannabis cultivation-related content, the YouTube channel also publishes cannabutter content, equipment giveaways, and lots more. Whether you are an expert or novice cannabis grower, we are sure you will find valuable content on the From Seed To Stoned YouTube channel.


While Home Grow Engineering is a small YouTube channel, it has a lot of cannabis content to offer. As the name implies, the channel offers remarkable insight into how to design growing equipment, as well as grow tents. The founder of the YouTube channel also published the documented process of building his apartment-friendly grow tent.

The Home Grow Engineering channel also features several videos ideal for novice growers, like the simplest equipment required to grow cannabis at home, how to nurture seedlings, basic nutrients, and so on If you’re a novice cannabis grower, Home Grow Engineering will offer you valuable information.



Mr. Canucks Grow is another Youtube cannabis cultivation channel owned by a Canadian named Matt. The Youtube channel features slots of content that explains indoor cultivation and every aspect of cannabis cultivation. The channel teaches how to transplant, feed, train, and prune cannabis including how to dry, trim and cure cannabis buds during harvest.

In addition to these, the Mr. Canucks Grow YouTube channel also regularly publishes cultivation videos that are strain-specific. In this video, Matt explains how to grow specific cannabis from seedlings to harvest. The channel also publishes several tutorials on how to make rosin, hash, and lots more.


This is arguably the biggest channel on the list. However, the level of professionalism and quality of its contents may infer otherwise. Growers Network was created in 2017 but the brand initially kicked off as a social media platform. However, the brand has evolved over the years and has been fined as one of the top cannabis brands on YouTube.


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