Top YouTube Channels For Growing Your Own Weed

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If you’re truly in need of in-depth knowledge and information about how to grow and cultivate weed or general information about a specific strain of weed, you can always rely on these platforms to give you the answer.

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In need of tricks and tips on how to grow healthy cannabis plants? YouTube is the place to visit as it offers various audiovisual approaches to growing healthy cannabis plants. YouTube is one of the best platforms for novice marijuana farmers can get accurate and useful information about cultivating marijuana.

More often than not, YouTube channels and users have been sanctioned for publishing cannabis-related content. However, YouTube remains one of the top platforms to get cannabis culture tips and general information.

So, if you need to learn how to expertly cultivate cannabis from seedlings to harvest or learn how to create your setup, Youtube is the right platform. It offers a wide and deep perspective into the modern global cultivation of cannabis

Here is a list of the top 10 best YouTube channels that offers the best knowledge about growing and cultivating cannabis plants.



Cali Green publishes some of the easiest and most accurate content on cannabis cultivation. Operated by a medical cannabis patient based in California, the changes cover topics across strain and product reviews, beginner tips, and many more.

Just recently, Cali Green published a mini-documentary that explains to viewers a complete growing cycle of the Bubble Bomb plant. The documentary carefully explains every detail starting from soil preparation to harvest. This makes the channel an incredible resource for novice and expert cannabis growers



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