What Are The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains On The Market?

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Runtz has a reasonably rich terpene and cannabinoid profile. It is one of the tastiest and highly potent strains right now, with 27% THC and guaranteed large yields. It is priced at $9 per seed. Another advantage is that the seeds are feminized. Oracle In 2009, a new mysterious strain gripped the cannabis sphere. Then, reports flying around claimed that the oracle strain could be the most significant breakthrough for cannabis potency. Everyone wanted to have a hit with this cultivar.

In the end, it turned out that it was all an over-hyped product. The oracle team put out a rumor that their strain has an enormous THC profile of up to 45%. The rumors also claimed the cultivar could complete its growth cycle in a shorter time than every other strain in existence. Because of these unproven anecdotal claims, the strain’s price skyrocketed to $1,000.

It wasn’t until 2013 that these claims were proven to be false. Not only did Oracle not grow in record time, but it also didn’t contain any reasonable amount of THC. It was a CBD-dominant strain as well. Alternative: CBD Fix Automatic It makes no sense to pay up to $1,000 for a CBD-based strain. Instead, you can purchase the CBD Fix Automatic strain, especially if you desire a similar experience as the oracle strain.

This Zamnesia-produced strain contains about 14% CBD and 0.8% THC. The hybrid emerged from a mix between Northern Light Auto and another CBD-rich descendant. It costs less than $10 per seed. Isla OG This cultivar has undefined origins. It first came to light when the famous rapper 2 Chainz smoked it on a 24-karat gold rolling paper. Right now, I believe that it was a perfect marketing stunt to peg its price at an excessive rate.

Expert cannabis geneticists said that they suspect sativa-dominant parents produced the cultivar. The two suspects were Hawaiian and OG Kush. The current price is unknown. A Cheap Alternative: OG Kush OG Kush offers a remarkably similar experience to Isla OG. All the more reason why OG Kush is often considered the strain’s potential parent.


OG Kush is popular among veteran and novice smokers alike. It is known for its high THC levels and unique flavors and aromas. With OG Kush, you get to get similar tastes and effects to Isla OG at a significantly lower rate. With $5, you can buy a seed of this feminized strain. Bottom Line Many breeders, including Zamnesia, offer highly potent strains for more reasonable prices. These strains were developed with the average smoker in mind. Not everyone can afford the most expensive strains on the market, so these affordable alternatives with great cannabinoid profiles aren’t out of place. Without breaking the bank, you can have a similar or better cannabis experience.

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