Is Flower Losing Its Power?

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Flower took a hit this summer, seeing the largest drop in platform market share (25%) from June 2021 to July 2021.

It’s that time of the month again when cannabis industry wholesale marketplace LeafLink releases LeafLink Insights Flash — a roundup of data-driven insights regarding category sales, state-by-state performance, and pricing ...Read more

Student Grants For Marijuana? This Company Just Gave Out 20 Of Them

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Students are the future of innovation, and have inherently fresh, novel perspectives that are too often overlooked and undervalued.

By Javier Hasse

Veriheal, the cannabis tech, healthcare and intelligence company behind the nation’s largest medical marijuana card application platform, unveiled the winners of its $20,000 Innovation in ...Read more

5 Activities Made Better With Mindfulness, Including Getting High

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Mindfulness is helpful for sticking to the present, discouraging anxiety and stress. Here are some activities that mindfulness can heighten.

Mindfulness is a word that gets thrown around a lot, especially nowadays, when meditation is in vogue. But it’s a helpful tool, not only for relaxation but for leading a more present and fulfilling ...Read more

Your Nurse Is Probably Stoned

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According to a new study from the University of Arizona, nurses are getting stoned to help deal with the mental and physical stress that comes with the job.

No one in their right mind could ever argue that nurses aren’t the lifeblood of the healthcare industry. These men and women do all the heavy lifting to ensure that both patients and ...Read more

10 Recommendations For Future Cannabis Medical Studies From A Pot Insider

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We know that doctors are currently the gatekeepers, but this article outlines the need for a separation between “cannabis” and “cannabis medicine”.

For the longest time, marijuana was seen as pathological in the eyes of the research community. This was not because researchers believed so, but rather that the vast majority of the ...Read more

Panama’s Congress Legalizes Medical Cannabis By Unanimous Vote

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The new legislation creates a regulatory framework that allows “monitored and controlled” access to medical cannabis and its derivatives.

By Franca Quarneti via El Planteo

Panama’s National Legislative Assembly approved a bill legalizing medical cannabis in a unanimous vote of 40 to 0.

Thus, the country will become the first in ...Read more

Why Are So Many Cannabis Employees Leaving Their Jobs?

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Cannabis businesses can only thrive when workers stay committed to the growth of the company. Here’s how to ensure that happens.

At least 3 in 10 new employees resign within the first three months of being hired by cannabis-related businesses. Umm, say what? Why are there so many open cannabis jobs in the hottest industry in America?

...Read more

How To Naturally Make Your Marijuana High Extra Intense

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Over time, cannabis highs lose a bit of their buzz and become lackluster. Here’s how to naturally get them back.

Every activity in life can use a pick-me-up, from the weekly dinners you cook to sex. Weed is the same; while the first few times consuming weed is euphoric and shiny, the more you do it, the more you get used to it and it ...Read more

Court Dismisses Petition Requiring DEA To Reschedule Cannabis, But One Judge Says It Could Still Be Reclassified

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The lawsuit was filed last year by a cannabis researcher and three military veterans in the form of a previously submitted one-page handwritten petition to the DEA seeking to reschedule cannabis.

By Nina Zdinjak

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Monday against a petition to request that the Drug Enforcement ...Read more

Weed Insurance - Yes, It Is Going To Be A Very Big Thing!

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When insurers and major retailers are backing cannabis policy, we can infer that there is something going on behind the scenes.

Want to know how I know that weed is going to be legalized on a federal level fairly soon Insurers are getting ready. That’s right! One of these days you’ll be able to get weed insurance on your crops, cannabis...Read more

Negative Health Effects Of Marijuana Shouldn't Deter Federal Legalization

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Old Uncle Sam is perfectly okay with letting the people make their own choices regarding alcohol and tobacco, so what is such a big deal about allowing them to make that choice with weed?

Naysayers of the nug — those who, despite all the positive noise surrounding marijuana in the United States — are really bearing down on the argument that...Read more

What Is Preventing Cannabis Legalization In The US?

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Senate rules require just a simple majority to pass a bill, but procedural steps along the way require a supermajority of 60 votes to end debate on bills.

Cannabis legalization in some form or another is legal nearly everywhere in the U.S.  As of August 2021: Medical marijuana is legal in 36 states, 4 territories, and in the US ...Read more

Which US City Smokes The Most Weed Per Resident?

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Let’s not split hairs with numbers and just say a little under two-thirds of people use cannabis is U.S. cities that have legalization.

Interesting survey put out by the blog on the wildest cities in America.  The criteria for a city rank covers such variables as night life, casinos, marijuana use, alcohol consumption rates, adult...Read more

More Women Switch Out Pharmaceuticals For Medical Marijuana

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Researchers found that women were quicker than men to replace prescription painkillers with medical marijuana, even though males had more overall experience with weed.

When it comes to how Americans treat their various health conditions, more of them are now looking to medical marijuana in states where it is legal. The fear of opioid ...Read more

Research Finds Multiple Benefits Of Rare Cannabinoids

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Rare cannabinoids work as supplements to endocannabinoids, and so far there have been more than 50 clinical studies about their benefits.

By Margaret Jackson

As the medicinal benefits of cannabis continue to be explored, researchers are beginning to understand that the cannabinoids found in the plant go way beyond those that most people are ...Read more

Can You Really Blame Cannabis For Your Cannabis Addiction?

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It isn’t really the substance that is addictive, but your relationship or the narrative that you have constructed around the substance that is addictive.

Depending on who you ask, cannabis can be very addictive or not addictive at all.

If you ask psychiatrists and rehabilitation specialists, they will refer to “Cannabis Use Disorder” ...Read more

Cannabis Offers Immediate Nausea Relief, Study Shows

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Study findings suggest that the vast majority of patients using cannabis as a treatment for nausea likely experience relief within a relatively short time span.

By Javier Hasse

Scientific evidence around the therapeutic benefits of cannabis continues to pile up, confirming what many had found out through years of experimentation and ...Read more

3 Problems With Developing A High THC Tolerance

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If you’re a regular cannabis imbiber, THC tolerance is developed naturally over time. Here are the main problems that occur when this happens.

The more you use cannabis, the more likely it is for you to develop a tolerance for it. As with many substances, cannabis tolerance occurs naturally, with your body getting used to weed and reducing ...Read more

Germany Seeks To Decriminalize Minimum Possession Of Weed And Import Jamaican Bud

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Although Jamaican flowers are well recognized around the world, it is rare to find them outside the country’s borders. By Franca Quarneti via El Planteo. The German government is in favor of decriminalizing possession of up to six grams of cannabis throughout the country. According to Heraldo, Daniela Ludwig, the government’s drug ...Read more

Apple And Google Play Stores Offer Another Cannabis-Focused App

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Re:source represents springbig’s underlying goal of removing friction and fostering genuine connections between cannabis dispensaries, brands, and consumers

By Jelena Martinovic

Cannabis-focused software-as-a-service marketing platform springbig has launched a new app for Android and iPhone users that consolidates consumers’ dispensary ...Read more