Marlboro Maker Is Eying Cannabis Industry, Like It Or Not

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We’re going out on a limb and saying that if Philip Morris is looking beyond smoking to stay better situated in the market, there’s probably a reason for it.

Ever since cannabis legalization started taking hold across the United States, advocates have spun a wealth of concerns shrouded in conspiracy theories about how their precious plant...Read more

What Are Heirloom Marijuana Strains, Exactly?

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Trying heirloom cannabis strains should definitely be high on the bucket list of every cannabis enthusiast.

In plain terms, an heirloom refers to a valuable item or artifact that has been passed down from one generation to another through decades and centuries. Heirloom cannabis strains have also been passed down through generations, but ...Read more

Do Cannabis Products Over Promise And Under Deliver?

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Cannabis consumers, especially newcomers hoping to find a cure for their specific condition, should manage their expectations when using this plant.

It is safe to say by now that most of those who follow the what’s what in the grand scheme of the marijuana movement have encountered just about every fathomable medical claim associated with ...Read more

10 Most Potent Sativa Strains On The Market

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This particular strain is very popular, as it is a pure and classic sativa strain. It is sought after in the cannabis market all over the world.

Year in year out, new sativa strains are being developed, while the already existing ones are being improved. Experienced cannabis smokers already know which strains to go for if they want a ...Read more

Everything Standing In The Way Of Federal Legalization In 2021

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The only way Senate Democrats have been able to bypass Republican opposition so far this year and move forward with its agenda is through budget reconciliation.

Cannabis advocates are still waiting to see the bill that the Democratic Senate has promised to throw down in an effort to legalize marijuana at the federal level. They are excited ...Read more

Why 2021 Should Prove The Year Of Federal Cannabis Legalization

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Canada has already legalized pot; Mexico is likely to legalize it soon. The U.S. must not fall behind.

By Lauri Kibby

President Biden is not there yet. Neither are Republicans in Washington. But the wave of momentum toward nationally legalized cannabis only continues to mount. It is time lawmakers in the Capital get on board with what a ...Read more

Cannabis Anatomy 101: What Are Cannabis Calyxes?

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Some plants have a higher density of calyxes to leaf. Knowing which strains will produce more calyxes can significantly increase your yield.

How well do you know your cannabis? I mean, most people know the basics of what gets you high, but from there on out, it becomes a bit hazy.

Most people know what pistils are, they know what trichomes ...Read more

3 Ways To Use Hemp Oil

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Whether you’re looking to treat a specific skin condition, or simply want to improve your health regime, there’s a lot that hemp seed oil can do!<span data-ccp-props="{"335559739":150}" >  This article is sponsored by Real Tested CBD. How old are you?<span data-ccp-props="{"335559739":150}"...Read more

What Is Vasodilation And Why Does It Happen When You Smoke Weed?

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The vasodilating effects of cannabis are one of the physiological responses of the body that have been investigated. Here’s why it happens.

At some point, you must have experienced a bloated face,  red and puffy eyes, as well as dehydrated skin after smoking. Have you ever stopped to think and ask yourself why this happens whenever you ...Read more

Cannabis For Tremors — What’s Working Right Now And What’s Not

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Tremors are uncontrollable, unintentional movements that affect a limb or a part of it. It’s one of the most common movement disorders and it can happen anywhere in the body. They usually affect the arms, vocal cords, head, legs, and torso.

Tremors can also occur intermittently or during separate times after breaks, but they can also be ...Read more

Cannabis Analyst: SAFE Act Won’t Reach Senate Vote, But ‘Compromise Scenario’ Likely

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With so much noise around Democrats and cannabis legalization going on for a while, the analyst doubts they’ll end up doing anything substantial

By Nina Zdinjak

The U.S. House of Representatives voted for the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking (SAFE) Act on Monday for the fourth time. The bill aimed at enabling banks to provide its ...Read more

Miss Representation: Stoner Women In Film And Television

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Over the years, tv and movies have unveiled a world of ordinary women who smoke weed. Yes, as interesting, funny and empowered as they are, they are ordinary people.<span data-ccp-props="{"134233117":true,"134233118":true}" > 

This article by Lola Sasturain was originally published on El Planteo.<...Read more

Is This The Biggest Downside To Marijuana Legalization?

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There are often concerns that legalizing the leaf will create a situation that will increase youth consumption, addiction rates, and launch society into a downward spiral of apocalyptic decline.

Marijuana has been legal now in some parts of the United States for around two decades. It all began with the legalization of a reasonably liberal ...Read more

Earth Day Marijuana: How To Be Eco-Friendly With Your Weed

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Here’s how you can adapt your cannabis use to minimize its impact on the planet, reducing the amount of waste you create, and providing support to the right businesses.

It’s Earth Day, which means the spotlight is on our planet, (hopefully) encouraging us all to pay a little extra attention to the issues that are affecting it. The ...Read more

The Worst Marijuana Strains Of All-Time — And How To Choose The Best

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Unfortunately, unpalatable and ineffective marijuana strains are priced the same way as mid and high-quality cannabis strains so consumers lose out on both fronts.

The cannabis markets in different locations are rich with options and different choices of cannabis strains for users to choose from. New hybrids are being developed nonstop, old ...Read more

Will Biden Approve A Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill If It Reaches His Desk?

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What would Biden actually do if a bill to legalize cannabis reaches his desk? According to his press secretary, he wouldn’t be prone to approving it. By Nina Zdinjak White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answered various cannabis legalization questions on the unofficial cannabis holiday 4/20, refusing to make clear whether or not President ...Read more

States Pushing Cannabis Operations To Be More Earth Friendly

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Aside from the many negative impacts of illegal grow operations (banned insecticides, illegal diversion of stream water, unchecked chemical runoff), legal operations can also pack a devastating environmental punch.

With both 420 and Earth Day (4/22) being celebrated this week, there’s an opportunity to take a good, hard look at the ...Read more

What Is Sinsemilla And What Does It Mean In The Cannabis Industry?

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It is neither a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid. The only aspect that counts when a plant is being termed a sinsemilla is that it must be feminized and unpollinated.

Times have truly changed. In the 1970s almost every cannabis farmer, as well as users, could explain something about sinsemilla.

Now, less than a quarter of cannabis consumers ...Read more

Filibuster Not Going Anywhere — What Does That Mean For Marijuana In 2021?

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The filibuster is an old Senate rule that demands a 60-vote supermajority to pass controversial issues. Therefore, Chuck Schumer’s long-awaited pot bill probably won’t get the votes it needs to advance to the House.

Ever since Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was handed the keys to the Capitol Hill kingdom, he’s been moving and ...Read more

The Rookie’s Guide To Kush Weed

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Almost a thousand strains of cannabis owe their existence to the amazing Hindu weed. Of all the strains of Kush weed, the closest to the landrace original Hindu weed is the OG Kush.

As a freshman in the cannabis world, there’s a high chance that the only times you’ve heard the word “kush” was in a hip-hop track. So, there’s a lot ...Read more