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2 Old Dogs, a Teen Mom and George Santos

Marc Munroe Dion on

It's not a pretty story, but it really happened.

A number of years ago, the paper I was working for sent me and a photographer to a local high school. The high school was having a presentation aimed at convincing their students not to get pregnant during their high school years. The dropout rate was high. Test scores were low. It probably wasn't going to work.

The presentation was aimed at young women because boys get a pass when it comes to unplanned birth and because everyone knew the boys weren't listening.

I sat in the back of the auditorium with the photographer, and he got up sometimes to take a picture, and I took notes.

And we were both old dogs. He was on his second wife. I'd never been married, but I'd been engaged three times. We were in our 40s, both of us, and, like any other men that age, we had a hell of a lot to be sorry for when it came to our relationships with women.

A 16-year-old girl told her story. She had a baby. The boy ran away from her so fast, he left skid marks on the sidewalk.


"He told me he loved me," she said of the boy whose baby she had. "He said we'd be together forever. He gave me a teddy bear."

I turned to the photographer.

"So, some guy lied to her just to get sex?" I said, laughing.

"Yeah," the photographer said. "Nobody ever did that before.


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