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Washington Diary Watch: All's Not Well

Jamie Stiehm on

Dear Diary,

The House is a mess, with a new sheriff -- speaker -- in town. Republican Mike Johnson hails from the Deep South (Shreveport, Louisiana), a soft-spoken Bible-Trumper with extremist views.

Johnson convened a candlelight vigil outside the Capitol on Nov. 7, a month after the Hamas atrocities against Israel. That bipartisan act aimed to heal some household rancor. However...

Johnson's first test (which he passed): does he have the political chops to avert a government shutdown by Friday midnight? Just in time for the Thanksgiving turkey getting fat, the federal workforce, military and air traffic controllers may have to work without a paycheck.

Like most Republicans, Johnson plumps for more military aid to Israel, but leaves Ukraine out in the cold.

Dear Diary,


My friends are in a panic about The New York Times poll. The one that claims President Joe Biden trails former President Donald Trump in battleground states. (Yeah, right.) They fear all is lost with Trump as a tyrant who means to jail enemies and herd migrants into "sprawling" camps.

(And he used the word "vermin," baring his fascist fangs.)

I say: Show a little faith in America. The New York Times 2022 polls proved dead wrong.

The trouble is, polls can sway the electorate before the first vote is cast. Such polls do not belong on The Times' front page. It's irresponsible.


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