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Dems, If You Don’t Care About the Supreme Court, You May Not Deserve to Win

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Since I’m not a fan of their political agenda, I can’t quite bring myself to congratulate the anti-abortion movement, but I have to give them credit where it’s due.

They’ve worked long and hard to weaken and ultimately repeal the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion legalization decision and their persistence appears to be paying off.

Now it’s up to the mostly Democratic pro-abortion rights movement and their allies to show the world that they, too, still have a pulse.

Although the final opinion isn’t expected for at least another month, a draft opinion leaked to Politico on Monday shows that a majority of justices appear ready to overturn Roe and the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions, two cornerstones of abortion rights in this country. A Supreme Court press release Tuesday confirmed the authenticity of the document.

Democrats condemned the decision, Republicans condemned the leak.

Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation, but it’s hard to see this blockbuster as anything more than terrible news for Democrats, as well as untold numbers of women, who in my view, should have the same right as men to autonomy over their own bodies.


Democrats, take heed. Now is the time to take a good hard look at the calendar and a national map. If the Supreme Court gives the go-ahead, abortion is likely to be banned or heavily restricted in nearly half of the 50 states. Most are red states concentrated in the South and Midwest.

Pro-abortion rights folks may outnumber the anti-abortion voters, according to polls. But the anti-abortion side is more energized — and, although you may have the world’s worthiest agenda, it doesn’t matter much if you can’t deliver the votes.

For this gloomy turn against abortion rights, I credit — or blame — diligent work by the anti-abortion side, a political force that I have been following since its pre-Roe formation in the Southern-based movement to oppose school desegregation.

That’s right. Speaking of powerful organizing issues, it’s hard to beat race and civil rights.


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