Haters Trying To Stop Cannabis Rescheduling

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Despite science, the AMA and public opinion – there is still a group trying to squash marijuana legalization. Marijuana has been around for a millennia, providing not only a some chill, but clear medical benefits. Now, the plant is emerging from a 110+ public ban and is being rediscovered as a help to greater mankind. Recreationally, it is better both physically and mentally for the body over alcohol. And in health care it can help cancer, chronic pain and more.  This is known with just the beginning of research. But there is always a group who ignores common sense and become the haters trying to stop cannabis rescheduling are a being a bit silly and out of touch.

The slow moving Biden administration has finally pushed rescheduling, recognizing the plant for not being as dangerous as heroin and having clear scientific health benefits. Science, the Health and Human Services (HHS), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and veteran organizations all acknowledge the importance of legal cannabis.  But the resistance is there, including former US Attorney General Bill Barr and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The law firm Bill Barr started, Torridon Law PLLC filled a motion on part of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) to extend the public comment window. The DEA, formerly under Barr, has been slow and somewhat resistant to giving up the war on marijuana. By delaying the process, it gives them more time to lobby or hope for a change in administration.

SAM has worked with Congressman Chuck Edwards (R-NC) to try to put a stop on it with Edwards introducing a bill called the “Stop Pot Act” which failed.  They continue to fundraise and work to keep marijuana from falling into the hands of patients.

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Another one fighting change is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor made his citizen vote overwhelming twice to have medical marijuana and still said they were confused. Now, with polling saying a large majority of the state wants recreational, he is at it again. Despite taking money from the industry, the former presidential candidate is using scare tactics and trying to find ways to stop fully legal weed.


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