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Susan Estrich on

There were two TVs on in the gym. The one in the front -- where all the training goes on -- showed two teams from somewhere else battling for a ball.

The one in the back, with no sound, no captions, was focused on the House impeachment managers.

No one was watching.

"Boring," one of my otherwise-very well-informed friends said.

I think, from what I saw, the House managers put together a very strong case. As a Los Angeles local, I was especially pleased with Rep. Adam Schiff's advocacy. But I have to be honest.

In the Anita Hill days, I never walked by a TV that wasn't tuned to the Clarence Thomas hearings with everyone in sight watching. As for myself, I stopped everything, lest I miss a minute of outrage.


I was old enough for the Watergate hearings, which changed history as the nation watched. Tapes? You had to see it.

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings? I never turned off the set. Glued -- a nation was glued.

But something is wrong here.

I was the only one at the gym looking at the screen. The man at the desk saw me looking. No, I didn't really need headphones. Quiet is nice.


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