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Transgender Shoots His Way Through the Glass Ceiling

Marc Munroe Dion on

America is killing itself, and the means we have chosen to complete our suicide are guns and drugs. End of story. Tell the editor it's ready for print.

All right. A little more. I promised the editor around 600 words, and I'll get close to that number no matter how many 9-year-olds die while I'm writing.

But keep that "America wants to die" concept in the back of your mind while you read. It will help you understand, and it will keep you from attending a candlelight vigil. During the remaining nine months of 2023, America will have more candlelight vigils than it will professional baseball games, the only difference being that people think baseball is important.

The most recent shooter got six in Nashville, a small but sincere addition to America's gun-to-our-own-head century. That same shooter was identified as female at birth, but most recently used the pronouns "he/him" to identify.

This is good. Since 2009, just a tad over 1% of all mass shooters have been people who have swapped pronouns.

If what we're doing is committing national suicide, then all the triggers can't be pulled by straight white men. That's like not letting a girl play on the high school football team. It's America. Everyone gets to do some killing.


So, bravo, brave transgender! You're as good as the natural born, swinging pronoun men.

And let's get this whole thing really figured out. Let's find out which groups are underrepresented in the American carnival of dead kids. Get the stats out there, and if Asians or Samoan Americans or drag queens aren't doing enough killing, get 'em some free guns. This has to be a really national effort, one that crosses all boundaries.

We're already doing well on the death-by-drugs side of the ledger. People of all colors, faiths, genders and socioeconomic classes are overdosing. It's a little worse in the poor neighborhoods, but so is everything else.

We don't really give a damn about politics or race or gender, not really.


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