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Aging Brings Wisdom to Biden

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden is a bit older and a lot wiser than former President Donald Trump.

Biden, a young, fit 80, traveled on major diplomatic missions to India and Vietnam while Trump, an old, heavy 77, was booed at an Iowa football game.

Trump didn't dress for a Big Ten big game, in his suit and long red tie. In Biden's case, 80 ain't as old as it used to be -- contrary to reports that sound like a Greek chorus.

Yes, the national press and pollsters find joy in equating an excellent president with a vile man facing four criminal indictments.

Rising out of ashes from the pandemic, a hurting economy and the Trump mob's brutal attack on the Capitol, Biden brought a rip-roaring job juggernaut, infrastructure building, historic climate change laws and a genial smile to his work.

After the press failed on the job in 2016, covering Hillary Clinton and Trump unfairly by all accounts, we well know a jaded "mainstream media" infects the public conversation.


The politerati must not create another ("too old") false narrative.

Some journos are too clever for words and write for one another. Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine and conservative columnists Bret Stephens and Ross Douthat all dwell on Biden as "unpopular." Hogwash.

Biden won the 2020 election decisively. That was serendipity and the nation's answered prayer for a return to the true meaning of America. He became the best president of the rocky 21st century, eclipsing the dazzling star, former President Barack Obama.

For one thing, Biden is no elitist Ivy Leaguer, like Obama.


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