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Brash Young Governor Trumps Trump

Jamie Stiehm on

The ace Gov. Rick DeSantis brings to the 2024 Republican table is simple: he won't be indicted any day now.

An angry young man, 44, next to angry old Donald Trump, DeSantis is no treat. He's learned his lessons well about hard Right, mean-spirited politics -- from Trump himself.

The word "woke" is his front line of attack, tampering with original Black slang. It means an aware state of knowing the social cards stacked against you.

Armed with a Harvard Law degree, DeSantis is an even more dangerous man.

Democrats should not let down their game if the sullen Florida sourpuss overtakes Trump as the Republican frontrunner for president.

As well he might.


Trump looks his age, 76. Despite his bitter bluster, he knows it's deeply humiliating to get arrested on a criminal charge, whether on Tuesday or not.

As a president brimming with hate, dealing in insults, boasts and lies, his animal sense may know the jig is up. It's a first for a former president.

Yet he has the gall to run again, not to go gentle into that garish night, Mar-a-Lago.

Let it not be forgot Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden -- by 7 million votes in 2020. The Jan. 6 Trump mob storming the Capitol made his stock plunge with all but the most rabid followers.


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