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Biden's Dilemma: To Run With Harris Again?

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden is bound to run for reelection, and so he should. The real question, rumbling below ground, is whether he should keep Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Is Harris really ready to be understudy for the world's center stage? Given Biden's advanced age of 80, the jury is out.

Biden seems to share the sentiment that she is struggling to define herself in the plum post, which he once held. As author Chris Whipple wrote in "The Fight of His Life," Biden described Harris as "a work in progress."

Voting rights was the piece Harris pressed the president to let her take on. In a blow, her efforts fell short in Biden's beloved Senate. A close call, since the bill had a fighting chance to become law after the blue House passed it.

First, the case for Biden. The Democratic party needs a steady hand to navigate the stormy seas ahead as standard-bearer.

He's aged into the best version of himself, a man who knows his mind and speaks it (sometimes too much.)


Not an intellectual, Biden has a kind of seasoned intelligence and judgment, notably on the human heart's terrain.

They say men of the people often come from small towns, where they grow up known by all. "Joey" Biden rose from such a background.

Biden delivered more than most expected, uniting the wings of his party behind infrastructure building, major climate action, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and raising the corporate minimum tax to 15%.

The economy's employment engine roars, defying expectations. The White House Cabinet is full of good picks, not a ragtag gallery of rogues, like former President Donald Trump's.


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