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Can straight married men and women be friends? I went on a quest to find out

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Last fall I met a guy.

He had a thick mustache and was, by my estimate, at least 10 years my junior. We happened to sit next to each other at a dinner event at my social club. I'd recently watched "Wild Wild Country," a documentary series on a religious cult, and it was all I wanted to talk about. It turned out that he loved documentaries on ...Read more

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Ask Anna: Navigating the ripple effects of a poly breakup

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Dear Anna,

My primary partner, who I’ll call Alex, and I have been in a loving, committed relationship for five years, and for three of those years, we've been in a closed triad with Sam. Our relationship with Sam grew organically and became a significant part of our lives, deeply intertwining with our daily routines and social circles.

...Read more

Family Makes Insinuations About Child's Dna

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have ginger hair and hazel-brown eyes, while my wife is a brunette with brown eyes. Despite our genetics, our 2-year-old child is dark-haired with blue eyes with a speck of green. My mother and sister cannot stop insinuating that my wife may have cheated on me. I consistently reject this idea and have become increasingly ...Read more

College Dorm Odd Couple

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a college student, and my roommate and I have majorly conflicting sleeping habits.

I have declared music as my major and have seven classes that I need to keep on top of, in addition to several rehearsals a week. My days begin at 9 a.m. and sometimes don't end until 9 p.m. I am up and about all day long, whether it is to...Read more

Is It Depression or Something Else?

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Dear Annie: I am a 48-year-old male living at home with my folks and older sister. We are a close-knit family and do things together often. I couldn't be happier to have them in my life.

Lately, I've been feeling a little bit down and stuck in the mud if you can call it that. I have no reason to feel like that. I am my oldest nephew's home ...Read more

Ask Amy: Elderly relatives lurk and report intel

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Dear Amy: A little over a year ago, working with my mother’s doctor, I decided it was in her best interests (she has dementia) to move into assisted living.

With help from my spouse, I was able to maintain her unoccupied house for about a year.

We have other elderly relatives in the neighborhood who kept us posted if anything required ...Read more

Showdown Looms In Marriage Over Allergies And A Friend

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DEAR ABBY: I am allergic to a wide range of scents -- perfume, cologne, laundry detergent, etc. When I am caught in someone's cloud, my sinuses and lungs burn, which causes instant wheezing and coughing.

My husband's friend bathes himself in a scent akin to household cleansing powder. It's so strong, both of us can smell it in our house for ...Read more

Single File: Serenade to Shyness

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So many men suffer from shyness. It fills their letters as they describe stirrings that must lie dormant, unexpressed and waiting for inspiration. The fear of being laughed at, taken for a fool -- or, worse, being ignored and unseen -- is keeping them parched and mute.

A love song of appreciation might go far to soothe their frustration, and ...Read more


8 places to meet people IRL that aren't dating apps or bars

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When there’s a new couple around, it’s natural to ask, “So, how did you meet?” Most of the time, it’s one of these answers: through friends, at work, or on a dating app. Gone are the days when connecting through Tinder or Bumble came with an elaborate lie about a meet-cute that stemmed from sitting together on a plane … it’s so ...Read more


Hi, Karen. I mean, Emily. Mixing up names more common than you think

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As a parent, you’ve likely experienced the frustration and embarrassment of calling your child by their sibling’s or your pet’s name. You’re not alone, and you’re not losing your mind. In fact, a recent TikTok video has brought a 2016 Duke University study back into the spotlight, revealing this phenomenon is extremely common.

The ...Read more

Company Offers Job To Wrong Candidate

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I'm being offered a job I'm not qualified for. Should I accept it?

During a recent job application event, there was a process that tested each person's comprehension and attention to detail. The person who used the computer before me did not close his tab, revealing his almost perfect result. I didn't think much of it at the ...Read more

Woman Dares Wear Skirt On Golf Course

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: We live in a 55+ community on a golf course. One woman, who is very heavy, always wears a knee-high or above-the-knee skirt when golfing. She is actually the only woman here who does.

When it comes time for her to pick up or put down her ball, all the men look away and the other women say nothing. It's hard to watch. I myself...Read more

Loss, Recovery and Tough Family Choices

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Dear Annie: I am also a parent of a child who lost his battle with addiction in 2022. There are so many of us with difficult stories to share.

My son found alcohol and drugs at 15 and battled those demons until his death at the age of 30. I have come to know that there are some types of brains that truly do not know how to turn off that ...Read more

Ask Amy: Distant sibling longs to connect

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Dear Amy: After our teen years, my brother and I became close.

After my mother abruptly left town to be with another man, my brother and I were left to clean up the mess, literally and figuratively.

We worked well together. A year or two later he and his family moved far away. I did my best to keep in touch, but with schedule differences it ...Read more

Husband Tells His Wife To Find A Side Piece For Sex

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DEAR ABBY: I have been married for the last 25 years to a wonderful man, "Frank." We are very happy in all areas except for intimacy. Frank has lost all interest in intimacy and sex. It began about two years ago, and I have tried everything to reignite the flame in our relationship. Frank's sex drive has disappeared!

About a year ago, he told ...Read more

Father Asks Newly Employed Child For Money

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I find myself in a difficult situation with my father. I recently graduated from college and secured a job, but my father keeps asking me for money. The challenging part is that he didn't contribute financially to my college education, and he hasn't supported me financially since before I turned 18. While I understand that he may...Read more

Don't Complicate Things: Just Say 'hi'

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: What is the proper greeting of a childless woman or man on Mother's Day or Father's Day?


DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a woman member of a mostly male international wine society, and I enjoy tweaking the men's noses. I can't and won't deny it.

I'd very much like to buy some 18-button gloves, with the ...Read more

The Impact of Good-Mannered Children

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Dear Annie: You recently said you rarely get letters praising mothers-in-law. Well, here is one!

I grew up in an abusive family with a mother who has severe borderline personality disorder and refuses to get medication or therapy. When I met my mother-in-law, I was naturally very distrustful of her. Mothers were not safe to me, and mothers-in...Read more

Ask Amy: A 50-year lie needs to be corrected

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Dear Amy: For the past 50 years, I have lied that I was in the military and served in Vietnam.

I'm now 71. I want to come clean with my son/family.

I ran away from a bad home life at 13 and lived on the streets. It was horrible. I was beaten up and sexually attacked. I tried to commit suicide twice.

My self-esteem was so low for many years. ...Read more

Relative's Gifts Choices Are Unwanted And Annoying

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DEAR ABBY: I'm a 77-year-old woman with a 27-year-old granddaughter who loves electronic gadgets and toys. She's comfortable financially and often buys expensive gifts for me. While I appreciate her generosity and her desire to make my life "easier and more fun," I simply am NOT INTERESTED in them.

I find these devices more frustrating than ...Read more