Baby Bodysuits: Which One Should You Choose?


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Are you looking for ways to ensure that your baby is snug and bundled up throughout the day? Do you want to invest in a long sleeve bodysuit baby clothes to ensure the clothes are functional when they start crawling around? If so, then you need to learn all you can about baby bodysuits.

As the name would suggest, a baby bodysuit is worn a lot like a t-shirt, but extending around the entire body. Some follow the onesie style, while others cover the legs and feet as well.

See below for an in-depth guide on finding the best baby bodysuit options on the market.

How Many Baby Bodysuits Should You Purchase?

Let’s put it this way: you can never have enough of them. Between diaper blowouts, baby vomits, and the milk getting everywhere when you try to feed them, you’ll find yourself changing onesies more than you’d originally planned.

Here’s the good news: that doesn’t mean you have to purchase all of them yourself. You’ll find that many of your friends and relatives are happy to help out where they can. If they ask you for ideas for gifts, make sure baby bodysuits are at the top of the list.

It’s always good to have a variety of baby bodysuits, but having too many can cause problems of its own. If you have too many, then you may overwhelm yourself with the laundry. Then there’s also the task of purchasing bodysuits to be worn during the day vs nighttime bodysuits.

Here’s what we recommend: give yourself one per day, plus a few extras for when (not if) those accidents occur. That should come out to around seven to nine total day onesies. As far as nighttime bodysuits, you could stick with just having three or four, as these can be worn on back-to-back nights.

What to Look for in Baby Bodysuits

Okay, so we’ve covered how many pairs of baby bodysuits you will need, now let’s shift our focus: what should you be looking for in baby bodysuits? How can you tell when you’ve found the right fit?

There are a few different factors that you should consider, such as:

  • The size of the baby bodysuits
  • The material the bodysuit is made of
  • The brand that makes the bodysuit (stick with one or use several different trusted brands)
  • The type of bodysuit
  • The cost of the bodysuit

If you’re looking for a trusted brand that puts the baby’s needs first, then be sure to check out the baby bodysuit collection over at Hanna Andersson. This brand focuses on making all their bodysuits from organic cotton to give it a soft feel and protect your baby from harmful chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Be sure to have a little fun with this! Shop around for cute bodysuits for your little one. As they continue to develop their personality, you can find little onesies and long sleeve bodysuits to matching them.

For all of you first-time parents out there that are working on growing a family, you might consider investing in clothes that are mostly gender-neutral. That way, you can reuse those bodysuits for the future little ones as well!

The Benefits of Baby Bodysuits

Of course, baby bodysuits aren’t popular solely for their cuteness; they offer so many other benefits! See below for more information on that.

Hassle-Free Changes

Anyone that’s ever changed a baby knows how difficult it can be. Not only have they blown out their diaper, but they also move around a lot.

Thankfully, baby bodysuits make this process a tiny bit easier with the way they’re made. They have metal snaps at the bottom so that you can simply roll up the bodysuit, change their diaper, then snap the bodysuit back into place.

This can help you get into a diaper-changing routine much faster. But make sure they have the metal snaps, as plastic ones don’t work as well.

Keeps Your Baby Warm

A warm baby is a happy baby. As your little one grows, they’ll spend more and more time on the ground rolling, crawling, and raising heck. That cold floor can make them chilly without proper clothing.

Fortunately, a baby bodysuit from any reputable brand will fix this problem. They’re made from 100-percent content to ensure your little one is snug and warm at all times.

Bodysuits can adjust with the seasons as well. For the warmer months, simply use onesies without the leg or foot portion. In the wintertime, you can bundle them up in a full bodysuit that covers everything but their hands.

A Perfect Fit

If Goldilocks had a child, she would want to have them decked out in baby bodysuits. If the shirt is too tight, it can cut off your baby’s circulation in their arms or legs. If it’s too loose, then they won’t stay warm.

Baby bodysuits ensure a perfect fit. Their material can stretch to pack that little milk belly into the onesie with room to grow.

Baby bodysuits also have features such as enveloped shoulders, which can help ensure the suit isn’t restricting around their shoulders and neck.

Invest in Baby Bodysuits for Your Child

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on baby bodysuits and how to choose the right one for your little one, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to browse our website for more articles on baby bodysuits, as well as many other helpful topics for parents.




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