What Are Medical Animators and What Do They Do Exactly?


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The first Oscar for a best-animated feature wasn’t awarded until 2001. That winner was Shrek.

If you’re an animator then you realize how vital it is to make stories come to life. This article will take a look at what medical animators are and what they do. Read on to explore more about this and see why it’s important to hire one for your medical company.

What Is Medical Animation?

If you’re thinking about incorporating medical animation, it’s a short educational film that’s created using 3D computer graphics. It’s made in order to show a surgical or physiological topic.

It’s most common for patients or medical professionals to inform them of the procedure. In the past, they were basic wire-frame models, but today 3D animation software lets the images come to life.

The Importance of Medical Animators

3D animation makers will take publications and textbooks to create drawings for students and physicians. They can also create the steps that a surgeon might take during an operation.

Medical animators can also build models of different body parts for you to use in your seminars and lectures. They can also help to create artificial parts for patients. You can find their work in exhibits, on television, and in film.

Since each illustration has a purpose, they’ll choose the media that they use carefully. Different prints, paintings, and drawings can show the relationship of different parts of the body.

For making models or sculptures they might use plastic, wax, plaster, metal, or clay. Artists for illustrations might use chalk, pencil, ink, charcoal, or paint.

Medical Animator Training

They learn both science and art in order to succeed in this field. They’ll learn about different medical techniques and learn about the human body. If you’re looking for a specialized medical animator, many choose one branch of medicine to focus on.

Many schools will require them to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, they’ll need to have some courses in art and biology. Graduate training will ask for the illustrations during the last 2-3 years.

Various Types

From cellular and molecular animation to the mechanism of action animation you have options to choose from for your next project. You’ll be able to show your patients more about the medical procedure and upcoming surgery.

Even pharmaceutical companies can benefit from medical animators as well. You can show all about your pharmaceutical technology with ease.

Understanding What Medical Animators Are

Now that you’ve explored this guide, you should have a better idea of what medical animators are and what they do. Take your time picking out the right medical animator for your company who will create your project with ease.

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