5 Examples of a Growth Mindset to Apply to Your Own Life


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Have you ever heard of the growth mindset?

Before you start rolling your eyes, this isn’t a trend or a fad. In fact, it’s a way of life — a total transformation of how you think, feel, and react to every situation. And, it has the power to change your life!

Many of us are out of touch with our mindset — the belief system that we use to view ourselves and the world. If left unattended long enough, this can result in us getting stuck in a fixed mindset — unable to grow, change, or improve.

Keep reading for easy to apply examples of growth mindset to help get your mind and life back on track!

1. Lifelong Learning

This is an obvious spot to see the differences between a growth vs. fixed mindset. Be open to feedback, constructive criticism, and learning new things — that’s how you grow!

People who are stubborn are stuck. And, missing out on that adaptability can negatively impact their careers, relationships, and even family lives.

2. Results Don’t Equal Success

This is one of the most powerful growth mindset examples because it also helps to build self-worth. You are more than the sum of your achievements, be they academic, professional, or financial.

If you miss the mark, that’s ok. Don’t view the setback as a failure. Instead, see it as an opportunity to launch toward your next level of success!

3. Nix Outside Validation

There’s an old saying that what people think of you is none of your business. And, in many cases, it’s totally true!

Don’t fall victim to the cycle of seeking outside approval. This gives others the control that you deserve over your life, puts you in a place of constantly performing to someone else’s expectations, and can even feed into an addiction to approval.

4. Look for Opportunities

What does a growth mindset mean? In essence, it means never stop going — even when you’re at the top of your game.

You should be looking everywhere for opportunities, even if you don’t feel stuck or stagnant. Being in a state of readiness for the next challenge is the most surefire way to take your job and relationships to the next level.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

To fully make the change to a growth mindset, you’ll have to take responsibility for your actions and behaviors — even those that might indicate you are still fixed in some spots. This can be challenging at first, but once you start being really honest with yourself, it’ll get easier.

Any time you catch yourself engaging in negative self-talk or other doubt-building behaviors, stop yourself and redirect your thoughts. Rather than focusing on struggle or failure, see the opportunity for improvement and size it.

You shouldn’t be your own toughest critic — you should be your own number one fan!

Ready, Set, Grow With These Examples of Growth Mindset

Armed with these examples of growth mindset and a bit of added reading, you’re ready to take charge of your life. Personal growth and self-satisfaction are right around the corner!

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